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For Kindle Owners

If you 1) enjoy this blog; 2) own a Kindle; and 3) would like to read it on your Kindle, you can! I recently published the key is on my nipple ring to Amazon so now it is available by subscription. Current price (set by Amazon) is $.99/month with a 14-day free trial. Note that a subscription is only available to the actual Kindle device; you can’t subscribe if you are reading using the Kindle app on iPhone, iPad, another Smartphone or your PC.

What do you get? Every time the blog is updated with a new post, it will be delivered wirelessly to your Kindle. The ten most recent posts are always available on your Kindle. Posts include the full text, graphics, and live hyperlinks which will connect through the Kindle web browser (note that the wireless must be turned on). You can zoom in on graphics. The built-in Kindle dictionary works within the blog and you can clip articles of interest and save them to your “My Clippings” file.

Other standard Kindle features that work in the blog: you can change the font size, change the typeface, turn on text-to-speech, and rotate the screen.

What don’t you get? You can only read posts on the main (home) page. You can’t read additional pages such as this one, About, Our Contract, and Contact. You also can’t read or post comments. (You can post comments using the web browser but it is such a tedious process I wonder why anyone would bother!) The annotation and search features are turned off and not available in the blog.

Why did I do this? As a convenience to those of you who might be regular readers and would enjoy reading the blog on your Kindle. Note that things here at the website won’t be changing. I’ll still be posting regularly to the blog and all my posts, with comments, will be available for free, as they have been since I started the blog back in August.

(In case you didn’t realize, it is possible to subscribe to the blog and receive notifications when new posts are made. Just click on the button on the right hand side of the screen, way down near the bottom. Also, the blog is optimized for viewing on a mobile device, such as an iPhone.)

To learn more and start a free trial, go here. If you do subscribe and enjoy the blog on your Kindle, please consider leaving a review at the Amazon product page. Thanks in advance for your support!



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