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No See the SaSi January 15, 2011

Posted by Dev in Devices, Musings.
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My big Christmas present was supposed to be a SaSi programmable vibrator. Ab had ordered it in plenty of time but unfortunately, it was out of stock and didn’t make it in time for a December 25th delivery. The projected ship date was January 10th, then January 15th. Now we’ve just gotten an email that it continues to be back-ordered for several more weeks. They aren’t even giving us an anticipated ship date this time. 😦

This is a disappointment because this thing sounds fabulous. From the description at the Blowfish website:

Quite possibly this reviewer’s new favorite toy of all time, the SaSi Programmable Vibrator is the next generation of sex toys. Shaped like any discreet, somewhat egg-shaped clit vibe, the SaSi is more than just a vibrator. A small nub on the bottom of the toy pokes up under a soft silicone sheath. Turn it on and this nub starts moving — in semi-circles, up-and-down, in circles, in swoops. Pressed against your clit, it feels remarkably like someone else has a gentle-but-firm finger down your panties, fingering you in a myriad of wonderful ways. Each movement lasts only a short while, but if you like what its doing, you can hit the middle button to tell it “Don’t stop!” and it will obey like a real lover (well, like a real, obedient lover). Best of all, the SaSi learns what you like when you do this, making it better and better able to get you off.

Can’t get off from rubbing alone? No worries, it’s also a vibrator, and you can control how hard it vibes by pressing up or down. Or you can choose not to have vibrations at all. But the additional vibrations make it feel like there’s a vibrating finger down your panties, which adds just enough oomph! to make this toy unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Does anyone out there have one of these? Does it live up to the hype? We’re trying to decide if we should cancel the order and try to buy it somewhere else or just wait patiently for it to show up. Ab is leaning towards the latter because he does like doing business with Blowfish. Maybe it will be here for Valentine’s Day…



1. Chaste Male - January 15, 2011

Dev, You can try and get it from our toy store of choice. There’s a link to the item on the sidebar of my blog. It appears to be in stock there.

2. atone44 - January 15, 2011

We have a tongue joy (http://www.tonguejoy.com/) and it is probably our most used vibrator ever. We don’t use it on the tongue, tried once and it didn’t work out. We do however use it on my finger like in the picture and it works like the description you have above, a vibrating finger. Please give us a full review of the SaSi when it arrives, I might have to get one.


3. devotedlvr - January 15, 2011

@Chaste — thanks so much for the link! A purple SaSi has been ordered and is on its way. It will be here Wednesday. $30 less than Blowfish and free shipping! Gotta love it!

@A — You mentioned the Tongjue joy before and then I forgot about it. I’ll see how the SaSi works. I may have to put the Tongue joy on my wishlist for later. 🙂

And yes, you can be sure I’ll post a full review!


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