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I’m Going to Try… March 1, 2012

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to get back to more regular posting. I enjoy writing this blog and I really enjoy the comments and discussions I get into with my readers. The breaks I’ve taken over the past 6-8 months–they’ve been partly work driven (dealing with a big crisis that has consumed way too many hours/days/weeks of my life), but also because I was feeling a little bit tapped out on only writing about chastity. Chastity is fun and Ab and I still enjoy it, but we got to the point, at about the one year mark (August 2011) that there wasn’t a whole lot more to say. Chastity has just become part of our life. Ab wears his device more often than not; I get lots of orgasms although I haven’t thrown a coin in the orgasm glass in ages. Life is good.

Thinking about what I write here, I could’ve gone down the path of turning this into a fantasy sex blog but since that’s not how I started, I think making that switch would’ve been dishonest to my readers. On top of which, I am not sure I’m that creative to dream up all that stuff on my own. 🙂

Instead, I probably start blogging a bit more on social issues that interest/concern me. Looking at the last few posts, I’ve already started going down that path. And, I suspect those social issues will have a sexy flavor because those are the things that catch my eye. 🙂

Anyway, that’s my thought for the moment on this snowy first day of March. I welcome your comments. And, believe you me, if I have something to post about chastity, I will!

Working, Working… October 9, 2010

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Up until now, I haven’t felt the need for a formal chastity agreement or document, but for the past forty-eight hours, the idea has been churning in my head. So, this morning, I started work on one. I spent the better part of three hours getting a first draft written, then took a few hours off to go to the movies (we saw the The Social Network, the “Facebook” movie. Very good—highly recommended). I have just spent another hour or two putting some final touches on the agreement. I won’t post it here until Ab has had a chance to review and discuss with me, but I plan to make it a permanent part of the blog, on its own page, once we have both signed off. Hopefully it will serve as a good resource to couples looking to embrace a chastity lifestyle from a truly couple perspective.

I wrote this pretty much out of my head (I didn’t want to be influenced by other contracts) but now that it is in final draft form, I have gone and read a few other contracts that are posted here and there on the Internet. One thing I am struck by is that fact that I am viewing our chaste life together from a couple’s perspective, rather than “me” doing to “him.” I know that for many the notion of submission is a difficult one (is it a given in a chastity lifestyle?) and contracts that give the woman all the power and the man very little just beg to be seen through the lens of submission. I think I have addressed that issue carefully in the context of the way Ab and I live and will live our lives as a chaste couple.

Second, I have decided to not use the term “male chastity” (and similarly, “female chastity”) because, to me, that implies that he is chaste and I am not. That’s not the way it is working for us. We are living a chastity life together, both fully invested in what we are doing and what we are hoping to accomplish. As I say in the first paragraph, our chastity life can be summed up in one simple sentence: “Our pleasure is our mutual pleasure.” It’s not him or her to me…it’s us.

The one thing I am a little worried that Ab may balk at is the fact that I have phrased it in the context of “from this day forward, we will live this way.” I do see this as something we need to commit to for the forseeable future and maybe forever. What that actually means in terms of wearing a device and so on will evolve and change as we grow and mature in this lifestyle. To me, it is sort of like being a naturist. Even though I don’t go to clubs and beaches very often anymore, I’m still a naturist in my heart and ascribe to the principles of body acceptance that the naturist movement espouses (even if I don’t totally agree with some of their views on sexuality). Similarly, I don’t see chastity as a fad or phase—I think we are in for the long haul, however that actually plays out in the context of our day-to-day lives.

I’ll keep everyone posted on how this progresses.

Quotes from Ab: XI September 30, 2010

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“You can trust me.”

We’re trying something a little different today. In anticipation of the Jailbird’s arrival, Ab is on the honor system and not wearing his CB-6000s. I hope the Jailbird will arrive today and the CB will become a thing of the past. Even if the JB doesn’t arrive until tomorrow, I’m not sure he’s going back into the CB. I was just looking at it and it’s sort of grody. I really don’t like plastic.

I’m the keyholder so it was my decision to take it off. Why? A couple of reasons. One, there’s a thread over at Chastity Forums about the honor system. Many men say they use the honor system and it works—although at times it may require a bit more mental energy than just being locked up. I figure that Ab has 6+ weeks of being locked. He can be on the honor system for a day or two. I want to see how that works.

