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Quotes from Ab: XVI February 20, 2011

Posted by Dev in Quotes from Ab.
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“I should have never have made those things for you!”

The Abuddies (I have a matched set now) got a nice little workout last night. We had a quiet evening at home with a nice dinner and then doing what we usually do: watching a movie on Netflix, surfing the web. Ab fell asleep in his recliner and I eventually woke him up. “C’mon you,” I said. “Time for a little fun.”

I wanted Ab over my knee and that’s where he started. But the minute his bum got a little pink, he started squirming around, which means I have to keep after him. If he’d just stay put I’d keep swatting his hiney, but with all his wiggling, he got abuddied in other places, like his shoulders and thighs. “Please stop! Please stop!” (Our safeword, darling, if you remember is ‘Abigail,’ not ‘stop.’) He clearly has a very low pain threshold. When I watch videos of guys getting flogged or caned until they bleed, I just shake my head. We barely get to bright pink! LOL.

I might have to get some restraints and something to restrain him to, too. I like the “bow bench” that Ms. Marie had her husband build for her. I put in a work order for something similar to the production office but funny thing, it hasn’t appeared yet. I might have to have a talk with the foreman. 😉

I posted this picture in my tumblr gallery but I thought I’d share here, too. I like the contrasts. The blue pj’s look like they have Oreos floating around on them. I can’t quite tell what’s on the pink ones. Horseshoes? Then my eye drifts down and I see the wrist restraints and shackles on his legs. HAWT!



1. mikecb - February 20, 2011


As I’ve commented before, I find paddles to be the most brutal impact play implements. It’s entirely possible that you could make the play last longer by using different toys, especially to warm up. For me, paddles are the “finishers”. They’re what usually take me from the “cruising high” to “about to safeword”.

If you really like the spanking / hairbrush connotations you can get with those paddles, perhaps you could spend more time working him up bare-handed, before adding the paddles.

I forget what wood he used. Another alternative might be to see if he could find a lighter, but still sturdy, wood that he could use. If those paddles are pine, that’s probably about as light as you’re going to get. If he used maple or something, it might help to swap out to a lighter wood.

Best of luck!

Dev - February 20, 2011

Hi Mike, thanks for your comment. The Abuddies are made of cherry.

I need to work on slowing Ab down and allowing me to warm him up. I really do think restraining him in some way is the best solution. I’ll need to work on that.


2. Atone - February 20, 2011

sounds like you need a gag too.


Dev - February 20, 2011

Ah, there’s an idea. I hadn’t thought of that! Thanks, A.


3. Atone - February 20, 2011

Also, I really like those restraints. I don’t have much bondage stuff because my wife won’t use it but those look like they would work pretty good without the need for fixed anchor points. I might have to get some even if they will just sit with the other stuff that I have that doesn’t get used.


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[…] told me that he thought the problem with the Abuddies last week was that I didn’t set it up enough. He likes it if it is a bit more of a “scene” […]

5. maymay - August 3, 2011

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