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Happy Birthday to Ab! January 17, 2011

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Thirty cents went into the orgasm glass this morning—a nickel and a quarter. Regular readers might remember that the nickel is a really good orgasm for me and a quarter is an orgasm for Ab. Yes, that’s right. He started his birthday with the Watchful Mistress off and Little Ab rejoicing. He came on my chest and then licked me clean. It was nice to have that sticky semen feel—the smell, too. It’s been awhile.

Ab went off to work without his Watchful Mistress on, but strict instructions for no unauthorized touching or playing with himself. Just because it’s his birthday doesn’t mean all rules are set aside for the day! Besides, I want him to build up some horniness for tonight. Coming on my chest is good, but I think we both are in the mood for a good old fashioned fucking. That’s something to look forward to all day. 🙂

In the presents department, I have been working on being creative this year. First was his eternity collar which I gave him a few days early. He’s been wearing it steadily since he got home from work on Friday. I have to say, when he’s standing nude in front of me, with his collar at his neck and his cock in the Watchful Mistress, it’s very hot. I tell him I like him dressed in metal.

I also got him a Red Stewart “comfy Sport Kilt.” If folks remember, I had been thinking about a Utilikilt. The poll for that was positive with 41% (n = 38/92) saying yes, I should get one. Trouble was, it was a bit pricey ($215) for something that might turn out to be a joke gift. I did search on ebay and found a few previously loved Utilikilts but the bidding on those always ended up way beyond my limit of $100. So, what to do? Then I received a nice email from a reader who suggested I check out Sport Kilts. Thanks for the tip! I decided to start simple with a flannel comfy kilt which is designed to be worn around the house. It looks great on Ab and fits him well. He got a funny little smile. “I’ve never had a skirt before,” he said. “Well now you do,” I replied.

I’ve alluded to this before and mentioned it in the comments—Ab does have a bit of a cross-dressing fetish. The thing is, he’s never really wanted particularly feminine clothing. It’s more the feel of the fabric, such as his silky thongs. Now he’ll get to experience the freedom a kilt offers.  He also likes corsets, which I haven’t mentioned before, but now that I’ve discovered Aarkey likes them as much as us, I guess it’s time to go public. I’ve ordered one for myself, so I can play along, too. Why should he get to have all the fun? For anyone who’d like to read some corset erotica, I can highly recommend Secrets, Skin, and Leather by Sean Michael. Very, very hot. I read it in one fell swoop and couldn’t get it out of my mind for days after reading it the first time—which meant I had to re-read it a few more times. And a few more after that. Yes, it’s a favorite. The link above goes to the print version at Amazon. You can also get it as an ebook in various formats from All Romance. Treat yourself to a little steamy sex on a cold winter day. 😉

Ab also got a pre-birthday spanking using the batten that he made with his very own hands! I hadn’t quite figured out the best way to use it before, but now I have. It’s long so I discovered it’s best if I hold it lengthwise, from above, rather than sideways, which would be the more typical arrangement. So, the batten position has been created (and christened!): I’m on the edge of the bed with Ab kneeling on all fours in front of me. I let him put his nose close to my pussy to really drive him wild. Then I brought the batten down to his bottom. Smack, smack, smack! From that angle, the thing works great and his ass was nice and red—really red—within minutes. He was begging for me to stop but I didn’t think he really wanted that, so I didn’t. I am hoping he is feeling the after effects today. 😉

That’s the start of his birthday. I told him I’d cook dinner but I haven’t decided what to make. Veal with lemon and capers, perhaps, and a nice white wine. And for dessert? Dev’s pussy, of course!

The last part of my present is this blog post and a great big public hug: {{{Happy Birthday to my beloved husband!}}}

Please leave him birthday greetings in the comments. I know he’ll be thrilled.

Little Ab Speaks January 2, 2011

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Bang! BANG!

“Damn!” said Little Ab. “I’m still in this fucking jail cell.”

He moved around slightly, trying to expand. How had he gotten into this predicament, anyway? Sighing, he readied himself for another thrust at the end, knowing in advance the feeling of frustration he’d experience. It had become all too common.


