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Moaning and Groaning February 25, 2011

Posted by Dev in Musings.
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Ab has been moaning and groaning quite a bit this week and even whimpering.

I like whimpering.

I think I have mentioned before that Ab is not a very vocal chaste guy. I don’t know if he’s stoic or Zen-like, but he tends not to say much. I read about guys begging and pleading with their wives/KHs to be released but I haven’t gotten that sort of behavior from Ab.

Until this week, that is.

To be clear, he hasn’t been begging and pleading—which I am grateful for because I am not sure how I would react to that. But he has been moaning, especially when I am teasing him, and expressing his frustration. I think he’s really at that place where he wants an orgasm but craves denial. And I am happy to keep denying him!

Early morning sex is wonderful for both of us. I feel happy and sated all day. Ab tells me he’s horny all day. Yes, he’s frustrated but he loves that feeling of being on edge. I can ramp it up at 4:30 am and the feeling just stays with him. By the time I get home, he’s willing to do anything for me. It’s amazing how the feedback cycle works. He can’t wank off in the shower (actually he could but he tells me he doesn’t want to, which is also telling) so he just focuses that sexual energy on me. Me, me, me!

It’s been an interesting week. Usually I work until 9 pm on Monday and Thursday, but Monday was the holiday and clinic got cancelled last night, so I’ve been home at reasonable time every night this week. That means we’ve been going to bed together which in turn, means we wake up and snuggle together. (When I have my late evenings, our sleeping schedules do not sync quite as well.) Maybe that’s why I’ve been hearing more moaning and groaning than usual. Whatver the reason, I have definitely been enjoying it. We’ve had quite a few coins go into the orgasm glass, too!

* * * * *

It’s snowing today. I decided yesterday that I would not drive to the office and instead work from home. I have a long list of things to do. My goal is to be very productive this morning so we can play this afternoon, as Ab told me he’d be home at lunchtime. And what sort of play? Either some spa time (my legs need to be waxed and Ab is learning how to do that) or some spanking fun. Or maybe both.

Ab told me that he thought the problem with the Abuddies last week was that I didn’t set it up enough. He likes it if it is a bit more of a “scene” with more preparation and anticipation. He likes being blindfolded, so he doesn’t know what to expect and also to be restrained. I’m a quick learner so he only needs to tell me once! I also need to do a little poking around the house to see what I can find for spanking in addition to the wooden paddle and Abuddies. Wood is good but as I am learning, it provides a particular sensation and I’d like a bit more variety. Something leather and something with tails would be nice. I’ll have to see what I can find. Eventually, I suspect, I’ll do some shopping but for the moment, I’ll see what “pervertibles” I can find hidden in the closet. 🙂



1. Shadesofme - February 25, 2011


A thin sandal is the preferred pervertible in our house. My wife has a perfect one with a rubbery bottom that gives it good flex and makes a nice smacking sound. It also provides a decent sting.


Dev - February 25, 2011

Oh, that’s a great idea, Shades! I own (at last count) a dozen pairs of Birkenstocks, each at a different stage of wear and tear. Some would be nice and slappy and others would be much stiffer as they are newer. This gives me lots of ideas for experimenting. Thanks for the suggestion!


2. MrBill - February 25, 2011

We’ve never used wood, but really enjoy leather belts, they can be quite varied in their impact, depending on the weight, age, construction.
Also bought a leather flogger on Ebay and it is very yummy.

Dev - February 26, 2011

I’ve been eying various floggers but they are all quite pricey—typical Dev. Champagne taste with a beer budget! I do thing that is what I’d like to purchase, however, rather than a leather strap or cane.


3. MrBill - March 1, 2011

I found a fairly decent flogger on ebay for $40. A riding crop is also a very versatile toy and you can get them really cheap on ebay (for equestrian use!). OF course, they may be really cheap construction too, I’ve broken a few.

4. Kiki - March 3, 2011

Yay, pervertibles! And you don’t necessarily even have to leave the house to get them. 😉

If you want a flogger, I would highly recommend going somewhere where you can actually pick them up and swing them. You want one with good balance. There is a lot of crap on ebay as I’m sure you are aware. Floggers are not easy to make and the best ones are really a labor of love. Mr Califia says that if you see a really nice flogger you should get it if at all possible as the makers burn out.

I’ve got a paddle which is flexible leather which was inexpensive and is quite versatile. It can also be fun to see just how many things you can do with only a crop!

Good luck with the cabin fever!

5. femsup - March 8, 2011

I can’t understand him.I like to groan and moan with frustration it makes me hornier and thus the cycle is completed.It also amuses and enthrals my partner.I sometimes see her in just the right light and a groan escapes my lips or a mewling whimper.

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