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I Had To Chuckle September 17, 2010

Posted by Dev in Musings.
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Over at Thumper’s blog, Denying Thumper, he’s added a link to my blog. Thanks, Thumper…I appreciate the publicity. But I had to chuckle—when I mouse over the link it says, “Sounds uncomfortable, but whatevs…”

Sounds uncomfortable? This from the man who wears a Steelworxx device with a Prince Albert piercing to hold it all in place? Every time I even breathe the words Prince Albert to Ab, his face blanches.

Sounds uncomfortable? From the man who describes being handcuffed, collared, nipple-clamped, and flogged and all the while, loving every minute of it? (For the record, I think nipple clamps are way more painful than pierced nipples.)

A little key hanging off a little gold chain on a well-healed nipple ring sounds uncomfortable? Okay, Thumper. As you say, “Whatevs…” 😀 😀 😀

PS—photo credit to Thumper for the great picture up on the left. I think it’s…hot. Just really hot. If you want to see the full-size version, go here.

* * * * *

Ab is wearing the smallest ring and the smallest spacer on his CB today. His testicles starting popping out of the next size up. The left one came out during the day yesterday and he managed to fix that (without taking the CB off…remember, he doesn’t know where the key is anymore). The right one popped out overnight and he decided that he needed to move down a size on the ring. I just got an email and he said that it feels a little tighter but “not too bad.” We’ll see how it goes. Now, of course, I am wondering about the ring on the Jailbird that’s on order, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.



1. atone - September 17, 2010

That picture of the steelworxx is really hot. I love that lock. I can’t get as excited about any of the devices though, they just don’t seem to be for me (yet).

re Ab’s testicles popping out. Remember that is a factor of the (horizontal) gap and the difference in the two ring sizes (base and cage). It does sound like you made the right choice going with the 1/4″ gap. When I ordered mine I got three rings, the same as I used with the CB3000, and the next two smaller sizes. I was in the middle one for a little bit but had to go back to the larger about two weeks ago to deal with a little nighttime issue. I don’t think I will ever be able to use the smallest one. I also have another of the larger rings that he sent with my second cage. Neither of these has ever been used or even handled except to put them away when I took them out of the box. They are 1 5/8 and 1 7/8 both set for 1/4″ gap for my cages. They seem to be the same on both so I think he makes his cages pretty consistent. Anyway if you need either one once you get your jailbird and try it out let me now and I can priority mail one to you.

Should only be a couple of days now until you get an email letting you know your ‘item’ has shipped. Make sure to let us know.


devotedlvr - September 17, 2010

It is a hot picture, isn’t it? I love the the integrated lock. It just says to me, “I am totally serious about my chastity. Want to get in my face about that?” LOL. Good response to the guys at the gym. 😉

Thanks for the info and offer on the rings, A. We’ll see what happens when the JB arrives. I only ordered one ring—the size he was wearing on the CB. Now if he is in a smaller one—hm. I did order the pullout pins, on your advice. That might make a difference.

How long did it take for your JB to arrive? Mr. MM told me 2-3 weeks and I placed the order a week ago tomorrow (last Saturday).



atone - September 17, 2010

yeah, the lock is the one thing I dislike the most on my jailbird. I have thought about just using a stainless steel rivet and cutting it off when allowed. I think I would need to be able to be ‘locked’ for at least three weeks at a time to make it worth it. That and find a way to mark the rivets so I can account for the one that is on. I have a source for the rivets and am noodling through a plan for mushrooming the end while wearing the device. Obviously I don’t want to damage anything putting it on (me or the device).

I ordered on Friday 7/23, got an email that it shipped on Tues 8/3 (11 days), got it Thur 8/5 (13 days). It was a pleasant surprise that it came so fast.

I like the anti pullout pins for comfort, especially during the day. I don’t think they will help with a ring size issue though. Maybe it would help if you keep his balls nice and swollen. Are you sure he hasn’t cheated? That could also explain his being grumpy the other day 🙂


2. devotedlvr - September 17, 2010

I have to trust that he’s telling me the truth although with the little dust-up at the beginning of the week, who knows what was going on. Maybe he did rub one out in the john at work. He tells me he didn’t but there was an awful lot of whining and complaining about being clean and comfort, as you will recall.

Thanks for the shipping info, too. If I am on the same timeline as you, I should be getting an email next Wed and maybe have the JB a week from today. Woo-hoo! That would be exciting!


3. thumper - September 17, 2010

I should have linked to you a long time ago! I keep forgetting I have a blogroll…

I’m just imagining the ring with the key and everything else smooshed in there under a bra or something. But yeah, OK, the point about the nipple clamps and flogger and stuff. Well played.

devotedlvr - September 17, 2010

Well played

Thanks, Thumper.

As for smooshed under a bra—that might be a problem for some women but I’m bra-free and have been for years. 😉


4. Mistress Danielle - September 27, 2010

My husband and I also went through several iterations regarding ring sizes and spacers until we found a combination that consistently works to prevent his left testicle from popping out. Which was quite painful for him sometimes. I purchased the CB6000 for him a while back. He now wears the middle size ring with the smallest spacer. I also decided after a few months to purchase the short tube, the CB6000S. He has a small penis, especially when it’s soft, and I wanted his junk locked up in a nice tight small package to prevent not only full erections but even partial erections. The short tube is only 2 inches long. After wearing it now for several months, he reports that it’s compact size is actually a lot more comfortable under pants, and his ‘morning wood’ events have become less traumatic and painful for him. When he was still wearing the regular size tube, his ‘morning wood’ events were so uncomfortable, he’d wake up at 4am and be unable to sleep after that. He’d end up thrashing about in bed from his penis trying to get hard, which would then wake me up. A few times I pulled down the sheets to expose his butt and gave him a good hard spanking at 4am to divert his attention from his struggling penis. Even though the CB6000S keeps his junk in a very small package all the time, it’s actually more comfortable for him.

5. J Random reader - December 17, 2010

Mistress Danielle wrote “He has a small penis”.

How rude!

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