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A Heartfelt Thank You to my Sweet Valentine February 16, 2011

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Thank you, sweetie. I love you.

On the “holiest of Hallmark holidays,”* my sweet babboo eschewed the card shop and the mall and instead, gave me a gift from the heart. He baked me a blueberry pie, my favorite! It was a beautiful pie, too, and it tasted as good as it looked: in Ab’s words, “This is fucking delicious!” LOL, such a modest baker! I asked if he made it with frozen or canned blueberries and he looked at me in horror. “Frozen or canned? For you? Of course I bought fresh!”

“Fresh blueberries at this time of year?” I said. “That must have cost a fortune.” I was thinking of those little eight ounce containers at $2.99 each. It turns out that fresh blueberries were on sale—in Maine, in February? God knows where they came from! But a pint was $2.59 and he only needed three for this fabulous pie. I was so touched when I got home late from work and saw this waiting for me, along with some premium French vanilla ice cream. Yum!

And what did Ab get from me? Oh, a nice session of teasing in the cage, lots of hugs and kisses, some nipple tweaking…

Life is good. 🙂

*credit goes to Tom Allen for “holiest of Hallmark holidays.” Thanks, Tom!

After Birthday Wrap-Up January 19, 2011

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I meant to write this yesterday but life got in the way. Funny how that happens.

First off, a very gracious THANK YOU from Ab for all the birthday greetings that were posted on the blog. He appreciated everyone’s kind words and well wishes. I suggested to him that perhaps he should log on and thank everyone himself, but he demurred, pointing out that I am the writer in the family. Okay, fair enough.

(As an aside, it got me thinking about our slave game. If he really was a slave, then I wouldn’t have asked him to post, I would have demanded. If he had the temerity to refuse, then I would have had to discipline him for his disobedience and I still would have insisted that he write the message. And on and on…thank God that’s not the way we are playing!)

Second, if anyone is curious, his birthday dinner ended up being filet of sole almondine with boiled new potatoes, peas, and a baguette. Yum! I had a laugh at the fish market: the sole was described as being “wild, North Atlantic…” I pictured a bunch of wild, kinky soles and flounders bogeying down in the depths of the cold North Atlantic. LOL.

Ab had a 24 hour birthday vacation from his Watchful Mistress. Yesterday, a quarter went into the orgasm glass. Yes, just a quarter—no penny, nickel, or dime for me. Early in the morning (our favorite time) we had very traditional intercourse, which was nicely orgasmic for Ab but not particularly arousing for me. He tried to finish off the job with the Hitachi but I just wasn’t that wound up—then the dog started agitating to go out. So that was that. Thinking about it afterwards, I think another piece of the puzzle was that Ab was satisfied so getting me off was sort of secondary. I am not saying this as a criticism, just an observation—but it is very interesting to me how our dynamic has changed over the past six months. Changed for the better, I might add. The other thing that happened was that I very consciously would not let myself fake an orgasm. That’s another decision I made a few months ago: no more faking for this former faking orgasms addict. It hasn’t really been a problem but Tuesday morning, the urge to fake came on strong but I wouldn’t let myself. I felt really good about not faking which is probably why I am okay that just a quarter went into the glass and nothing for me. I know I have plenty of coins coming up.

All in all, a successful birthday and successful presents. Ab has been wearing his collar continuously since Friday, even in the shower, which is a surprise to me. In fact, he was wearing it when he stopped by to see my mother the other day and told her it was a birthday present. So, when I said he’d never wear it in front of her, I was wrong! She thought it was very attractive. She also thinks the comfy kilt is a great idea and complimented me on my ingenuity for gifts this year.

* * * * *

Milestone: I realized that Sunday, January 16 was our five month chastity anniversary. Only five months? It seems so much longer! In that time, Ab has had six orgasms: two in October, one in November, one in December, and two in January. The Watchful Mistress is back on until—? Who knows. All I can say is, when the time is right, he’ll be released.

Happy Birthday to Ab! January 17, 2011

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Thirty cents went into the orgasm glass this morning—a nickel and a quarter. Regular readers might remember that the nickel is a really good orgasm for me and a quarter is an orgasm for Ab. Yes, that’s right. He started his birthday with the Watchful Mistress off and Little Ab rejoicing. He came on my chest and then licked me clean. It was nice to have that sticky semen feel—the smell, too. It’s been awhile.