But second, and more importantly, I want to see if he’s gotten to a place of preferring to be locked. Last night we were talking about my fantasy of having him thank me for being locked. He said he wasn’t sure if that would happen—yet—but he does like wearing his CB and it feels comfortable and natural. Is it so comfortable and natural that that’s the way he wants to be? Dressed for dinner as it were? We’ll see.

Last, the Jailbird is special—a step up, beautiful steel, custom made. Sized just for Ab. I figure that putting something like that on requires a bit of a ceremony. It’s not just a matter of taking off device A and putting on device B. It needs a moment. So I am giving my cock a little vacation until its new outfit arrives.

Of course, even though the lock is off, Ab understands: no orgasms, no touching, no self-stimulation, no masturbation. Hence, “You can trust me.” I know he’ll be reading this so darling, I do trust you. Don’t let me down.

* * * * *

Another comment from Ab was that he really likes the blog and has become a very regular reader, even though the doesn’t comment publicly (he comments to me in private). He says it adds an interesting dimension to our chastity game—he knows exactly what I am thinking and feeling, which gives him additional insight into his own feelings and thoughts.

Many newcomers to chastity do start blogs and this is probably part of the reason why. It’s a nice way to explore something that seems very different—on the surface, putting a lock on your man’s penis does seem a little strange—but as you get into it, you realize it’s not strange at all. Sharing that knowledge, though, seems to part of the process and blogging is the 21st century way to do so.

Thumper made a comment in his blog that most new chastity blogs last an average of 64 days. I’m 36 days in and to become an outlier of his mean, I’d need to get beyond 128 days which would be sometime in mid-January (probably right around Ab’s birthday). Since Ab has committed to the game until at least March, I am in good shape for achieving blogging longevity. 🙂

* * * * *

Update on ChastityForums.com: Since being launched on Saturday, Chastity Forums has had a very nice start and currently boasts 66 members. I volunteered to be a mod, telling Thumper that I thought he needed a woman to provide some balance to the men. He readily agreed. I am excited about this. To women who are reading here, please consider coming and joining us, and maybe even making a comment or two. We have a few other keyholders and they seem to be strong, assertive, confident, and most of all—fun. I know there are many reluctant or questioning women out there—the men who email me asking questions or wanting info for their wives confirm this. I keep suggesting that they have their wives read this blog and join the forum. Here’s another open invitation to jump into the game, get your questions answered, and maybe make a few new friends.

And oogle a few good looking guys, too. I’m in charge of the man-candy. :-). As they say, “Come on in, the water’s fine.”

Into Every Life Some Stress Must Fall… September 13, 2010

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…which is a polite euphemism for “Ab and I had an argument.”

I figure I’ve been bragging so much about our good communication, I better ‘fess up and be honest when we hit a rough patch.

Our daughter was home from college for the weekend and it was great to see her but it wasn’t particularly relaxing. We had seven people for dinner on Saturday night and on top of that, we had to run around and do various errands with her. Plus, driving to pick her up on Friday and take her back yesterday meant many hours in the car. So, by dinner on Sunday evening, we were both a little tired and on edge. Also, we have another very busy and stressful week coming up. My mother fell and broke her hip 3.5 weeks ago so we are still dealing with the aftermath of that event, which includes lots of going here and there, taking her to appointments, and so on. Ab and I are truly living “the sandwich generation” experience so it is not surprising that we started snapping at each other.

Ab was annoyed because I had put the spare key away for the weekend, as I said I would. He didn’t remember that, though, and with the kids around, didn’t bring it up. But once everyone was gone, he made it clear he didn’t like wearing the grimy and grubby CB. He wants to take it off for cleaning, end of story, and thinks he should have access to the key. That caused some friction.

For the evening (and through the night) he put the Birdcage on (or as he calls it, ‘Big Ben’), I guess to make the point that it was cleaner. Fine. I told him that all of this wouldn’t be an issue, soon, since I had ordered him a Mature Metal device which would have the advantage of fitting properly and being easier to keep clean. He hit the roof because he thinks I am spending too much money on all of this—he told me to cancel the order. But I am not going to because I do think that fit and cleaning are his/our two big problems right now and I want to take care of that.

Then Ab suggested that maybe we should both be experiencing orgasm denial. Locked up for him, no vibrator for me. This is the ‘tit for tat’ type of arguing that he does and I just got even more annoyed. “What would be the point of that?” I asked. “Well, you could see what I am going through,” he replied. I pointed out that the game was not supposed to be “lock him and leave him.” He countered with, “I am not saying anything about leaving. We could still hug and cuddle—just no orgasms for either of us.”