“C’mon big guy, wake up. It’s four thirty in the morning and I know that horny bitch next to you will be ready for some action. Maybe for once it will be my turn.”


“Mmmphf,” said Ab, shifting his position, first to his side, then back. “Guh.”

“Good, now we’re getting somewhere.” Little Ab wiggled, and Ab’s hips shifted in response. “Good, good…” He felt the sheets move and hoped that was the sign that a hand would soon be holding him, caressing him. Even in his metal prison, the soft touches felt good.

Another mumble from Ab, another shift of the sheets, Little Ab held his head in anticipation… “Move your hips up, buddy,” he said. “C’mon, she can’t reach me when you are this low.”

But then, inexplicably, Ab reached over with his hand, leaving Little Ab bereft for the moment. “What’s going on?” he screamed.

“Hush,” said Ab, finally acknowledging his throbbing cock. “I promised to give her pussy some attention.”

“Give her pussy some attention? Her pussy gets attention all the freaking time! What about ME?”

“I’m sure she’ll give you a little massage before we’re done. She’s pretty consistent about that.”

“A little massage,” Little Ab mimicked, his voice scornful. “I don’t want a little massage. I want the real thing.”

“Just be patient. You’ll get it when the time is right.”

“And when’s that? Today?”

“Can’t say, buddy. Shhh…”

The sheets rustled and Little Ab could feel the mattress shifting as Dev responded to Ab’s touch. A low moan filled the air. “That damn woman is as horny as a cat in heat,” he said, “and she never gives me the fucking time of day.”

“That’s not true. You get a massage at least every day…and sometimes more.”

“More? You call a tongue lapping my head through the bars of this prison cell more? I call it torture.”

“You seem to like it when it happens. Stop talking so much. I need to concentrate.”

“Concentrate on what?”

“Her pussy. Her clit. She’s getting aroused.”

“She’d get aroused faster if you let me in on the action. I’m the professional. I know what I’m doing. That fucking finger is just an amateur.”

“The fucking finger seems to be doing okay. Stop complaining.”

Another moan filled the air and the bed shifted again and Ab turned on his side, moving slightly and taking Dev’s breast into his mouth. “Okay,” thought Little Ab, “I like this. This is…relaxing.”

They settled in and enjoyed that for a few minutes, the suckling sending sweet impulses to Little Ab’s head. Then, the bed shifted again and he realized…finally, finally! Dev’s hand was enveloping his cage. “At last!” he groaned. “She remembered I am here!” He basked in the massage, then nudged Ab’s brain.

“C’mon, c’mon, let me out. I really want to be inside her pussy. I’m forgetting what it looks like.”

“How can you forget what it looks like? You’ve been in there hundreds of times.”

“Yeah, but not recently.”

“I seem to remember we had a little fun on Christmas morning. That was just a week ago.”

“Just a week ago? It seems like a year. My memory is going as I get older. I need regular pussy visits to keep me young.”

“You are a persistent little cock, aren’t you? I’m not sure a pussy visit is on the agenda today.” Ab shifted his position again. Little Ab felt a jolt of erotic pleasure as Ab began to lap Dev’s abdomen with his tongue.

“Why isn’t it on the agenda?” he pleaded. “You can take this cage off. You just need to undo the screw.”

“No, sorry, I can’t.”

“Why not? You do it every day in the shower. You know where the screwdriver is—right over there in the little cup. Just pick it up and go twist, twist…easy peasy and I’ll be free!”

“That’s not the way we’re playing this game. Dev’s in charge and she decides when you get to be free and when I get to orgasm…and something tells me it is not today.”

“Hmphf.” Little Ab sulked. “Where the hell was I when all these rules were being made, anyway? How come I didn’t have any say in the matter?”

“You did. As I recall, you thought it was incredibly hot. In fact, you still do.”

“I do, except at 4:30 am when I know my rightful place is inside her cunt…”

“Shhh, don’t use language like that. You know Dev doesn’t approve.”

More shifting, more moaning, more movement of the sheets. “What’s happening now? Tell me, tell me!”

