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Dreamlover Labs: Shipping Now? March 9, 2011

Posted by Dev in Musings.
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Back in August, when I first discovered chastity and was reading obsessively on the subject, I came across the website from DreamLover Labs. They purported to be developing a male management device to be used in the process of training your male to be the perfect boyfriend or husband. The device would consist of a receiver attached to the man’s chastity device and a remote control, held by the trainer, that would shock him as a way to correct unwanted behaviors. The idea of male management and the use of the device was supposedly based on male management science and theory, operant conditioning principles, and firm foundation of empirically tested techniques from psychology.

Because I like science and am interested in empirical evidence, I gravitated towards the theory section of the site, rather than the R&D posts of developing the device. I remember my reaction the first time I read some of these articles last summer: “compulsory sodomy,” “forced subjugation,” and this statement:

The male’s penis (the symbol of his manhood) is relegated to a locked and forgotten, unreachable place, without a concrete prospect of becoming erect again. Therefore, long-term chastity is more akin to castration.

This is what I could look forward to as an outcome of locking up my husband?

Once I got over my initial shock, I actually put my thinking cap on and did some research. I could find no empirical evidence supporting a theory of “male management science.” I googled the names of some of their experts, including Susanne Liu, MD and Tomomi Kumakura, PhD. What did I come up with? Nothing except references back to the DreamLover site, or other blogs or sites that had referenced the DreamLover site. I began to realize that maybe this is just a great big elaborate hoax—or fantasy. In fact, I found one comment that said the site is nothing but “porn for women,” and realized that might be true. Once I stopped thinking that this male management stuff is an inevitable consequence of chastity and just started reading it for fun, I could see the hotness in it. There is a part of it that appeals to me, sort of like Chirenon’s mounding fantasies and his pictures. Don’t ask me why—besides, I don’t think it’s a good idea to overanalyze one’s fantasies. 🙂

Fast forward six months and DreamLover is blitzing the world (including Ab) with e-mail announcements that their male management system is available for purchase in a limited, first-run production. If you happen to have a spare $1400 in your pocket, you could be one of 57 owners in the US or 27 in the EU/UK. A problem for us is that it is designed to work on the CB-3000 or CB-6000 from A.L. Enterprises—no mention of the CB-6000s, which is the polycarbonate device we have. They describe workarounds for other devices but it is not clear whether or not it would work with stainless steel—I certainly don’t want to electrocute my husband in the process of getting him to be the ideal man! Dead is not ideal in my book…LOL.

Seriously, I’d be very leery of forking over $1400 for an unknown, previously unsold product. But I suppose there are folks out there who would not see this as a financial barrier and will be buying one. If they do, I hope they’ll write about their experiences. I am curious if this is something that will move from the realm of fantasy to reality.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, speaking of limited edition, first run products: my Sexy Period panties are due to be shipped on March 14th. I’ve been invited to the launch party on March 19th and even though it is here in New England (Providence, RI, to be exact) I won’t be attending—it’s just a little too far to drive for a Saturday evening event. However, it’s fun to be part of the excitement, even peripherally, and to see the enthusiasm of these very entrepreneurial young women as they get their business off the ground. They are so much more real and honest, to me, than DreamLover Labs—but that’s just my opinion.

* * * * *

A quiet aside to: Thumper. Welcome back. I missed you during your recent sabbatical. It’s good to have you back, blogging, surveying, and being the all around fun bunny that you are. Your blog was one of the first I found that I read obsessively and now, reading your posts and leaving comments has become a happy habit. I am glad things are back on track.

Also, to Sarah Jameson: Happy one year anniversary to the Male Chastity Blog. This is another resource I found early on and did much to counter the nonsense I was reading at DreamLover Labs. Being a busy blogger myself, I know how much work is involved. Keep it up, Sarah, and congrats on a job well done.


1. Michael_X - March 9, 2011

My first thought was they need to knock a zero of that price tag if they hope to get a large number of sales. $140 would easily cover manufacturing costs, outsourced to China, and be more likely to generate enough sales to cover their R&D, marketing, etc.

There are already devices out there that can deliver remote shocks. Neosteel produce a product that integrates with their belts and ErosTek produce a remote unit with many options and considerable potential. Then there are DIY approaches such as electric shock collars for dogs.

As far as training goes, in my opinion, Don’t Shoot The Dog by Karen Pryor is an excellent book that teaches all a dominant needs to know about training and operant and classical conditioning. (For those wanting to go further Flagg’s The Forked Tongue is excellent even though he does go into some pseudoscience approaches like NLP.)

A combination of what is already out there combined with the knowledge to use it would, I believe, work as well or better. There is no technological magic bullet for training a submissive or slave in a D/s or M/s relationship and likewise for chastity play within a D/s dynamic. One has to do the work of learning how to train and then apply it.

Nonetheless the feature list of the DL2K is quite impressive. Given that I think they could certainly get away with a $250 price tag.

Having said that, I agree, plenty of room for hot fantasies. Their fantasies are however not mine. Looking at the device it strikes me it could be used equally effectively on a female so if they do eventually drop the price to something sensible I might have a use for one.

Still, no doubt, some people will buy them and I look forward to reading of their experiences one day.

I’m very curious as to what people think would be a price they would be prepared to pay if they felt such a device had a place in their relationship or as a toy for kink games.

2. Tom Allen - March 9, 2011

In fact, I found one comment that said the site is nothing but “porn for women,” and realized that might be true.

More like a submissive man’s conception of what porn for women should look like. Because we all know that men need to be controlled, and beaten into learning how to do things like replace the toilet seat and take out the trash.

3. q - March 11, 2011

I have ordered a Dreamlover 2000. I will post my impressions of the experience as soon as possible.

Dev - March 11, 2011

Thank you, q. Keep us posted!

q - March 14, 2011

Wire transfer confirmed. Unit will be shipped overnight air tomorrow.

q - March 17, 2011

As promised Ma’am, I have posted my initial experiences and thoughts on the Dreamlover 2000 product. I will be pleased to answer any additional questions you may have.

q - March 18, 2011

Ms. Dev,

Price notwithstanding, I believe that you and Ab would have fun with a Dreamlover. I did some customizing work last night and was successfully able to mate it with the Watchful Mistress (I’ll post on that later). The arousal inducer is tantalizing; strong enough to be stimulating but too short to be satisfying. This would be especially frustrating to Ab while he did his best to slake your lust. The different strength electro pulses are disconcerting especially when you’re not expecting them. I can visualize the little remote in your hand as you summon, commanding, tease and annoy him from afar. Maybe not a 24/7 items, but for weeknight/weekend play I’m sure you would come up with some creative uses for its unique features.


4. Jake - March 16, 2011

Look forward to feedback from anyone that can purchase the device. Am always a bit wary though when one of the disclaimers is, “products are intended as novelty only.”

5. Todd - October 14, 2011

Gee, $1400. I could see $250, but really. Who is their marketing manger or director?

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