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Review: A Trio of Terrible Tales September 6, 2010

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I own a Kindle, the ereader from Amazon, and one nice feature is that it lets you sample books before you buy. Thank God for that because I didn’t waste a ton of money on these three books—one mediocre and the other two wretched. I did buy Domme By Default ($2.80) because I was a little curious where the story was headed. The other two, the samples alone convinced me that they weren’t worth a cent.

Domme By Default by Tymber Dalton is written in alternating him and her POV chapters. The basic story is that the husband in the marriage (names are never given) has finally screwed up his courage to tell his wife he wants to be a slave to her mistress. Even though she writes erotic stories for a living, this is a totally new idea to her, being the plain vanilla good girl that she is. But she loves her husband and decides to go along with his kink, even though it makes her decidedly uncomfortable.

As with all stories of this ilk, there is a long slow build-up, lots of misunderstandings, and then, suddenly, both main characters are totally on board with the program, to the point that he’s wearing a ball-gag and she’s fucking his ass with a dildo, while getting ready to whip him afterwards. Yeah, right.

Overall, mediocre writing. Not recommended and no chastity in this story.

The second book (which I only sampled) was called Chastity Tales of the Submissive Male written by belted one. This is a series of stories—the sample included two (I think there might be ten in the book). The first story, which was so lazily written that it read more like a screenplay rather than a story, was a scene between LadyBeth and Michael. Michael spends a lot of time crawling around on his hands and knees, being tortured and teased, and beyond that, I am not quite sure what happened.

The second story, which did involve chastity, was written from the very odd second person singular POV. It has to do with a woman who has been a long distance keyholder for a man and now they are meeting for the first time—at the Chicago Hilton. The woman—sadistic mistress bitch in heels—does all sorts of things to the guy. Naturally, he loves every minute of it and the story ends with them getting married, he in a white tux, wearing some über-elaborate chastity device and she dressed like Marlene Dietrich (more lazy writing—this presumes we all know what MD looks like and how she dresses).

Overall, wretched writing and although it does involve a chastity theme, it’s not realistic and as a fantasy, not particularly alluring.

The third story, Humbling Harry was also by belted one and this was the worst of the lot. Harry is married to Colleen and he’s been a very bad boy. He has cheated on his wife and embezzled money from his employer. Instead of going to the authorities, Colleen has come up with her own form of punishment: she drugged Harry, put him in a “humbler bar” (some weird device that encloses his genitals in such a way that he has the potential to castrate himself), and is prepared to torture him for the next five years. The sample only covers about a day or two of Harry’s new life and that was so depraved—and truly disgusting—I can’t imagine what goes on in the rest of the book. Yuck, gross. People think this is the stuff of fantasies?

I read a lot of stuff including kinky erotica. Decent chastity stories would be fun to read—as I said in my very first post, it was a story that introduced me to chastity in the first place. But these stories do the world of chastity a disservice. They make it seem like torture and punishment, a way for exceedingly cruel women to control their men, all the while saying that this is the way they demonstrate their love. Um, sorry, no. A sociopath is a sociopath and calling it love is not going to change the fundamental core behavior that is being demonstrated.

So, all in all, stay away. The Domme story was the best of the bunch but if someone wants to read a M/s story, I have read others that are much better written that I can recommend. The other two books are a bunch of crap and not worth wasting five minutes on. I had to bleach my eyeballs after reading them.

We do the hard work here so you won’t have to. Thanks for reading.


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