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Quotes from Ab: XI September 30, 2010

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“You can trust me.”

We’re trying something a little different today. In anticipation of the Jailbird’s arrival, Ab is on the honor system and not wearing his CB-6000s. I hope the Jailbird will arrive today and the CB will become a thing of the past. Even if the JB doesn’t arrive until tomorrow, I’m not sure he’s going back into the CB. I was just looking at it and it’s sort of grody. I really don’t like plastic.

I’m the keyholder so it was my decision to take it off. Why? A couple of reasons. One, there’s a thread over at Chastity Forums about the honor system. Many men say they use the honor system and it works—although at times it may require a bit more mental energy than just being locked up. I figure that Ab has 6+ weeks of being locked. He can be on the honor system for a day or two. I want to see how that works.

But second, and more importantly, I want to see if he’s gotten to a place of preferring to be locked. Last night we were talking about my fantasy of having him thank me for being locked. He said he wasn’t sure if that would happen—yet—but he does like wearing his CB and it feels comfortable and natural. Is it so comfortable and natural that that’s the way he wants to be? Dressed for dinner as it were? We’ll see.

Last, the Jailbird is special—a step up, beautiful steel, custom made. Sized just for Ab. I figure that putting something like that on requires a bit of a ceremony. It’s not just a matter of taking off device A and putting on device B. It needs a moment. So I am giving my cock a little vacation until its new outfit arrives.

Of course, even though the lock is off, Ab understands: no orgasms, no touching, no self-stimulation, no masturbation. Hence, “You can trust me.” I know he’ll be reading this so darling, I do trust you. Don’t let me down.

* * * * *

Another comment from Ab was that he really likes the blog and has become a very regular reader, even though the doesn’t comment publicly (he comments to me in private). He says it adds an interesting dimension to our chastity game—he knows exactly what I am thinking and feeling, which gives him additional insight into his own feelings and thoughts.

Many newcomers to chastity do start blogs and this is probably part of the reason why. It’s a nice way to explore something that seems very different—on the surface, putting a lock on your man’s penis does seem a little strange—but as you get into it, you realize it’s not strange at all. Sharing that knowledge, though, seems to part of the process and blogging is the 21st century way to do so.

Thumper made a comment in his blog that most new chastity blogs last an average of 64 days. I’m 36 days in and to become an outlier of his mean, I’d need to get beyond 128 days which would be sometime in mid-January (probably right around Ab’s birthday). Since Ab has committed to the game until at least March, I am in good shape for achieving blogging longevity. 🙂

* * * * *

Update on ChastityForums.com: Since being launched on Saturday, Chastity Forums has had a very nice start and currently boasts 66 members. I volunteered to be a mod, telling Thumper that I thought he needed a woman to provide some balance to the men. He readily agreed. I am excited about this. To women who are reading here, please consider coming and joining us, and maybe even making a comment or two. We have a few other keyholders and they seem to be strong, assertive, confident, and most of all—fun. I know there are many reluctant or questioning women out there—the men who email me asking questions or wanting info for their wives confirm this. I keep suggesting that they have their wives read this blog and join the forum. Here’s another open invitation to jump into the game, get your questions answered, and maybe make a few new friends.

And oogle a few good looking guys, too. I’m in charge of the man-candy. :-). As they say, “Come on in, the water’s fine.”


1. Jimi123 - September 30, 2010

Hi Dev: Love reading your blog. On the “addiction” to vibrators. I am so torn. My SO and I use them a LOT. We are doing conventional and semi conventional sex and there is a vibrator between us almost all the time. I always thought “An Orgasm is an Orgasm” and how you get to it? Who cares? In fact the more vibrators the better I (we) think. Also Dildos, etc. 😉

devotedlvr - September 30, 2010

I do love toys, I agree, and we have a wide variety (and a new one on order…a Feeldoe). I love my vibrators, too and know that if we use them, I am guaranteed an orgasm. I’d just like to try to get to the point of having easy orgasms without the vibrator—if only to add even more variety to the options available to us.

Thanks for commenting and I am glad you love the blog. I love writing it and comments make my day!


2. Tom Allen - September 30, 2010

Thumper made a comment in his blog that most new chastity blogs last an average of 64 days.

Yeah, well, usually there’s a reason for that.

The blogs are usually written by guys who are excited about the denial aspect. But eventually, as the days add up, they are just numbers and no longer mean anything. I often worry that some new writers simply burn out; they post twenty times a day out of the novelty, and then they slow down and eventually stop, simply because they no longer take the time to examine how they feel, or what’s happening to them mentally and emotionally.

The point is that the denial is not the point; it’s the change in the relationship itself that attracts the readers.

3. devotedlvr - September 30, 2010

The point is that the denial is not the point; it’s the change in the relationship itself that attracts the readers.

Well, I hope I am doing all right in that department. 😉


Tom Allen - September 30, 2010

You must be doing something right – I just checked, and you’re the No 1 outclick on my blogroll. 🙂

devotedlvr - September 30, 2010

That’s terrific! Thanks, Tom…


4. kelmag - September 30, 2010

“I was just looking at it [plastic CB] and it’s sort of grody.”
That’s why I take it off daily to clean. I tried a variety of things to clean it while still on me (nozzle equipped bottle, power shower, padded cleaning sticks) and nothing worked to my satisfaction. Because parts of the penis head and shaft are always pressed against some part of the interior, and the device has so many little nooks and crannies, there are always areas that don’t get adequately cleaned if it’s on me. It doesn’t take long for a distinct odor to begin and where there is odor there is bacteria and mold. Besides being offensive to me, I figured if I wanted my wife to touch and tease me, I couldn’t make her hand smell like a dead animal after touching me. Call me fastidious, but I’ve had no odor problem, no chafing or abrasions and no skin eruptions since I went to the daily removal and cleaning.
Love reading your blog and glad you signed on to help moderate the Forum.

devotedlvr - September 30, 2010


Looking at the CB this morning, I now fully understand your fastidiousness. And he’d only had it on for 24+ hours after a good cleaning on Tuesday.

Hopefully, though, the CB6000s will soon be a thing of the past…


5. mikecb - September 30, 2010

Dev, hopefully not to rain on your parade, but let’s all keep our collective fingers crossed that the Jailbird fits well on the first try! Sometimes, MM does have to make adjustments. Let’s hope not, but you should be at least slightly mentally prepared to have to send it back for a tweak. I wouldn’t toss out that plastic device just YET. Making chastity devices fit is a long and arduous process! lol.

Best of luck! *fingers crossed*

devotedlvr - September 30, 2010

Mike, I know, I was thinking that…I did consult with the MM guy and also used our experience with the sizing of the CB6000s. It seems that needing some tweaking and adjusting is the more common scenario than perfect fit right out of the box. But a few folks have been lucky and I hope Ab is one of those. Like you said, fingers crossed…


atone44 - September 30, 2010

My fingers are crossed. Mike is right, a perfect fit is difficult to achieve so try to not let that get you down if it needs some adjustment. The gap is difficult on any device and even if the base ring and cage diameter is perfect they will affect the gap requirement. I had to tweak mine a little to open up the gap slightly. I think that is close to perfect now. If I ever get let out this time I am going to try to do the same with the smaller ring (that was bothering me when I first got the second cage because the gap was too small) and then I think the entire fit will be as close to perfect as I will be able to get.


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