“The vibrator, please, the vibrator…” Dev’s voice was low and husky, muffled. Little Ab knew she was about to come. Her whole body was thrumming, he could feel it even in his metal cage.

Ab shifted again, reaching to the side of the bed. “What are you doing, big guy?”  he pleaded.

“You heard her. She wants the vibrator.” Suddenly, a sharp BZZZZZZ! BZZZZZZ! filled the air.

“No, no, no,” Little Ab moaned, close to tears. “Not the fake thing! Not the fake thing! I’m the real thing, let me do my job!”

“Sorry bud…”

Dev’s hips bucked and rolled. “Gah! Gah!” she moaned, her voice rising. Little Ab cried in response. “The fake thing! The fake thing!”

Suddenly it was over. Little Ab felt Dev’s hand caressing him again. Small solace but better than nothing. He sighed.

“You know,” said Ab, “Little Ab was pretty unhappy this morning. He really wanted out.”

Dev laughed. “What he wants is really no concern of mine. I’m in charge, after all.”

“He said he was forgetting what your cu—er pussy looked like. His memory is going.”

“Oh he’s a little con artist, isn’t he? Tell him maybe a few weeks. You do have a birthday coming up this month.” Dev laughed.

“Hear that buddy? You might be lucky on January seventeenth.”

Little Ab sighed, Dev’s laugh ringing in his ears. How many days ’til January seventeeth he wondered…

The Kinky Kings December 12, 2010

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The Kinky Kings

a slightly risque photo essay by Dev


Naughty or Nice… December 8, 2010

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With my newly discovered enjoyment of spanking, the cover of this book gave me a chuckle. I especially liked the spankee’s smiley face underpants. LOL.

The book includes 31 Christmas and holiday themed stories. I haven’t read any of them (yet) but there are a some familiar (to me) authors among the collection. I’ll probably pick up a few of the individual offerings to read on my Kindle over the next few weeks.

You can learn more about the anthology at the Dreamspinner Press website. Enjoy!

A Chaste Couple October 24, 2010

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I like to imagine conversations that I know I will never have. I guess it’s a type of fantasy for me. Such as this one—let’s pretend I am having lunch with a friend that I haven’t seen for awhile.

“Dev, how are you? You look great!”

“Thanks, Darla, you look great too!” Hug, hug, air kisses…

Settling in our seats at a nice, posh restaurant, ordering a glass of wine. “So tell me, what’s new? Are you busy?”

“Oh yes, very busy. Work is good.”

“And how is Ab? Anything new with him?”

“Ab is great. And as for new…” I carefully unfold my napkin in my lap, then look Darla directly in the eye. “We made a decision a few months ago and, well…it’s pretty exciting.”

“Oh, really? What? Tell me!”

“We decided to live as a chaste couple.” At this point I imagine a variety of expressions on my friend’s face: horror, shock, pity…

“You’ve decided to what?”

“We’ve committed to a chaste lifestyle. It’s been going on for about four months now.”

Total confusion on Darla’s face. “I…I don’t understand. Does this mean you’ve given up sex?” She whispers this last part and glances around the restaurant, as if worried that someone might hear her.

I take a leisurely sip of wine, pausing before answering. “Hardly. In fact, we’re having more sex than ever before. It’s great.”

“But…you said you’re chaste. How can you have sex?”

“Darla, you are thinking of celibacy. We’re not doing that. That’s for priests and monks and those sort of guys. We’re being chaste.”

“I’m sorry, Dev, but I still don’t get it. Can you explain more?”

“Sure. In a nutshell, Ab has agreed to give me control of his orgasms. He only comes with my permission, on a schedule that I determine.”

“Um, okay. But exactly how do you manage that? I mean, he might be masturbating right now.”

“I know he’s not because he’s wearing a metal chastity device that I bought for him. It’s locked on his penis and he is unable to stimulate himself.”

Darla shakes her head. “Okay, Dev, that’s just weird. He’s wearing something locked on his cock?” Darla makes a grimace of displeasure.

