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April Orgasm Glass Round-Up May 1, 2011

Posted by Dev in Musings.
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Hard to believe another month has zipped by! The total coins in the glass this month: 41 cents in the form of 3 dimes, 1 nickel, and 6 pennies. Two of the dimes came, as I have previously mentioned, right at the beginning of the month when we were in San Francisco.  The third dime was just a day or two ago and the other coins were sort of here and there.

Note that there aren’t any quarters or francs. In other words, no orgasms for Ab which means his last one was back at the beginning of March. A nice long stretch…:-) When he reads this, he’ll probably start complaining.

This has actually been a low libido and low sexual activity month for both of us. A number of factors seemed to contribute to that, including a bit of a letdown when we got home from our California trip (retrophobia), a month of rain which would get anybody down, being very busy with work, and last but not least, a new dog. We had a new rescue poodle come live with us on April 9th. She’s doing well and adjusting, but even so, I am reminded that having a new family member, whether human, canine, or feline, will throw anybody’s schedule in disarray. All of these factors knocked us off kilter for a few weeks.

In the “off kilter” stage, Ab decided he wanted to take a little device vacation. He asked me about this but went ahead and did it without really getting an answer from me. Things were okay at first but by day 6 I felt like his attention wasn’t as focused on me as it has been–and as I have come to expect and enjoy. A few sharp words passed between us but the outcome was that he did lock up the next day. He commented that 95% of the time the device is very comfortable and he forgets he is wearing it, but the 5% when it pinches (or whatever) can be very annoying. So…it’s clear that this is a continuing journey to figure out what exactly is right for us, which reinforces to me that what is right for us probably is only us. Chastity is as varied as the couples that practice it.

I am looking forward to May. After a month of rain (April showers) it seems that spring has finally arrived. Ab opened the porch over the past few days (two screens needed to be repaired) and we’ve spent some time out there. I remember the hot days last August sitting out there, reading about chastity on the computer and considering whether we wanted to give this a try. Nine months later it appears that our “try” is successful and ongoing, but we’re still learning. Which I have to admit, is part of the fun!


1. Femsup - May 3, 2011

Sorry to hear that other things have got in the way of your libido.We are influenced by the weather and get hot and bothered in more than one meaning of the phrase.

With the warmer weather your aching and longing for each other and yourselves will increase I am sure but you will be having the orgasms.

2. J Random reader - May 4, 2011

Poor Ab! I bet he has no trouble believing “another month has come and gone”! Funny choice of words there too. “A nice long stretch” indeed!

But if he didn’t know it’s been two months was he happy before? Then he should still be happy now. Least, he wouldn’t want to look back and wish he had been when it was just two months.

So ruin an orgasm for the poor man. It’s the least you could do. Unless you have plans to do far worse.

3. roman - May 10, 2011

i can sympathise with ab, most of the time i am now used to having a steel kennel as my wife calls it enclosing her property, and i can forget its there but there is the odd occasion where the slightest thing can remind you, after wearing it for 3 months without a problem i suddenly developed a sore, that actualy produced a painfull blood blister which ment i had to stay unlocked for a week to let it heal, all ok now but we have to remember its soft flesh in hard steel

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