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Mammogram Day! April 29, 2011

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Yesterday was my annual mammogram. One of those annual rituals that women of a certain age get to go through…LOL.

I got my nipples pierced in August. That particular year, I had my mammogram in July (actually, I had it in July for years because that’s my birthday month. But somewhere along the way I got off schedule and now I have it in April). It took me ages to get my courage up to get my nipples pierced but being just a few weeks post-mammogram was a motivator. I knew I would face questions from the technician and perhaps be told I had to take the jewelry out. I was glad to have eleven months to prepare for that eventuality.

When my first post-piercing mammo rolled around, the tech did ask about the rings and suggested that perhaps I should remove them? I said I’d rather not because I didn’t have the right tool with me (at that point I still had the original captive bead ring that was put in when they were pierced). She said, “Well, okay, but if the radiologist has any problems reading the film or they interfere with the mammogram in any way, you WILL have to remove them.”

Guess what? No problems at all. The rings show up as little circles that stick out from my nipple but really have no impact on the overall mammogram.

By the time of post-piercing mammogram #2 I had my gold rings in. For that one, the technician commented on how pretty they were. No more talk of taking them out.

Last year I had to switch mammogram facilities, due to change in where my gynecologist was working and insurance regulations. They obtained all my old films so of course they saw the rings but I was curious if the new tech would say anything. I actually can’t remember what happened last year so obviously it was no big deal. Yesterday the tech (same woman, as I recall) said, “Still have your nipple rings in?” and I said yes. That was that and we proceeded to talk about the lovely view out of the window of the mammogram room. (This is probably one of the very few mammogram facilities in the world that has an ocean view!)

I haven’t gotten a callback telling me I need to come in for an ultrasound or biopsy, so it seems that all is fine for another year. Phew!

For any women reading this (or for men reading who have loved ones with breasts) remember, mammograms do save lives! I know there is controversy about when to begin and how often. My personal belief is to have a baseline at age 40; frequency after age 40 should be decided in consultation with your primary care provider and based on risk factors and family history. Once you reach age 50, plan on a mammogram annually.

Now that I know (once again) I have healthy breasts, I think I’ll plan to celebrate with letting Ab have some fun tonight–his favorite activity. 🙂

The Key is Back on my Nipple Ring… September 26, 2010

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where it belongs. It is on the left side which is the side Ab prefers as he likes to suckle on the right. Getting it back on the left side was a slightly weird experience, however.

As I mentioned, I took it off on Friday because my right breast was sore. I left on on the bedside table because I knew Ab would want the key for cleaning—he’s made it clear he wants to take the CB off on Tuesday and Friday when he showers. Several commenters said I should either put the key back on its ring or hide it. Leaving it out might send a message of disinterest to Ab. Taking this advice to heart, that’s what I did—I thought. Yesterday morning I very carefully clasped the chain and put the key away in the same hiding place with the spare, a hiding place that Ab has no knowledge of.

This morning, as I was getting dressed, I gave both breasts a good massage, tugged on the rings, and decided all the soreness was gone. Plus, I realized I missed having the key on my nipple ring and wanted it back in place. I can feel it when I am wearing it and that’s a nice reminder to me of the commitment Ab and I have—what we are working towards. I am sure he is consciously aware of the CB 90% of the time. I like having the same physical presence.

I went to the hiding place and surprise! No key. Huh? I searched all around. The spare was there but not my key on its chain.

I hunted around in different places. I looked in my jewelry box, a few other little boxes on my dresser….nothing. I looked in the old hiding place for the spare…not there either. I looked on the bedside table. I even looked in the bottle of Tylenol on the bedside table. No key!

I was seriously annoyed. I knew exactly where I had put the key away. I could picture myself doing it. Where had it gone?

I was also annoyed because this meant I had only one key for the lock. Is it better to have a spare? Should I rush off to the hardware store and buy a new lock with two keys? Also, the chain it is on (which is actually meant to be worn as a bracelet) was the perfect length and weight, plus being 14 karat gold, which matched my nipple rings.  I don’t have another one of those. Would I have to go to the jewelry store, too, and buy another bracelet?

I asked Ab. He denied all knowledge and told me he had no idea where my current hiding place is. I knew that was true but I still couldn’t figure out what was going on.

