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April Orgasm Glass Round-Up May 1, 2011

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Hard to believe another month has zipped by! The total coins in the glass this month: 41 cents in the form of 3 dimes, 1 nickel, and 6 pennies. Two of the dimes came, as I have previously mentioned, right at the beginning of the month when we were in San Francisco.  The third dime was just a day or two ago and the other coins were sort of here and there.

Note that there aren’t any quarters or francs. In other words, no orgasms for Ab which means his last one was back at the beginning of March. A nice long stretch…:-) When he reads this, he’ll probably start complaining.

This has actually been a low libido and low sexual activity month for both of us. A number of factors seemed to contribute to that, including a bit of a letdown when we got home from our California trip (retrophobia), a month of rain which would get anybody down, being very busy with work, and last but not least, a new dog. We had a new rescue poodle come live with us on April 9th. She’s doing well and adjusting, but even so, I am reminded that having a new family member, whether human, canine, or feline, will throw anybody’s schedule in disarray. All of these factors knocked us off kilter for a few weeks.

In the “off kilter” stage, Ab decided he wanted to take a little device vacation. He asked me about this but went ahead and did it without really getting an answer from me. Things were okay at first but by day 6 I felt like his attention wasn’t as focused on me as it has been–and as I have come to expect and enjoy. A few sharp words passed between us but the outcome was that he did lock up the next day. He commented that 95% of the time the device is very comfortable and he forgets he is wearing it, but the 5% when it pinches (or whatever) can be very annoying. So…it’s clear that this is a continuing journey to figure out what exactly is right for us, which reinforces to me that what is right for us probably is only us. Chastity is as varied as the couples that practice it.

I am looking forward to May. After a month of rain (April showers) it seems that spring has finally arrived. Ab opened the porch over the past few days (two screens needed to be repaired) and we’ve spent some time out there. I remember the hot days last August sitting out there, reading about chastity on the computer and considering whether we wanted to give this a try. Nine months later it appears that our “try” is successful and ongoing, but we’re still learning. Which I have to admit, is part of the fun!

Monthly Orgasm Glass Round-Up April 8, 2011

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Just to refresh everyone’s memory and bring us up-to-date, here is the inventory of the coins in the orgasm glass:

January: 94 cents with 2 quarters, 1 dime, 5 nickels, and 8 pennies

February: 57 cents with 1 quarter, 5 nickels, and 7 pennies

March: 49 cents with 1 quarter, 1 Franc, 3 nickels, and 9 pennies

March was notable because that was the first month with a Franc for a ruined orgasm. It preceded the quarter-worthy real orgasm by about 20 minutes. I wasn’t sure if Ab would be up for it (pun intended) but he met and exceeded all my expectations. His too. 🙂

April has started off spectacularly well with back-to-back dime-earning multiple orgasmic experiences for me. It was nice to discover that Ab’s not the only man out there who is extremely effective at wielding a Hitachi. This is a definite skill that all men, especially chaste men, should have in their sexual repertoire. Believe me, the women in your lives will thank you for it. 😉

As Predicted… February 28, 2011

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No more snow!

or perhaps as hoped for, another nickel went into the orgasm glass this morning, making the total for the month 57 cents. And it’s snowing again!

* * * * *


Congratulations to Colin Firth for a well-deserved Oscar for Best Actor, playing King George VI in The King’s Speech. I thought he should have won last year for his role in A Single Man (also playing a character named George!) but this is typical for the Academy–always a year late and a statuette short. (Don’t get me started on Heath Ledger!) My best to Mr. Firth for an honor rightfully earned.

The Winter Doldrums February 27, 2011

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It’s official. I am experiencing an advanced case of cabin fever accompanied by severe winter doldrums. It snowed on Friday and it is snowing again today. The world is white, the sky is white–the only color is an olive-green pine tree in the backyard and our blue station wagon in the driveway. I am sick of winter! I am sick of walking gingerly, not knowing if there are icy patches under the snow. I am sick of clearing snow off the car every time I go outside. I am sick of  wearing boots, heavy socks, hats, and gloves. I am sick of all of it!

