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Your Opinion on the DL2K March 10, 2011

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I had a ton of views on the blog yesterday–not a record, but close–which suggests to me that there is a great deal of interest in the DreamLover male management system. It is intriguing–it is real? A hoax? Is the thing actually shipping or is this a great big scam to separate gullible consumers from their money? Anyway, I decided to create a poll. You tell me…what do you think of the DL2K MMS?

Note that there is an “other” choice but please feel free to leave comments in the comment section, too! I look forward to reading your opinions.

Utilikilts—Yay or Nay? December 26, 2010

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I never heard of Utilikilts until a few days ago where I saw a mention of them in a comment on a blog. Being the curious type, I googled the name and discovered the Utilikilts website. Apparently the inventor hails from Seattle and there is a retail store on 1st Avenue in that same city—but as a fashion statement, they haven’t made their way east. At least, not that I have ever seen!

Doing a bit more googling, I discovered that people seem to have very strong opinions about Utilikilts: they either love ’em or hate ’em. I couldn’t find much in the way of neutral comments or attitudes.

Chaste guys worry about unsightly bulges in their pants from their devices—although as I have said before, I’ve never been able to notice device-wearing man, even my own husband! But it seems to me that maybe a skirt, such as a kilt, could eliminate that problem.

I showed Ab the website and he was intrigued, although he wasn’t sure he’d be up to wearing a Utilikilt to work. Even so, he gets tired of chafing from pants and he likes having his legs bare. The minute it gets warm enough he switches to shorts and wears them for the entire season. He delays going back into jeans until the last possible moment. A kilt has a definite appeal for him.

His birthday is coming up in January and I kiddingly said, “I should order one for you.”

“Go ahead,” he replied.

This was before either of us had looked at the price: $215 for the classic style. Yikes! That’s a little steep for a potential gag gift. Fifty bucks? Sure, I’ll spend that in a minute. But two hundred? That’s starting to approach the price of a chastity device. Do I really want to spend that much on something that might never be worn?

So I decided to throw the question out to my readers with a little poll. You tell me: will Ab be a fashion trendsetter? Or should I be investigating something else—anything else!—for his birthday. Cast your vote in the poll and please leave comments letting me know what you really think. I look forward to the results.

Getting Out: Poll I September 18, 2010

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In a few days, it will be five weeks that Ab has been locked in a chastity device, more or less continuously. He’s had a few brief vacations, his interludes in the shower for cleaning, and his rebellious day when he didn’t wear it at work. But he tells me, and I believe him, that he hasn’t had an orgasm since August 15th, despite having a few times when he had the opportunity.

The selected date for his orgasm is October 9th, three weeks from now. We seem to be on track to still have that as a goal. I thought about an earlier release but Ab is doing well and we seemed to have come to a better understanding of our chastity game after our argument at the beginning of the week. Delivery of the Jailbird may change the game plan, however, as I may decide to let the CB come off, have a rollicking good time, and then lock him up again in his brand-spanking-new shiny metal device. We’ll see.

Thinking about this though, has brought up another question in my mind. How long does he get to stay out of his device during his orgasm vacation? If you go back to the very first post on his blog (here’s a link), you’ll remember that I became interested in chastity from a story that I read. In that one, Friday night was release and orgasm night, but once they were done he was locked right back up. In that case, his vacation was very brief, just a few hours.

Having read quite a bit since then, I have come to learn there is quite a bit of variation on this point. Thumper recently wrote that he was out for a week around the time of his birthday. Sarah and John sound like they have a few days—a weekend—and then John gets locked back up when they go back to work on Monday. Atone posted on the Male Chastity Forum that he was begging his wife to put his device back on after four days.

Because I am curious, I’ve created a poll and I’d appreciate if folks could take a minute to vote. Comments are also welcome. I am thinking about Ab’s release and I want to make it special and fun. More than special, I want him to have the most mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasm that he’s had in a long, long time. That’s the incentive to get back in the device, right? 🙂 But what’s the interval…a few hours? A day? A week?

I look forward to your responses.