Maybe this is his frustration at being denied starting to come through?

We didn’t come up with any resolution and just sort of dropped the subject.

This morning, he asked me to unlock Big Ben because it is too big to wear under his jeans. I agreed and pulled out the key. He gets up and leaves before me so I don’t know if he put the CB on or not. However, I noticed that the lock is not next to Big Ben anymore so I suspect that he did. To be fair and live up to my end of the bargain, I put the extra key back in its usual “accessible to Ab during the week” place so it will be there when he gets home (if he needs it). This is Monday, my late night so I won’t be home until long after he has had his evening shower, and if he wants to take it off—well, that is the deal we agreed to. I need to be fair.

I am just looking at this as a little blip. We’ll be back on track in no time, I am sure.

Yo! Dan Savage! September 8, 2010

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I have mentioned in a couple of different posts my reasons for staring this blog. One, I tend to be a slightly obsessive-compulsive, dive into everything with both feet sort of person, especially when I discover something new. So it is not terribly surprising that I decided to write a blog to share my innermost thoughts and feelings about my husband in chastity and our sex life. Doesn’t everybody do this? 😉

Two, as folks interested in chastity are well aware, out there on the Internet, the signal-to-noise ratio of information about male chastity is pretty high—high with a lot of noise, that is. While there are a few excellent blogs being written, there seemed to be enough room in the Interwebz for another sane, rational voice to join the fray. And why shouldn’t that person be me?

But I have a third reason I haven’t mentioned, and this is the one that really spurred me to action. I was googling around, delving deep into the male chastity archives, and found a letter written to Dan Savage (in 2008), about chastity. Dan basically called the letter bullshit (and the way it was written, it may have well been). You can read the whole thing here. What irked me wasn’t the way Dan called out the letter writer but his dismissive, contemptuous comment at the end. Dan directed the guy to an online forum and then wrote:

…[there] you’ll find guys whose ultimate fantasy is being with a woman so insecure, or so controlling, that she wants to keep his cock under lock and key.

Now that part irritated me. Dan is usually pretty accepting of most kinks and fetishes. Even for things Dan doesn’t want to do himself, he usually subscribes to the belief of “whatever floats your boat.” He does have limits (pedophilia, bestiality) but come on, male chastity is nowhere near either of those! (As I have mentioned several times, Sarah Jameson has identified it as a gateway kink.) So why was he writing off chastity as way-beyond-weird without a second thought?

Worse, though (to me) was the comment that the only women who would enjoy having their man locked up are women who are over-controlling or insecure. Um, misogynist much, Dan? I like to think of my self as independent, thoughtful, and confident; I don’t usually consider those words synonyms for “controlling” and certainly it’s not a description of a woman who is insecure!

Keep in mind, this letter and answer was written in 2008. Dan may have updated his thinking on this topic. I will say, I read Dan’s column weekly (you can find it here) and listen to his podcast when I have time. I don’t recall anything in recent memory on chastity—if there had been, it probably would have caught my attention. But, to his credit, Dan will revise an opinion on an issue, when presented with persuasive evidence.

With that in mind, I thought it was important to start a blog that would be filled with persuasive evidence about male chastity to help dispel some of the myths out there, especially regarding controlling, insecure women. So part of my modus operandi for starting this is to help educate Dan Savage, the tech-savvy at-risk youth (I suspect they do a lot of his legwork regarding finding said evidence) and anyone else who happens to drop by who is interested in the topic. In that way, consider this blog a public service.

If Dan does drop by (after googling his name, no doubt!), welcome…and please feel free to leave a comment. 🙂 And of course, my standing invitation to all readers to leave a comment is in place, as always. I look forward to hearing from you.

Review: A Trio of Terrible Tales September 6, 2010

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I own a Kindle, the ereader from Amazon, and one nice feature is that it lets you sample books before you buy. Thank God for that because I didn’t waste a ton of money on these three books—one mediocre and the other two wretched. I did buy Domme By Default ($2.80) because I was a little curious where the story was headed. The other two, the samples alone convinced me that they weren’t worth a cent.

Domme By Default by Tymber Dalton is written in alternating him and her POV chapters. The basic story is that the husband in the marriage (names are never given) has finally screwed up his courage to tell his wife he wants to be a slave to her mistress. Even though she writes erotic stories for a living, this is a totally new idea to her, being the plain vanilla good girl that she is. But she loves her husband and decides to go along with his kink, even though it makes her decidedly uncomfortable.