Ab went off to work without his Watchful Mistress on, but strict instructions for no unauthorized touching or playing with himself. Just because it’s his birthday doesn’t mean all rules are set aside for the day! Besides, I want him to build up some horniness for tonight. Coming on my chest is good, but I think we both are in the mood for a good old fashioned fucking. That’s something to look forward to all day. 🙂

In the presents department, I have been working on being creative this year. First was his eternity collar which I gave him a few days early. He’s been wearing it steadily since he got home from work on Friday. I have to say, when he’s standing nude in front of me, with his collar at his neck and his cock in the Watchful Mistress, it’s very hot. I tell him I like him dressed in metal.

I also got him a Red Stewart “comfy Sport Kilt.” If folks remember, I had been thinking about a Utilikilt. The poll for that was positive with 41% (n = 38/92) saying yes, I should get one. Trouble was, it was a bit pricey ($215) for something that might turn out to be a joke gift. I did search on ebay and found a few previously loved Utilikilts but the bidding on those always ended up way beyond my limit of $100. So, what to do? Then I received a nice email from a reader who suggested I check out Sport Kilts. Thanks for the tip! I decided to start simple with a flannel comfy kilt which is designed to be worn around the house. It looks great on Ab and fits him well. He got a funny little smile. “I’ve never had a skirt before,” he said. “Well now you do,” I replied.

I’ve alluded to this before and mentioned it in the comments—Ab does have a bit of a cross-dressing fetish. The thing is, he’s never really wanted particularly feminine clothing. It’s more the feel of the fabric, such as his silky thongs. Now he’ll get to experience the freedom a kilt offers.  He also likes corsets, which I haven’t mentioned before, but now that I’ve discovered Aarkey likes them as much as us, I guess it’s time to go public. I’ve ordered one for myself, so I can play along, too. Why should he get to have all the fun? For anyone who’d like to read some corset erotica, I can highly recommend Secrets, Skin, and Leather by Sean Michael. Very, very hot. I read it in one fell swoop and couldn’t get it out of my mind for days after reading it the first time—which meant I had to re-read it a few more times. And a few more after that. Yes, it’s a favorite. The link above goes to the print version at Amazon. You can also get it as an ebook in various formats from All Romance. Treat yourself to a little steamy sex on a cold winter day. 😉

Ab also got a pre-birthday spanking using the batten that he made with his very own hands! I hadn’t quite figured out the best way to use it before, but now I have. It’s long so I discovered it’s best if I hold it lengthwise, from above, rather than sideways, which would be the more typical arrangement. So, the batten position has been created (and christened!): I’m on the edge of the bed with Ab kneeling on all fours in front of me. I let him put his nose close to my pussy to really drive him wild. Then I brought the batten down to his bottom. Smack, smack, smack! From that angle, the thing works great and his ass was nice and red—really red—within minutes. He was begging for me to stop but I didn’t think he really wanted that, so I didn’t. I am hoping he is feeling the after effects today. 😉

That’s the start of his birthday. I told him I’d cook dinner but I haven’t decided what to make. Veal with lemon and capers, perhaps, and a nice white wine. And for dessert? Dev’s pussy, of course!

The last part of my present is this blog post and a great big public hug: {{{Happy Birthday to my beloved husband!}}}

Please leave him birthday greetings in the comments. I know he’ll be thrilled.

No See the SaSi January 15, 2011

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My big Christmas present was supposed to be a SaSi programmable vibrator. Ab had ordered it in plenty of time but unfortunately, it was out of stock and didn’t make it in time for a December 25th delivery. The projected ship date was January 10th, then January 15th. Now we’ve just gotten an email that it continues to be back-ordered for several more weeks. They aren’t even giving us an anticipated ship date this time. 😦

This is a disappointment because this thing sounds fabulous. From the description at the Blowfish website:

Quite possibly this reviewer’s new favorite toy of all time, the SaSi Programmable Vibrator is the next generation of sex toys. Shaped like any discreet, somewhat egg-shaped clit vibe, the SaSi is more than just a vibrator. A small nub on the bottom of the toy pokes up under a soft silicone sheath. Turn it on and this nub starts moving — in semi-circles, up-and-down, in circles, in swoops. Pressed against your clit, it feels remarkably like someone else has a gentle-but-firm finger down your panties, fingering you in a myriad of wonderful ways. Each movement lasts only a short while, but if you like what its doing, you can hit the middle button to tell it “Don’t stop!” and it will obey like a real lover (well, like a real, obedient lover). Best of all, the SaSi learns what you like when you do this, making it better and better able to get you off.

