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Dinner For One December 31, 2010

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Although Wikipedia claims that Dinner for One is “virtually unknown in English speaking countries,” it became a New Year’s Eve tradition in the Devoted Lover household after I read this article in Slate. This is the type of ridiculous skit that tickles my funny bone and back in 2005 on December 31st back I watched it, oh, maybe eight dozen times. (Yes, I can be a little obsessive. 😉 ). In subsequent years, I’ve pared down my viewing to maybe three or four times throughout the day. There are at least two different versions floating around–the 11 minute one that the Slate article links to and an 18 minute version. (There is also a Lego version which can be seen here.) While it might seem that the 18 minute version is longer because of the introduction in German, look carefully and you’ll see that they are not the same. In the shorter one, there is no tablecloth on the table, the chairs are different, and some of the portraits on the wall are missing. There are picture frames but nothing in them. The rugs on the floor are different, two, but of course, the tiger skin rug is prominent in both!

I have friends in Germany but, having never been there on New Year’s Eve, I never knew to ask them about this peculiar tradition. But once I learned of its popularity, I did ask and they assured me that it is just as Slate reported: shown on TV on New Year’s Eve with lots of drinking and lots of silly fun. Now we email during the day while I make my own tradition–a viewing by one, as it were–here in our little corner of the US.

So, I invite you to join us. Pull up a chair, get comfy, and get to know Miss Sophie and James. While he may be chaste for most of the year, he definitely gets to come on Miss Sophie’s birthday. 😉

For those who share my obsessive tendencies, here are a few more links:

Enjoy, with our very best wishes for a Happy New Year from

Dev and Ab