“It’s not weird at all, in fact, it’s very hot. I love looking at it. Would you like to see a picture?” I pull out my iPhone.

Darla holds up her hand. “No, no, that’s okay. I really don’t need to see pictures of your husband’s cock on your phone.”

“Actually, it’s not his cock anymore. It’s mine. Along with giving me his orgasms, he gave me his most prized possession. Which reminds me, I should send him a text and make sure he’s taking good care of it today for me.” I quickly send a sexy text.

“You know, Dev, you are one of my oldest and dearest friends, but I really think you are losing your mind.”

I chuckle at this. “Do I look like I am losing my mind? If anything, I feel better than I have felt in ages. I’m happy, I’m sexually satisfied, and communication between Ab and me has improved 1000%. It’s all good.”

Darla harrumphs. “I just know that if I asked Fred to wear a bunch of metal locked on his junk, he’d probably hit the roof.”

“I doubt it. You should ask. It’s a fantasy that a lot of men have. He might be thrilled at the suggestion.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

We’re quiet for a minute, looking at our menus. Then Darla asks, “Explain to me how this works. Ab’s locked up, he can’t come, and you’re having more sex than before?”

I nod yes. “That’s the wonderful paradox of chastity. By denying a man his orgasms, his traditional sexual outlet, you open up a whole other world of possibilities. Ab has a little mantra that he likes to say to me: ‘My pleasure is your pleasure.’ He has said it for years but I never truly believed him. Now I do.”

“I think he’d just be frustrated. I know Fred would be.”

“He is frustrated. But all that frustration and pent-up sexual energy gets directed and focused…on me. It’s like a laser beam of sexual energy and I am the lucky beneficiary of all his attention.”

Darla shakes her head again. “I don’t know. I can’t imagine very many couples are doing this.”

“Well, no one has any statistics, of course. People don’t talk about it so there is no way of knowing—are we talking hundreds? Thousands? Millions? The guy who made Ab’s device says his business has been insane recently, so I think it’s more than just a few folks.”

“And it really works? There isn’t a downside?”

“We haven’t experienced a downside yet. And from what I’ve read on the Internet, our experience seems to be pretty typical of most couples who give chastity a try.”

Darla wrinkles her brow. “So explain this to me again…”

Converting skeptics, one at a time.

* * * * *

The guy in the picture above is Levi Poulter, a model from Florida. I love the way he is holding his cock. It makes me think he is being chaste for the person he loves.

* * * * *

I am giving Ab big brownie points this morning. If regular readers recall, he had to go to work last weekend, leaving me alone, feeling neglected and sorry for myself. He had to go to work again today. He came into the bedroom at about 7:30 am. I was expecting my usual good bye kiss. Instead, he whipped off his clothes, hopped into bed and said, “I’m not leaving until I take care of you!” And he did. He even talked dirty, which, to use an expression from another keyholder, is something that really trips my trigger. Phew! He left and I was a happy puddle of post-orgasmic goo. It took me two more hours to drag myself out of bed. A very nice way to start the day. Thanks, sweetie! xxooxxo

Oh! Vibrators! October 13, 2010

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A friend emailed me that she got a Hitachi Magic Wand over the weekend and my heart sang with happiness for her. My HMW is the workhorse of the vibrator stable. It’s been around since the seventies (the device that is, not mine…LOL) and even has its own Wikipedia page. As the description suggests, I am sure we are all using them to massage our sore necks and shoulders ;-). From the Wiki page, I found this link to a very good article on female orgasm by Betty Dodson.

You can buy various attachments for the HMW, including a G-spot stimulator but to be honest, I haven’t had much luck with them. I am not sure I can even tell you where they are right now—stuffed in the back of a drawer somewhere, I think.

Somewhat similar to the HMW is this little vibrator, the Ideal, which is cordless and rechargeable. The latter is the reason that it caught my eye because it would be nice to not have a cord dragging all over the place—and to be able to get further away from a plug. Anyone have experience with this one? I am wondering if it has the same oomph as the Hitachi. Comments and feedback are welcome. The two reviews on Amazon (one five star, one one star) don’t provide a lot of guidance.