I kept checking back in the hiding place. Nothing.

Finally, at 3 pm, I decided it was Sunday afternoon naptime. I went into the bedroom, put my iPhone on the bedside table and there…was the key. On its chain. The chain was unclasped and spread out, just as I had left it on Friday morning. How weird was that?

I am of the belief that things go missing on purpose and when they go missing it is a sign for us to slow down and pay attention. I actually had a set of keys once that went missing in my office—they were gone for two weeks before they reappeared, sitting in the middle of the spare desk that was there (I was a single in a double). Today the key was gone for only a few hours, but I still got the message. Slow down and pay attention. I need to be mindful of that.

Meanwhile, my key is back on my nipple ring and it feels good. I realized I actually missed it. I like having it close to my breast and my heart. It also makes me curious—where do other keyholders keep their keys? Please share in the comments. I’d like to know.

Over at the new Chastity Forums, likes2blocked commented that my picture is quite distracting. 😉 Thanks, sweetie. That’s why I’ve posted it again. Just for you.

I Had To Chuckle September 17, 2010

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Over at Thumper’s blog, Denying Thumper, he’s added a link to my blog. Thanks, Thumper…I appreciate the publicity. But I had to chuckle—when I mouse over the link it says, “Sounds uncomfortable, but whatevs…”

Sounds uncomfortable? This from the man who wears a Steelworxx device with a Prince Albert piercing to hold it all in place? Every time I even breathe the words Prince Albert to Ab, his face blanches.

Sounds uncomfortable? From the man who describes being handcuffed, collared, nipple-clamped, and flogged and all the while, loving every minute of it? (For the record, I think nipple clamps are way more painful than pierced nipples.)

A little key hanging off a little gold chain on a well-healed nipple ring sounds uncomfortable? Okay, Thumper. As you say, “Whatevs…” 😀 😀 😀

PS—photo credit to Thumper for the great picture up on the left. I think it’s…hot. Just really hot. If you want to see the full-size version, go here.

* * * * *

Ab is wearing the smallest ring and the smallest spacer on his CB today. His testicles starting popping out of the next size up. The left one came out during the day yesterday and he managed to fix that (without taking the CB off…remember, he doesn’t know where the key is anymore). The right one popped out overnight and he decided that he needed to move down a size on the ring. I just got an email and he said that it feels a little tighter but “not too bad.” We’ll see how it goes. Now, of course, I am wondering about the ring on the Jailbird that’s on order, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

“Always Wear Clean Underwear” September 9, 2010

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I am sure everyone reading this has been told at least once in their youth to always wear clean underwear, lest you end up in the Emergency Room. There is nothing more embarrassing than having to deal with something as drastic as bleeding to death whilst in a pair of holey, dirty undies.

Well maybe there is. Ending up in the ER in a chastity device, without a key handy?

Reading various blogs and forums, it seems to be a real concern of many men that they might be “outed” inadvertently—in a public restroom or gym—and that situation could be very embarrassing. Some men get to the “I don’t give a shit” stage but not all do, and for those men, being discovered or “uncovered” is a very real concern.

I am not negating their feelings.

But what about the ER? That could be a very embarrassing situation, even for the “I don’t give a shit” guys. And what if the wearer doesn’t have a spare key on his person. I can imagine the conversation:

ER nurse: “Um, sir, we need to remove this device so we can do a proper examination. Do you have the key?”

Chaste male: “No, sorry, my wife has it. Do I really have to take it off? I’m here for the gash on my head which has nothing to do with my testicles.”

ER nurse: “Well, sir, we can’t put you through the MRI machine with any metal on your person. We really need to remove the lock. Let me see if I can find the bolt cutters…”

I know different couples handle this different ways, with many men having a spare key in their wallet (or somewhere similar), wrapped up and sealed in such a way that it is theoretically inaccessible but accessible in an emergency. For us, at the moment, I keep the primary key with me and the spare is at home. If Ab were to end up in the ER (God forbid!) I would be rushing to his side with my key hanging on its chain so hopefully bolt cutters would be unnecessary. If he were to travel on a business trip, which is not usual, then I would probably give him the spare, sealed in paper and tape with instructions to only be used only in an extreme circumstance. The whole situation poses some interesting, potential dilemmas that are intriguing to think about.

