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Suckling: It’s Not Just for Babies September 4, 2010

Posted by Dev in Musings.
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Out there in the world, there are “tit men” and “ass men.” Given the title of this blog and the picture on the right hand side, it’s probably not too hard to figure out which camp my husband belongs to.

Back when I was young—and thin—I had perky tits. Now, many years, two children, and forty pounds later, they have matured into lovely, elegant, womanly breasts. Like any of us who have made it successfully to this stage of life, they have a few scars from various biopsies and other mishaps. They have a beautiful heft and weight and I love playing with them. I don’t confine them in a bra because living, organic objects should not be held hostage in wire and polyester.*

A few years ago, Ab started suckling—nursing—at my breast. Being a tit guy, I knew he liked licking and playing with my nipples; I thought if I taught him how to suckle, like a baby does, it might be an added dimension of fun for him. And boy, was I right!

Just to be clear: we are not in an adult nursing relationship (which involves actual breastfeeding, 20 minutes on each side, multiple times a day) nor am I lactating. (We just sent our youngest off to her freshman year in college, so my breastfeeding days are long over!) What he does do is nurse at my breast—usually the right side, because he sleeps on my right—at night, for about 20 minutes or so. He snuggles up close; I put my arm around his head and shoulders and pull him in closer and offer my breast. He pulls it deep into his mouth (not just the nipple—suckling includes the nipple, areola, and however much more of the breast he can fit in his mouth), and begins sucking. His tongue compresses my breast against the roof of his mouth. No teeth are involved.

Done right, it doesn’t hurt and can go on for ages. For us, 20, maybe 30 minutes is about the max before we both are asleep.

Ab finds it incredibly relaxing. For me, all the good memories of breastfeeding my children flow back and thus, it puts me in a totally centered and peaceful place. It is one of the most intimate and loving things we do.

I bring this up because I’ve noticed that over the past few weeks, Ab has been suckling more often. I wonder if it related to those 3 am erections that he is not having? I’ll notice that he is restless next to me (ever since we’ve had children, I’ve been a very light sleeper) so I’ll just turn on my side, pull him close to me, offer my breast, and get him to latch on. I can physically feel his restlessness subside, his breathing slows, and within a very little while, he goes back to a deep sleep. And me? I usually go to sleep too, but not before he does.

Chaste men who are reading this: if you are looking for a way to add an additional loving dimension to your life with your wife/gf, you might want to try this. In particular, if she breastfed your/her children and enjoyed it, she may very well enjoy the sensual feel of adult suckling. Women who hated breastfeeding might not feel the same way.

I never let Ab near my breasts when I was nursing our children, and I kick myself now about that. I really wonder what it would have felt like when there was actual milk in there. Oh well, nothing I can do at this stage. Maybe I wasn’t as kinky then as I am now. 🙂 Ab, too, has told me that the idea never entered his head. “Your breasts were for the babies,” he said to me recently. “Just watching them feed was enough excitement for me.”

* * * * *

*Just a little comment: I mentioned that I don’t wear a bra. In fact, I have been totally bra-free for 13 years and off and on for most of my life before that. I mention this because it seems to be a concern among men wearing chastity devices that someone will see and wonder what that bulge is in their pants (at least until they get to the “I don’t give a shit and it’s nobody’s business anyway” stage). As a bra-free woman, no one has ever mentioned this to me, and I know it’s apparent, especially in the summer when I’m not all bundled up in sweaters and turtlenecks. I know there are times when people can see my nipple rings through my tee-shirt, and no one has ever mentioned that, either. My point is, that even if someone notices your chastity device (doubtful), and even if that person had a inking of what they were looking at (even more doubtful), I think the possibility of someone saying something is about 1 in 99 million—in other words, it ain’t gonna happen. Based on my anecdotal experience of being a bra-free woman, I really think men in chastity can stop worrying about random, rude strangers, friends, family, or loved ones saying, “Hey, Joe, you look like you’ve got a bunch of plastic in your pants. What’s up with that?”


**Regarding the image: as far as I can tell, there really isn’t such as thing as “National Bra-Free Week.” Oh well. It wold be fun, wouldn’t it?