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Dev’s Boi March 6, 2011

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From time to time over the past few months, I have thought that I’d like to get Ab’s Watchful Mistress engraved. It has a nice flat bar which seemed to be the perfect place for something special: his name, “Property of Dev,” “Dev’s Cock,” or something else. I hadn’t quite decided what. Trouble is, I couldn’t quite figure out how to make this happen. I have a lot of chutzpah but I couldn’t see myself going into the swankiest jewelery store in the city (the only one that still has an engraver on the premises) and say, “This is my husband’s chastity device. I’d like you to engrave it thusly…”

The other night, Ab chided me. “You’re not very observant,” he said. “I’m not?” I replied. “Why?” He showed me his WM. Apparently, he had taken it upon himself to do the engraving, using a Dremel tool! “DEV’S BOI” it says. Perfect! I had thought of boi, done in a fancy script, sort of like this:

but I also like the homegrown look from Ab’s personal touch. Here are a few pictures. You might need to peer closely to see the engraving, but it’s there.

And why isn’t he wearing his WM, you might ask? Two reasons: 1) we had a wild night on Friday, into Saturday morning and frankly, it left us both exhausted (I took a two hour nap in the afternoon yesterday!). Ab put the WM right back on but after a little while, realized he felt sore, so he decided he needed a break. 2) Ab’s doing construction in the bathroom (as I mentioned in my post yesterday, with our trip to Home Depot). Since he’s lifting and bending and carrying drywall, it seemed reasonable to leave it off for the day. He promises that he’ll be back in it tonight and we’ll be back on chastity track.

As for the wild time on Friday and Saturday? Don’t worry, I’m working on a post with all the scintillating details. Stay tuned!


1. Kiki - March 6, 2011

Awwww! That is just so sweet! (And very handy.) Good boi! 😉

Dev - March 6, 2011

He is a good boi isn’t he? 🙂

2. femsup - March 8, 2011

A little worried about the way its cut in that it might scratch or gouge his thighs.It might be a little lighter now and you might like that he has a nice weight there to kep him thinkin gabout his chastity and your control of it.

What does the concept Boi mean to you.I think its delicious given that it also has Lesbian connotations.His sexuality could be so fluid given that you are now controling his fluids.

Dev - March 8, 2011

Comment one: Ab says, No, it doesn’t scratch or gouge his thighs at all. It’s very lightly engraved and hasn’t changed the weight of the device, either.

Comment two: Ab really likes the idea of sexual fluidity and controlling his fluids. Thanks for that! I am not sure I think of boi with a lesbian connotation…to me it’s more androgynous, a cross between a male-male and more submissive male which is where Ab is (to me).


3. Chris - May 21, 2011

Could you please tell me what is the size of your watchful mistress

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