As with all stories of this ilk, there is a long slow build-up, lots of misunderstandings, and then, suddenly, both main characters are totally on board with the program, to the point that he’s wearing a ball-gag and she’s fucking his ass with a dildo, while getting ready to whip him afterwards. Yeah, right.

Overall, mediocre writing. Not recommended and no chastity in this story.

The second book (which I only sampled) was called Chastity Tales of the Submissive Male written by belted one. This is a series of stories—the sample included two (I think there might be ten in the book). The first story, which was so lazily written that it read more like a screenplay rather than a story, was a scene between LadyBeth and Michael. Michael spends a lot of time crawling around on his hands and knees, being tortured and teased, and beyond that, I am not quite sure what happened.

The second story, which did involve chastity, was written from the very odd second person singular POV. It has to do with a woman who has been a long distance keyholder for a man and now they are meeting for the first time—at the Chicago Hilton. The woman—sadistic mistress bitch in heels—does all sorts of things to the guy. Naturally, he loves every minute of it and the story ends with them getting married, he in a white tux, wearing some über-elaborate chastity device and she dressed like Marlene Dietrich (more lazy writing—this presumes we all know what MD looks like and how she dresses).

Overall, wretched writing and although it does involve a chastity theme, it’s not realistic and as a fantasy, not particularly alluring.

The third story, Humbling Harry was also by belted one and this was the worst of the lot. Harry is married to Colleen and he’s been a very bad boy. He has cheated on his wife and embezzled money from his employer. Instead of going to the authorities, Colleen has come up with her own form of punishment: she drugged Harry, put him in a “humbler bar” (some weird device that encloses his genitals in such a way that he has the potential to castrate himself), and is prepared to torture him for the next five years. The sample only covers about a day or two of Harry’s new life and that was so depraved—and truly disgusting—I can’t imagine what goes on in the rest of the book. Yuck, gross. People think this is the stuff of fantasies?

I read a lot of stuff including kinky erotica. Decent chastity stories would be fun to read—as I said in my very first post, it was a story that introduced me to chastity in the first place. But these stories do the world of chastity a disservice. They make it seem like torture and punishment, a way for exceedingly cruel women to control their men, all the while saying that this is the way they demonstrate their love. Um, sorry, no. A sociopath is a sociopath and calling it love is not going to change the fundamental core behavior that is being demonstrated.

So, all in all, stay away. The Domme story was the best of the bunch but if someone wants to read a M/s story, I have read others that are much better written that I can recommend. The other two books are a bunch of crap and not worth wasting five minutes on. I had to bleach my eyeballs after reading them.

We do the hard work here so you won’t have to. Thanks for reading.

I am Addicted to Faking Orgasms… September 5, 2010

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…and I have been in recovery for a very long time.

I was fortunate to come of age in the late 60s/early 70s. The “Sexual Revolution” was in full swing, the prevailing philosophy was one of peace, love, and rock ‘n roll, and the scariest STD was gonorrhea. On the downside, there was no Internet, no alt.rec.sex usenet group, and no Dan Savage. Books on sexuality were few and far between: Human Sexual Response (1966) by Masters and Johnson—not really a “how-to” manual; The Joy of Sex (1972) by Alex Comfort—I tried to take this one out of the library and the librarian refused to sign it out to me because I wasn’t 18!; and Our Bodies, Ourselves (1973) from the Boston Women’s Health Collective which was useful, but covered a lot of stuff, not just sex.

In other words, I was adrift in a sea of sex without a compass or sextant.

I became sexually active just before I turned 16 with my steady high school boyfriend. We broke up my freshman year in college (we were long distance at that point) and I used those four years in college to my full advantage. I used to say that sex was/is the perfect recreational activity for college students: it is a great way to pass the time, it is a lot of fun, and it is cheap. What more could anyone ask for?

I thought, as everyone did at the time, that vaginal intercourse was the pièce de resistance and the way to have an orgasm. For sure—whoever I was with—we’d fool around and do stuff (no sex toys, though!) but the grand finale of any sexual encounter was getting fucked. The guy would pound away and come, I’d feel some twinges and that was that. I thought those twinges were an orgasm. In those days, ignorance was bliss.

I wish I could remember the first time I had a real orgasm. I was probably in my late twenties and it happened by accident but the actual experience was real. Suddenly, I realized that while the “little twinges” were a nice prelude, they were no substitute for the real thing.