My outdoor shower seems like a distant memory, as does my deck and my porch. Did I really tie Ab to a chair on the porch and tickle him with an ostrich feather? That seems like it was a few lifetimes past–or at least three chastity devices ago. LOL.

As I was surfing the web to find the picture I used above, I came up with a wide variety of cures for the winter doldrums. Some appeal, others not so much. In no particular order:

  • Bake some “Kick Winter’s Ass Lemon Bars.” These sound really good. I just sent the recipe to Ab.
  • Attend a film festival. That would work if we had a film festival occurring locally. Instead, we may go to the movies.
  • Take a bible study class. Uh, I don’t think so. Not my cup of tea.
  • Look at pictures of naked men. Um, yes, this is more in line with my way of thinking. Interestingly, I don’t see many suggestions for looking at pictures of naked women. What’s up with that? Guys don’t get cabin fever?
  • Buy a meat grinder for the Kitchen Aid mixer and grind some meat. ??? Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.
  • Have a party.
  • Dress up in silly costumes.
  • Turn the party into a costume contest.
  • Dance.
  • Hm, we never had guys like this in our hot tub...

  • Meditate.
  • Soak in the hot tub. That would work if we still had a hot tub….
  • Read a good book. Actually, I am doing that. The sixth book in Jordan Castillo Price’s PsyCop series just came out: GhosTV. I have been eagerly waiting for this ever since I buzzed through all the other books in the series last April. I am struggling between reading this book as fast as I can and trying to draw it out and make it last. That’s part of the reason I took a break to write this blog post.
  • Write a blog post. Check.
  • Email an old friend.
  • Call an old friend.
  • Clean the oven. Not for me but this is what Ab is doing!
  • Balance the checkbook. Pay bills. Seriously? This is supposed to cheer me up? LOL.
  • Get distracted from writing the blog post and read an article in Time on sex addiction.
  • Remind yourself that spring is only 22 days away…on the calendar, at least.

* * * * *

Okay, so now we know from the sex addiction article that men, on average, have three orgasms a week. Ha, that’s what they think! Time for a quick check in the orgasm glass since it’s practically the end of the month.

Last month (January) there was 93 cents: 2 quarters, 1 dime, 5 nickels and 8 pennies. This month the inventory is:

  • 1 quarter (an orgasm in the cage for Ab)
  • 4 nickels
  • 7 pennies

52 cents. Not quite as much activity as last month but then this is a shorter month–and we’re suffering from the winter doldrums. And there are still 36 hours before March officially arrives. Anything can happen in that amount of time, right? 🙂

* * * * *

Time for a glass of wine, I think, and more PsyCop reading. In the comments, please share your sure-fire cures for cabin fever. I’d like to know what works for all of you. Have at it!

Visiting the Orgasm Glass January 30, 2011

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Since we are almost at the end of the month, I decided to do an inventory of the coins in the orgasm glass. Ninety-three cents in all, distributed as follows:

  • Two quarters (those were Ab’s birthday orgasms)
  • One dime
  • Five nickels
  • Eight pennies

A total of fourteen orgasms for me in thirty days which works out (roughly) to one every other day. Actually, we tend to go in spurts—three days in a row, perhaps, with a break of two days, then two in a row. More or less although these days it’s definitely more for me. 🙂

Because I like things neat and tidy, it would be nice to get to an even 100 cents (one dollar) by the end of the month. There are 36 hours left until February 1st. Since we both have to work tomorrow, the possibility of 7 penny orgasms between now and then is pretty remote. But two for a nickel each might be doable, or a nickel and two pennies. We could shoot for a dime but as you can see from the numbers above, those are rare.