* * * * *

I wrote a little story, Traveling Light, and posted it over on the Chastity Forum. No sex in this one, just a little fun imagining what it might be like at the airport with a Jailbird in my purse. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, countdown in the Devoted Lover household continues. T-58 hours until release time on Friday at 6 pm. I know I have to plan on getting home from work on time Friday evening! Lots of moaning and frustration from Ab the past few days—I think this extra week of lock-up has really kicked the game up a notch for both of us. We are definitely looking forward to the weekend and nothing, NOTHING, will interfere with our plans this time ;-), you can be sure of that!

Review: A Trio of Terrible Tales September 6, 2010

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I own a Kindle, the ereader from Amazon, and one nice feature is that it lets you sample books before you buy. Thank God for that because I didn’t waste a ton of money on these three books—one mediocre and the other two wretched. I did buy Domme By Default ($2.80) because I was a little curious where the story was headed. The other two, the samples alone convinced me that they weren’t worth a cent.

Domme By Default by Tymber Dalton is written in alternating him and her POV chapters. The basic story is that the husband in the marriage (names are never given) has finally screwed up his courage to tell his wife he wants to be a slave to her mistress. Even though she writes erotic stories for a living, this is a totally new idea to her, being the plain vanilla good girl that she is. But she loves her husband and decides to go along with his kink, even though it makes her decidedly uncomfortable.

As with all stories of this ilk, there is a long slow build-up, lots of misunderstandings, and then, suddenly, both main characters are totally on board with the program, to the point that he’s wearing a ball-gag and she’s fucking his ass with a dildo, while getting ready to whip him afterwards. Yeah, right.

Overall, mediocre writing. Not recommended and no chastity in this story.

The second book (which I only sampled) was called Chastity Tales of the Submissive Male written by belted one. This is a series of stories—the sample included two (I think there might be ten in the book). The first story, which was so lazily written that it read more like a screenplay rather than a story, was a scene between LadyBeth and Michael. Michael spends a lot of time crawling around on his hands and knees, being tortured and teased, and beyond that, I am not quite sure what happened.

The second story, which did involve chastity, was written from the very odd second person singular POV. It has to do with a woman who has been a long distance keyholder for a man and now they are meeting for the first time—at the Chicago Hilton. The woman—sadistic mistress bitch in heels—does all sorts of things to the guy. Naturally, he loves every minute of it and the story ends with them getting married, he in a white tux, wearing some über-elaborate chastity device and she dressed like Marlene Dietrich (more lazy writing—this presumes we all know what MD looks like and how she dresses).

Overall, wretched writing and although it does involve a chastity theme, it’s not realistic and as a fantasy, not particularly alluring.

The third story, Humbling Harry was also by belted one and this was the worst of the lot. Harry is married to Colleen and he’s been a very bad boy. He has cheated on his wife and embezzled money from his employer. Instead of going to the authorities, Colleen has come up with her own form of punishment: she drugged Harry, put him in a “humbler bar” (some weird device that encloses his genitals in such a way that he has the potential to castrate himself), and is prepared to torture him for the next five years. The sample only covers about a day or two of Harry’s new life and that was so depraved—and truly disgusting—I can’t imagine what goes on in the rest of the book. Yuck, gross. People think this is the stuff of fantasies?

I read a lot of stuff including kinky erotica. Decent chastity stories would be fun to read—as I said in my very first post, it was a story that introduced me to chastity in the first place. But these stories do the world of chastity a disservice. They make it seem like torture and punishment, a way for exceedingly cruel women to control their men, all the while saying that this is the way they demonstrate their love. Um, sorry, no. A sociopath is a sociopath and calling it love is not going to change the fundamental core behavior that is being demonstrated.

So, all in all, stay away. The Domme story was the best of the bunch but if someone wants to read a M/s story, I have read others that are much better written that I can recommend. The other two books are a bunch of crap and not worth wasting five minutes on. I had to bleach my eyeballs after reading them.

We do the hard work here so you won’t have to. Thanks for reading.