Can’t get off from rubbing alone? No worries, it’s also a vibrator, and you can control how hard it vibes by pressing up or down. Or you can choose not to have vibrations at all. But the additional vibrations make it feel like there’s a vibrating finger down your panties, which adds just enough oomph! to make this toy unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Does anyone out there have one of these? Does it live up to the hype? We’re trying to decide if we should cancel the order and try to buy it somewhere else or just wait patiently for it to show up. Ab is leaning towards the latter because he does like doing business with Blowfish. Maybe it will be here for Valentine’s Day…

Happy New Year! January 1, 2011

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Happy New Year to our friends and readers!

Thank you for your interest in our adventures
and explorations with a chaste life.

In 2011, look forward to more musings, quotes from Ab, fun posts, fiction, polls, contests, photo essays and who knows what else.

I go where my imagination takes me. I enjoy writing this blog and appreciate the support that is offered through your comments and views.

As the new year begins, have a safe and peaceful day, with our very best wishes for more of the same for the entire year.

Hugs to all,


Twas The Night Before Christmas… December 24, 2010

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Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse
The stockings were hung
By the chimney with care
In hopes that Saint Nicholas
Soon would be there…

Merry Christmas to our friends and readers!
Big hugs from
Dev and Ab

Is It My Light… December 23, 2010

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or is it chastity? Either way, I’m in a pretty good mood these days.

Living here in New England, winter days are short and the nights are long and dark. Even when the sun is up, it’s often not very sunny. It’s enough to make a girl depressed!

I’ve often thought I’ve had a mild case of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) although it’s never been officially diagnosed. A few weeks ago, a friend who is a psychiatrist was raving about the Caribbean Sun Box, a light therapy light box. It’s small and compact, unlike the original light therapy lights that came on the market a while back. My friend—let’s call her Dr. J—said that the use of these lights is evidence based and have been shown to be beneficial for folks suffering from SAD.

They are sold at Amazon so I figured, why not give it a try? If it seemed to make absolutely no difference, I could return it within the 30-day return period. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

The instructions are to use the light for 20-60 minutes a day, preferably in the morning. You are not supposed to sit and stare at it; rather, turn on the light and then do whatever you usually do—read the paper, eat breakfast, and catch up on email. That’s my routine, at least.

It’s been two months since I received the light and I’ve been using it regularly every day. I can’t say with 100% certainty that it is making a difference, but I have noticed that I am in a pretty good mood and feeling better able to cope with the holidays. So maybe it is working.

Or maybe it is chastity and my overall improved sex life. That could be making a difference, too. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I am feeling closer to my husband and enjoying this new phase of my life as a parent of almost-adult children who are out of the house. Whatever it is, I do feel like I am in a better place in my mind than I was a year ago at this time and that, for me, is a very good thing.


I’ll have a special treat for you tomorrow—something that Ab dreamed up. In the meantime, have a nice Christmas Eve Eve which, traditionally, is a pretty raucous day in the Devoted Lover household. We have young people coming for dinner and will be decorating the tree. Beyond that, who knows what is it store for us? Whatever…Enjoy!

Naughty or Nice… December 8, 2010

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With my newly discovered enjoyment of spanking, the cover of this book gave me a chuckle. I especially liked the spankee’s smiley face underpants. LOL.

The book includes 31 Christmas and holiday themed stories. I haven’t read any of them (yet) but there are a some familiar (to me) authors among the collection. I’ll probably pick up a few of the individual offerings to read on my Kindle over the next few weeks.

You can learn more about the anthology at the Dreamspinner Press website. Enjoy!