I wonder how many quarters will be in the glass at the end of February? 😉

Observant readers might have noticed that I added a flag counter to the blog on Friday. WordPress gives statistics about pageviews and referring sources, but nothing about where visitors come from and I was curious about that. I discovered Flag Counter, signed up for an account and voilà! It’s a little amazing just how international my audience is. It took just 36 hours to log a visitor from all 50 US states and the District of Columbia. In addition to the US, I have visitors from 44 other countries. US visitors are the most frequent (not surprising) followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Italy, France, Sweden, and New Zealand rounding out the top ten.

To everyone reading this, no matter where you are from: Welcome and thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your interest in my thoughts and thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

Hugs to all,


The Orgasm Glass January 4, 2011

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Last night at dinner, Ab and I were talking about the blog and chastity (so what else is new?). He enjoyed my post on Little Ab’s innermost thoughts. I commented that I was surprised at what a foul mouth Little Ab had and Ab replied, “That’s what happens when you become a prisoner and start hanging around with convicts.” LOL. He asked me when I posted the blog and I said late Sunday evening, before I went to bed.

“That’s surprising,” he said.

“Why?” I asked.

“I looked at the date and I saw that it was Sunday night, but during our lovemaking session this morning…well, that could have been the conversation. I was wondering how you wrote it in advance.”

“Maybe I am prescient,” I said with a wink. “Or maybe we said a lot of those things on Saturday morning. Remember, me laughing and joking about the fake thing?”

“Ah, okay,” he said. “I guess your orgasms all just blend into one these days…”

I raised an eyebrow. “Are you complaining?”

“No,” he laughed. “Actually, I had an idea. We should keep track of your orgasms.”

“Keep track of mine?”

“Well…” He didn’t come right out and say it, but the implication was clear. Mine will be pretty easy to keep track of, since there won’t be that many. Yours, on the other hand… I smiled to myself.

“How do you propose we keep track of them?”

“I don’t know,” he said. “Keep track on the blog? Or, you ask what the temperature is every day and then type it down. Do you have a diary?”

“A diary? No, not really. And on the blog…” I was skeptical.

“Or another idea. A long time ago, I heard this story. You should keep a jar next to the bed. The first year you are married, put a bean or something in the jar every time you have sex. Then, after the first year, for the rest of your married life, you take a bean out every time you have sex.”

“With the idea being that you’d never empty the jar? That’s a pretty depressing outlook on sex in marriage.”

Ab chuckled. “I suppose.”

“And I suppose we would have emptied the jar many times over. But let me think on this idea of keep track of my orgasms. Maybe I’ll come up with an idea I like.”

I tucked it in the back of my mind for my subconscious to work on and then this morning in the shower (I always do my best thinking in the shower), ta da! The Orgasm Glass. It builds on Ab’s jar idea, with a twist.

First, I found a pretty wine glass that we had pushed to the back of the wine glass rack in the pantry. I never use it for drinking wine because it has a long stem which, while attractive, is an accident waiting to happen, either spilling the wine or breaking the glass in two (or both). Then I got a pile of coins from the spare change stash in the cabinet.

This is my plan. Every time I have a “nice” orgasm (the garden variety nice kind), I’ll throw a penny in the glass. More spectacular orgasms are worth a nickel and the most stupendous of all (7 or above on the Dev Orgasm-O-Meter scale) will earn a dime. For every orgasm that Ab has, we’ll put a quarter in the glass.

We also have a handful of French francs, from a trip taken several years ago. Since French francs are now worthless (they switched to euros with the rest of the EU), I decided that for every ruined orgasm Ab has, we’ll put a franc in the glass.

I’ll be curious to see:

  • Can we fill up the entire glass? How long will that take?
  • How much will we have “earned” over the course of the year?
  • What is the breakdown of coins in the glass?

I’ll post periodic updates. Right now there is 6 cents: a nickel and a penny. I’ll leave it to my readers’ imaginations how we got to that point by January 4th. 😉