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The Key is Back on my Nipple Ring… September 26, 2010

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where it belongs. It is on the left side which is the side Ab prefers as he likes to suckle on the right. Getting it back on the left side was a slightly weird experience, however.

As I mentioned, I took it off on Friday because my right breast was sore. I left on on the bedside table because I knew Ab would want the key for cleaning—he’s made it clear he wants to take the CB off on Tuesday and Friday when he showers. Several commenters said I should either put the key back on its ring or hide it. Leaving it out might send a message of disinterest to Ab. Taking this advice to heart, that’s what I did—I thought. Yesterday morning I very carefully clasped the chain and put the key away in the same hiding place with the spare, a hiding place that Ab has no knowledge of.

This morning, as I was getting dressed, I gave both breasts a good massage, tugged on the rings, and decided all the soreness was gone. Plus, I realized I missed having the key on my nipple ring and wanted it back in place. I can feel it when I am wearing it and that’s a nice reminder to me of the commitment Ab and I have—what we are working towards. I am sure he is consciously aware of the CB 90% of the time. I like having the same physical presence.

I went to the hiding place and surprise! No key. Huh? I searched all around. The spare was there but not my key on its chain.

I hunted around in different places. I looked in my jewelry box, a few other little boxes on my dresser….nothing. I looked in the old hiding place for the spare…not there either. I looked on the bedside table. I even looked in the bottle of Tylenol on the bedside table. No key!

I was seriously annoyed. I knew exactly where I had put the key away. I could picture myself doing it. Where had it gone?

I was also annoyed because this meant I had only one key for the lock. Is it better to have a spare? Should I rush off to the hardware store and buy a new lock with two keys? Also, the chain it is on (which is actually meant to be worn as a bracelet) was the perfect length and weight, plus being 14 karat gold, which matched my nipple rings.  I don’t have another one of those. Would I have to go to the jewelry store, too, and buy another bracelet?

I asked Ab. He denied all knowledge and told me he had no idea where my current hiding place is. I knew that was true but I still couldn’t figure out what was going on.

I kept checking back in the hiding place. Nothing.

Finally, at 3 pm, I decided it was Sunday afternoon naptime. I went into the bedroom, put my iPhone on the bedside table and there…was the key. On its chain. The chain was unclasped and spread out, just as I had left it on Friday morning. How weird was that?

I am of the belief that things go missing on purpose and when they go missing it is a sign for us to slow down and pay attention. I actually had a set of keys once that went missing in my office—they were gone for two weeks before they reappeared, sitting in the middle of the spare desk that was there (I was a single in a double). Today the key was gone for only a few hours, but I still got the message. Slow down and pay attention. I need to be mindful of that.

Meanwhile, my key is back on my nipple ring and it feels good. I realized I actually missed it. I like having it close to my breast and my heart. It also makes me curious—where do other keyholders keep their keys? Please share in the comments. I’d like to know.

Over at the new Chastity Forums, likes2blocked commented that my picture is quite distracting. 😉 Thanks, sweetie. That’s why I’ve posted it again. Just for you.


1. atone44 - September 26, 2010

happens to me all the time. I think you actually look too hard and can’t see it.

Glad the key is back where it belongs. Did you discuss this with Ab at all to see how he felt about it? I guess if he didn’t know where the key was he must not have noticed.


devotedlvr - September 26, 2010

Discuss with him the fact that the key was out in the open? He knew it was there—used it, in fact, for his Friday afternoon shower/cleaning session.

He seems very blase about the key, to be honest. It doesn’t seem to have the same psychological effect that it does for other guys (from what I read). He’s a patient and accepting man–typical baby boomer (as am I). “Plays well with others.” Does as he is told. Not having an orgasm until Oct. 9th? “Oh, okay, I can live with that,” seems to be his attitude.

Now if I left the key out all the time and he had access to it things might be different, but I am keeping control so I don’t really know about that.


2. kelmag - September 26, 2010


My wife keeps her key in a silver locket I gave her for our anniversary. The front of the locket is engraved with our initials in script (her’s first, of course). On the back I engraved the following: “You will always hold the key to my heart.” She loves it and wears it almost all the time (keeping it in her purse when she works out, etc.). We keep a spare key in a small, coin envelope, sealed, with her signature and date across the sealed flap which is covered with Scotch tape. The envelope is kept in my drawer and I carry it with me when we are not together.

devotedlvr - September 26, 2010

Ah, that’s nice Kelmag. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

I know you like to remove your CB on a regular basis (daily?) for cleaning. How do you handle that? Does your wife give you her key…the one in the locket? Just curious.


3. kelmag - September 26, 2010


Yes, I take it off daily for cleaning; usually in the evening. I just tell her that I’m going in to take a shower. If nobody else is there, she just hands me the locket. If we have family or friends around, she meets me in the bedroom and gives me the locket. Generally, it takes me no more than fifteen minutes to clean the CB-6000s, take my shower, apply moisturizer around my package, lube my hopefully flaccid member and put it back on. I suppose I could cheat and rub one out in the shower but who would I be cheating? Me, of course since I’m still the one driving the chastity play despite her holding the key. The dynamic is exactly opposite the one you have with Ab.
My wife has not yet gotten into the power and control aspect of the game. This will be the subject of my next blog post – “Is 80% enough?” which refers to the amount of the game she has accepted or adopted starting from zero (i.e. pure vanilla to start – never did anything “kinky” or sexually adventurous in her life).
I am enjoying your blog, not only because it is thoughtful and well written, but because it is a mirror image of my situation. As much as I like Sarah’s blog, her dynamic with John is completely different since they are both totally into the lifestyle. Reading your blog sometimes makes me wonder what it would be like if my wife was totally into it. Perhaps it would carry beyond a bedroom game which might not be quite as much fun as the fantasy (as Sarah says, “BCWYAF.”).

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