It took awhile, but I finally came to understand and accept these truths about myself: 1. I am never, ever going to have an orgasm through vaginal intercourse. No matter how much I want it or how much I will it, it’s never going to happen because I am not built that way. Given that some experts estimate that this is true for 70% of women, I am not all that unusual. 2. To have an orgasm, I require direct and prolonged clitoral stimulation with a vibrator. Fingers and tongues, pleasant as they are, are not sufficient. I used to be embarrassed about my dependence on a vibrator. In fact, I once had a person tell me that I had “dulled” my clitoral nerve endings by being too dependent on a vibrator. He said that I should “wean” myself from the vibrator and I would be able to achieve an orgasm through manual stimulation. (Guess what? He was also feeding me the line that he could do it.) I have come to realize that this was a bunch of bullshit and I have made peace with my vibrator need. Heck, some people need hearing aids to hear. Is this any different?

So now we get to the faking orgasms problem. Note that I said above that I need prolonged stimulation. I have no idea how long this is (I am a pretty clinical, quantitative person but thank God I manage to keep my eyes off the clock during sex!) but it feels like a long time. That’s not necessarily a bad thing during the experience (for me) but it was a problem if I felt like my husband was getting bored. See, I was still laboring under the impression that what was best for him was getting his cock in there for a good old fashioned fuck. So, the routine would be: fool around, vibrate Dev to orgasm, finish with penile penetration. However, if the middle step—vibrate Dev to orgasm—was taking too long, then I would fake an orgasm so we could get to the last act of the play. Stupid, I know, but it became a habit—a very bad habit, and one that was hard to break. That is why I said above: I have been in recovery for a long time.

What I have realized over the past few years is that not every sexual interaction needs to end in orgasm, for either one or both partners. Since I am writing to an audience of male chastity practicers, their keyholders, or wannabees, I am probably preaching to the choir here, but I still think it’s an important point that needs to be made. For years, I believed that I had to have an orgasm, every single time, and if I couldn’t have a real one, I’d fake it. Now I know that’s not true. An orgasm not achieved is not necessarily a bad experience.

So how does this play out in a male chastity context? Let me see if I can put these thoughts together in a way that makes sense. I think that as a woman, I am probably not all that unusual (well, maybe I am, but I don’t think I am!). Women don’t wake up with erections. We don’t have wet dreams. Having an orgasm is much more of a learned behavior rather than an instinctual one. Once we learn how our bodies work, we can find exquisite pleasure in that long, slow build up to orgasm and our eventual release. We can also find pleasure in the build up that might end without release—I know I do (now that I know not to fake it).

Men, on the other hand, operate differently. They like to shoot and they are socialized to believe that this is the be-all and end-all to every single sexual encounter. But there is a certain segment of men—those who wish to be chaste—who see beyond this myth of ejaculation supremacy. They want to feel the exquisite agony of denial. They want to go through—maybe?—what we ladies go through? That long, slow build up with eventual release? Or no release? Maybe a component of chastity is a brain re-training process. Just like I got into the habit of faking orgasms, men are in the habit of ejaculating—because that’s what guys do. But there are men who see the desire and excitement in not orgasming through ejaculation and work to achieve that. How? Some just in their heads. Others with a device.

I am going to stop for now but don’t worry, I’ll be revisiting this topic, because it is of great interest to me—and fundamental to the sexual relationship that Ab and I have. It’s taken years, but I am slowly sorting things out.

Comments are welcome.

Quotes from Ab: II August 30, 2010

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Maybe not really a quote, but more of a noise: a groan, a really loud groan when he woke up this morning, followed by a slightly agonized, “Ohhh……God…..”

This is the first time I’ve heard a noise of frustration. I could tell he was really missing his early morning “rub one out session” (which up until two weeks ago was an almost daily occurrence). I am not sure why it took so long for him to get to the exquisite agony stage of chastity. Sarah Jameson in her book, Be Careful What You Wish For, comments that it takes seven to ten days of “being denied before most men really start to show signs of being desperate to orgasm to the point where their entire behaviour starts to change” (p. 149). Maybe Ab just takes a little longer. Or maybe it is beginning to sink in on him that I’m serious. I told him the other day that he wasn’t going to get to orgasm until Halloween…he freaked at that and I relented and said October 12th (which I’ll probably change to October 9th since that’s a Saturday). Either way, he has the whole month of September to contemplate his orgasmless state. I suppose that’s enough to make any man groan.

