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“Always Wear Clean Underwear” September 9, 2010

Posted by Dev in Musings.
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I am sure everyone reading this has been told at least once in their youth to always wear clean underwear, lest you end up in the Emergency Room. There is nothing more embarrassing than having to deal with something as drastic as bleeding to death whilst in a pair of holey, dirty undies.

Well maybe there is. Ending up in the ER in a chastity device, without a key handy?

Reading various blogs and forums, it seems to be a real concern of many men that they might be “outed” inadvertently—in a public restroom or gym—and that situation could be very embarrassing. Some men get to the “I don’t give a shit” stage but not all do, and for those men, being discovered or “uncovered” is a very real concern.

I am not negating their feelings.

But what about the ER? That could be a very embarrassing situation, even for the “I don’t give a shit” guys. And what if the wearer doesn’t have a spare key on his person. I can imagine the conversation:

ER nurse: “Um, sir, we need to remove this device so we can do a proper examination. Do you have the key?”

Chaste male: “No, sorry, my wife has it. Do I really have to take it off? I’m here for the gash on my head which has nothing to do with my testicles.”

ER nurse: “Well, sir, we can’t put you through the MRI machine with any metal on your person. We really need to remove the lock. Let me see if I can find the bolt cutters…”

I know different couples handle this different ways, with many men having a spare key in their wallet (or somewhere similar), wrapped up and sealed in such a way that it is theoretically inaccessible but accessible in an emergency. For us, at the moment, I keep the primary key with me and the spare is at home. If Ab were to end up in the ER (God forbid!) I would be rushing to his side with my key hanging on its chain so hopefully bolt cutters would be unnecessary. If he were to travel on a business trip, which is not usual, then I would probably give him the spare, sealed in paper and tape with instructions to only be used only in an extreme circumstance. The whole situation poses some interesting, potential dilemmas that are intriguing to think about.

I, too, have been giving some thought to being “outed.” I think the number of women with pierced nipples is relatively small and the number of them wearing a key on one ring is even smaller still. What if someone suddenly yanked up my shirt and saw the key. What could I possibly need to lock that is so precious to me that I need to wear the key next to my body, close to me at all times? My husband’s cock, of course, but that is not something that is easy to admit in polite company.

I’ve thought about the fact that I decided to put the key on my nipple ring, rather than just on a chain around my neck. I feel that, in some ways, it levels the chastity playing field for us. Ab has something on his private parts that could be potentially embarrassing if accidentally discovered; I too have something on my private part that could also evoke the same reaction. It is a way of showing that my commitment to his chastity is as great as his.

I realize that the only thing holding the key on my nipple ring is a little gold chain with a small clasp that is easily opened, so there is an order of magnitude difference between what Ab is wearing versus me. Still, I haven’t taken the key off in the 2+ weeks since I first put it on. Even so, I am toying with the idea of finding something different to wear as a keyholder—something not as easily opened and more difficult to remove. We’ll see where I go with that thought.

* * * * *

Regarding the spare key: as I discussed the other day, during the week (for the present moment, at least) Ab has access to it for showering. When I got home from work yesterday, Ab was in his CB and locked up, but the key had obviously been moved, so I assume he used it. I didn’t ask. I don’t want to sound like a shrew and I need to trust that he’s willing to play the game following the rules we have established: CB off for bathing, but no self-stimulation.

In the night, Ab spoons up next to me, and I can feel his cock in his CB. The lock has a little sharp edge that sometimes rubs against my ass. I don’t mind it, at all. It feels very erotic and sexy. I like looking at the device, and touching it. Sure, it could be sexier—the plastic and white pegs are really sort of pedestrian looking. But it’s the concept that is erotic and thus I am willing to put up with something that is functional, even if it is not beautiful. And I do like having a chaste man at my side.


1. Paul - September 9, 2010

Dev, I am still enjoying your posts. I never thought about having a trip to the ER with the chastity belt. I must say that would be embarrassing! I suppose that ER folks have “seen it all” though.
I have a readily accessible key (I have yet to “cheat” during a lockup period) and I did need to use it several times while I was figuring out the sizing and lube stuff. I definitely feel like when we are playing this chastity game, she is the one that unlocks me, and it is solely her decision.
Just a suggestion: I haven’t seen a “Dev quotes” section. What sorts of things have YOU said to your hubby about his predicament? I really enjoy when my wife teases me about the key. She’s said things like “know where did I put that key”, and “we won’t be needing the key tonight”.
Anyways, I enjoy your blog, keep it up!

2. devotedlvr - September 9, 2010

Thanks, Paul. I am really glad you are enjoying the blog. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Yes, I suspect that ER personnel have seen it all and probably a CB would raise a few eyebrows, but I hope that it would be dealt with in a professional and caring way. Unfortunately, when you hear horror stories about gay couples being separated and the tragic situations that they have been put in, I don’t have 100% faith in that the healthcare community would be totally understanding when presented with evidence that a patient likes to play a kinky sex game—especially if that patient is in dire straits. Anyway, it is something to think about.