I, too, have been giving some thought to being “outed.” I think the number of women with pierced nipples is relatively small and the number of them wearing a key on one ring is even smaller still. What if someone suddenly yanked up my shirt and saw the key. What could I possibly need to lock that is so precious to me that I need to wear the key next to my body, close to me at all times? My husband’s cock, of course, but that is not something that is easy to admit in polite company.

I’ve thought about the fact that I decided to put the key on my nipple ring, rather than just on a chain around my neck. I feel that, in some ways, it levels the chastity playing field for us. Ab has something on his private parts that could be potentially embarrassing if accidentally discovered; I too have something on my private part that could also evoke the same reaction. It is a way of showing that my commitment to his chastity is as great as his.

I realize that the only thing holding the key on my nipple ring is a little gold chain with a small clasp that is easily opened, so there is an order of magnitude difference between what Ab is wearing versus me. Still, I haven’t taken the key off in the 2+ weeks since I first put it on. Even so, I am toying with the idea of finding something different to wear as a keyholder—something not as easily opened and more difficult to remove. We’ll see where I go with that thought.

* * * * *

Regarding the spare key: as I discussed the other day, during the week (for the present moment, at least) Ab has access to it for showering. When I got home from work yesterday, Ab was in his CB and locked up, but the key had obviously been moved, so I assume he used it. I didn’t ask. I don’t want to sound like a shrew and I need to trust that he’s willing to play the game following the rules we have established: CB off for bathing, but no self-stimulation.

In the night, Ab spoons up next to me, and I can feel his cock in his CB. The lock has a little sharp edge that sometimes rubs against my ass. I don’t mind it, at all. It feels very erotic and sexy. I like looking at the device, and touching it. Sure, it could be sexier—the plastic and white pegs are really sort of pedestrian looking. But it’s the concept that is erotic and thus I am willing to put up with something that is functional, even if it is not beautiful. And I do like having a chaste man at my side.

The Key is on my Nipple Ring August 29, 2010

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So I have added a picture to the sidebar of my key on its chain on my nipple ring. Pretty, isn’t it? I think so.

Lots of women write that they wear the key to their husband’s/partner’s lock on a chain around their neck. Practical, yes, but I have an extra bit of sexy jewelry, so why not take advantage of it? I was rummaging around in my jewelry box and found the little gold chain that I am using—it is a bracelet that was given to me years ago by a friend, but I never wore it much because it seemed so thin and delicate. Now I have found the perfect use. 🙂

I wanted to get my nipples pierced for ages but kept waffling (okay, chickening out). Finally, one day in 2006, I screwed up my courage. There is a piercing and tattoo studio that I drive by everyday on my way to and from work. On this particular day (August 16th, which happened to be the 29th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death), I stopped on the way home from work, marched in and said, “I want to get my nipples pierced.”

The guy at the cash register gave me a ho-hum look, took my $35 and pointed to the waiting area.

Lots of folks wax rhapsodically about their piercers; that wasn’t my experience. The fellow took me into the room, told me to pull up my shirt and then, measure-measure-pierce-pierce, insert jewelry. Not so exciting. I had a 14 g captive bead steel ring in each nipple. Ordinary, but functional.

Healing was a breeze. Anyone thinking about piercing their nipples remember that sea salt salt water soaks are your friend. Two to three times a day for two to three weeks and you should be all set.

One year later, I ordered up some lovely gold segment rings from Tribalectic—nice folks there, although it looks like they might not sell the gold rings anymore, which is a shame. I went back to the piercing shop to have them insert the jewelry because, yeah, I’m a wimp. I’ve been wearing them now for three years without any problems and I think they look just lovely.

To any ladies who might be reading this: if you are wondering about nipple rings and mammograms, be assured that you do not need to take them out for a mammogram film. The first time I went after having them pierced, the technician asked if I could remove them. I simply said, “I prefer not to,” and that was the end of the discussion. Since then I’ve had five or six mammos and it has never come up again. So please, don’t let a desire for pierced nipples stand in the way of good breast health. Mammograms do save lives!