BTW, I’ll be posting a review of Sarah’s book tomorrow. I read it on Saturday—very good stuff and useful information. Ab has it on his iPhone and is listening to the audio version, probably as I type this. I’ll be curious to hear what he thinks about it.

I Didn’t Expect This… August 30, 2010

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Ab locked himself into the Birdcage on Monday, late in the day. Monday night we had a wonderful lovemaking session (which I have already written about). Tuesday and Wednesday were similar, minus the shave. My husband was totally devoted to my pleasure and my orgasms because, as he noted, that was the way he was going to derive his pleasure.

Thursday morning we woke up, grabbing at each other again (really, the two of us are acting like a couple of teenagers…and it’s GREAT). Suddenly, I had a pang of guilt. All this pleasure for me…was he really getting off on it? It sure seemed like he was but maybe he was faking it. I know a lot about faking orgasms, as you will come to learn in the future of this blog.

“Uh, sweetheart,” I said, “if you want to take the cage off for a little old fashioned fucking, that would be fine with me.”

He paused and looked down at this cock, slightly straining against the metal that bound it in. “Well, maybe…” he said.

“It’s up to you.”

“Actually, no, it’s up to you,” he said. “You are the one who controls my orgasms now. My cock belongs to you.”

Whoa…I didn’t expect that! “Seriously?” I asked.

“Seriously,” he nodded.

“All right then…how about, you can take it off, and you can come…and then if you want, you can leave it off for the day. But I want it back on and locked up by the time I get home from work tonight.”

Ab thought about that for a second. “I think I’d rather wear it today,” he said. “I’ll take it off now but leave the cock ring on. And then I can put it back on when we are done.”

And that’s what he did. Without the cage, but with the ring he was able to achieve a modest erection and the resulting orgasm was mild. He wasn’t complaining but I got the feeling that could’ve lived without it. I almost got the feeling that he was going along with my suggestion to please me and assuage my guilty conscience rather than having any driving desire for his own personal orgasm.

It was a revelatory moment and one I didn’t expect. But it went a long way to helping me understand—and truly believe—that his desire is to please me. He has been saying this to me for several years, but now I have empiric proof that it is true.

No more guilty pangs for me. And the cage has been on continuously since that brief respite. Twelve days and counting.

The First Night August 28, 2010

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Like I said, Ab met me in the driveway with the news that he locked himself into the Birdcage about five hours prior. Of course, I was full of all sorts of questions, which he was very happy to answer because, yeah, this is a new experience for both of us and it was seriously turning us both on. So very cool.

“I got out of the shower,” says Ab, “and just couldn’t wait.” He gave me a sheepish smile. “I hope that’s okay.”

“Of course it is,” I replied. “It gave you a few hours to get used to it. So…” I ventured. “Any thought of taking it off?”

He shook his head. “No. I like the way it feels. It’s kind of pulling on my balls and it’s…hot.”

I quirked an eyebrow. “And did this hot feeling start immediately?”

“It sure did…and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t masturbate and I didn’t want to look at porn but I was feeling all horny and restless…”

“So what did you do?” I asked.

“Cleaned the house…”

Cleaned the house…oh my. Such a good use for excess energy!

We talked all through dinner and all this talk about cocks and cages had us both panting, so as soon as the dishes were cleaned up, we were dashing for the bedroom.

“What can I do for you, my love?” said my sweet husband, pausing by the side of the bed.

It suddenly hit me…here we are, horny as hell, and no fucking! A world of possibilities opened before me.

“Um,” I said, a little tentative. “A pussy shave?”

(A little aside here…I love having a smooth pussy and I love having it shaved, but I don’t like to do it myself, since it is hard to see what I am doing and I always miss spots. I tried having it waxed, once, but that was a disaster as several of the hairs became ingrown—I ended up with a mass of very painful, little red bumps that took almost a year to resolve. Sigh…).

“Sure,” says Ab. “That sounds like a great idea.” He scurried off to get the supplies and I got comfy, thinking to myself that there was a reason I had bought the giant 3 pak of Edge gel at Sam’s Club a few days before, even though I didn’t know the reason at the time. 🙂

I got a nice, long, slow, sensuous shave, followed by a nice pussy massage with our favorite almond oil. That progressed to a nice breast worshipping session (my husband loves my breasts—I’ll write more about that at another time). Then—after all that—the vibrator came out and ah, bliss…an orgasm for me. We fell asleep snuggling and cuddling.

A girl could get used to this…