“Dev Quotes”? Don’t you think this whole entire blog is one giant Dev quote, musing, and rumination on various topics? LOL. I feel like the most narcissistic woman on the planet right now, getting to spout off daily about what is on my mind, to an audience of several hundred regular readers. That’s why I like it so much when people post comments. It reinforces that it is not really all about me. 😉


3. mikecb - September 9, 2010

In my martial arts days, I made a trip to the emergency room approximately annually. I never had to remove my pants. I think at least once or twice, I was wearing a CB. Honestly, they HAVE seen it all. Google around and you can find whole forums related to what emergency rooms find up people’s butts. lol.

They are obliged to maintain confidentiality and professionalism. They also have the tools to remove anything that needs to be removed, though it will likely be destructive. I just don’t worry about it.

devotedlvr - September 9, 2010

Ah yes, Richard Gere and the infamous gerbil…LOL

I am not really worried, it was just something I was musing on the other day and decided to throw my thoughts out there and see what others had to say. As always, I am enjoying the comments.


4. atone - September 9, 2010

I never worried about it when wearing the CB3000. The locking post could easily be broken with the multitool I carry in my pocket every day. I have spare posts and they are cheap to replace anyway. With the steel device I have a key with tamper seal for now. That may go away with time too. We will see.


5. Tom Allen - September 9, 2010

I carry a key wrapped in tape and signed by Mrs. Edge. It’s on my car keyring, so I’ve always got it on hand. That way, there’s no worry about trying to get hold of her, or waiting an hour, or whatever. Every few months she replaces the tape because it gets worn down in my pocket. Last year, she even used some of that tape that is guaranteed to rip into little shreds if somebody tries to peel it back.

BTW, once you figure out the proper combination of rings and spacers, you don’t need those long guide pins poking out of the cage. Ab and cut them back and use the Dremel to polish the ends smooth.

In fact, I’ve modified my 6k to make the pins point back into the cuff rings, so it doesn’t irritate Mrs. Edge’s sensitive skin.

devotedlvr - September 9, 2010

Yes, Ab is getting ready to go to town with his Dremel tool. I told him about your hint for enlarging the hole at the end and now I will pass this one along about the posts. Thanks for the suggestions!


6. Milliscent - September 11, 2010

I’ve never worried about the emergency room scenario. As others have mentioned, they have seen it all, and would not be shocked by something like a chastity device.

More importantly though, I must assume that if a locked male actually needed emergency care the fact that someone saw and had to remove his CD would be the least of his concerns.

Besides, knowing that the ‘danger’ of being found out exists can be fun too!


7. Finding Your Inner Kinkster « The Key is on my Nipple Ring - September 28, 2010

[…] private bit of our lives. ). Yes, a trip to the emergency room might blow our cover (as I mused here) but in that rare instance, chastity is probably going to be the last thing on our […]

8. J Random reader - December 8, 2010

Funny what grew out of a random event. The misses found a dance belt I had in high school. Back when they were made with rubber! This one didn’t have a “cup”. It was flat. I show her how it flatten me completely. No bulge whatsoever. We have some fun with that.

They don’t make anything like that today. What else works? I search online and learn things. I learn about “gaffs”. I see a lot of expensive nonsense online. A lot of the pictures of mannequins. Stock photos of women wearing panties and calling them gaffs. The misses says some of more serious looking ones remind her of girdles. so she shows me shapewear. After finding a sale online on heavy spandex lowrise boyshorts in black, she clicks add to cart. i’m feeling lightheaded. My heart is racing. I don’t know what but it’s doing something for me. I ask what are you doing. She smiles. looks around a bit more. Tells me to finish the order. She’s not paying.

The arrive. They work as expected. The misses has mixewd feelings. She knows it does something for me. I try to figure it out. Without spending money for nothing, what works?

Some time later I am starting m day at work. Huh I have a dermatolgist appointment on my calendar. Forgot about that. Regular follow up for rosecea. Just a “skin check, face and chest. The nurse puts me in the exam room. She rattles off “the doctor will be in to see you, strip to your underwear and put on the johnnie open in the back… Is something wrong?” Right. What am I wearing? Not something I want to discuss.

I get home, and mention the forgotten appointment. I tell my wife what the nurse said. Wait for it. It takes her half a minute. And she loses it. Just can’t stop laughing. Asks me so what are you wearing? Oh well! Probably not be the first time they saw something like this. Not me, not today.

Come to think of it, not my only incident at the doctors…

devotedlvr - December 8, 2010

Hahahah, great story, JRandom! Thanks for sharing.


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