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I’m Going to Try… March 1, 2012

Posted by Dev in Musings.
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to get back to more regular posting. I enjoy writing this blog and I really enjoy the comments and discussions I get into with my readers. The breaks I’ve taken over the past 6-8 months–they’ve been partly work driven (dealing with a big crisis that has consumed way too many hours/days/weeks of my life), but also because I was feeling a little bit tapped out on only writing about chastity. Chastity is fun and Ab and I still enjoy it, but we got to the point, at about the one year mark (August 2011) that there wasn’t a whole lot more to say. Chastity has just become part of our life. Ab wears his device more often than not; I get lots of orgasms although I haven’t thrown a coin in the orgasm glass in ages. Life is good.

Thinking about what I write here, I could’ve gone down the path of turning this into a fantasy sex blog but since that’s not how I started, I think making that switch would’ve been dishonest to my readers. On top of which, I am not sure I’m that creative to dream up all that stuff on my own. 🙂

Instead, I probably start blogging a bit more on social issues that interest/concern me. Looking at the last few posts, I’ve already started going down that path. And, I suspect those social issues will have a sexy flavor because those are the things that catch my eye. 🙂

Anyway, that’s my thought for the moment on this snowy first day of March. I welcome your comments. And, believe you me, if I have something to post about chastity, I will!


1. Tom Allen - March 1, 2012

That’s why I don’t write a “chastity blog”. I’ve often said that once you get over the initial thrill, then all you can write about is, well, not having the initial thrill.

Day 1 – Mistress locked me into my CB. She’s now telling me when I’m going to be unlocked. I’m so excited!

Day 3 – I’m still locked. It’s been two days without coming. I dont’ know how long I can last!

Day 6 – Still locked. It’s been almost a week – I’ve never gone this long without coming before, I’m going crazy!

( . . . )

Day 10 – Still locked. No orgasms for me yet.

Day 16 – Still locked. I wonder if she lost the key.

( . . . )

Day 23 – Nope, didn’t get to come yet. Changed the batteries in the TV remote.

Yeah, after a while, there’s not much point.

Dev - March 1, 2012

Hahaha! I would hope that writing it from the woman’s point of view made it a little bit more interesting. Plus, I never change the batteries in the remote. 😉

2. Harry Haversackers - March 1, 2012

I’m looking forward to reading your blog more often again. Whether it involves chastity or not, you usually have something good to say.

Dev - March 1, 2012

Thanks, Harry! Hopefully I can live up to my (stellar) reputation. 😉

3. Shadesofme - March 1, 2012

Welcome back Dev. We missed you!


Dev - March 1, 2012

Thanks, Shades!

4. kelmag - March 1, 2012

Great to hear you will be blogging more often. I hope your crisis turned out okay. Look forward to reading your future posts. You have been missed.

Dev - March 1, 2012

Hi kelmag, thanks. The work crisis is still there but it has moved from crisis mode to dull boil. It is an infuriating situation that never needed to exist. I will try to refrain from ranting about incompetent middle manager pencil necks, however…LOL

5. Armando - March 4, 2012

Nice to hear from you, I’ve loved your posts. What has been your hubby’s sex regimen thus far?

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