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Let’s Talk About Hair… February 5, 2011

Posted by Dev in Musings.
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…of the pubic type.

The other day, regular commenter Wilson posted a link to this blog post, which I quite liked. I know it was in response to an earlier comment of his where he said he hates the current fad of “bare pudendas.” I replied that on that issue, we’d have to agree to disagree.

Actually, I don’t completely disagree—I am mostly neutral on the topic. Reading some of the comments from the blog, the author came to the conclusion:

If there is one thing you glean from this list of comments it’s that men and women alike fucking hate pubic hair with a passion. According to this slice of society pubic hair is equated with gross.

With all that passion I felt bad that I was not more passionate!

As I have mentioned before, I grew up in the dark ages and conversations about pubic hair—and trimming it—were just not things that came up. Ever. I assumed everyone—male and female—had a bush and that was it. My sexual escapades in college confirmed that my assumption was true.

Three weeks after we were married, Ab and I had a wild and crazy night and did things that neither of us had done before. Since we didn’t own any sex toys it was a night filled with pervertibles; one of those was a razor. He shaved off all my pubic hair which was a first for me—up until that time I had never even trimmed it, much less shaved it off! It was incredibly hot when he did it and I loved the feeling of being all smooth. Of course, the next morning when we woke up, slightly hungover, I was consumed with “Oh my God, what did we do? I am such a bad girl!” Nature reinforced that I was a bad girl since it itched like hell over the next few weeks while it was growing back in.

That was probably the first hint that we both have a bit of a shaving fetish, but it wasn’t really a driving force for either of us. Occasionally we’d get wound up and he’d do me but that was about it.

Looking at that picture of Sasha Grey—she’s got beautiful dark hair and a beautiful bush to match (and, if you look closely, it’s obvious she’s trimmed. She’s not completely au naturel.). If my pussy hair looked like that, I might want to hold onto it, too. But the hair on my head is blonde (chemically assisted these days, but, whatever) and my pussy hair was sort of mousy brown. It was not particularly attractive so that contributed to my take it or leave it attitude.

(You know whose crotch I’d like to see? Prince Harry. I bet he has gorgeous red pubes!)

Ab is not a particularly hairy guy and somewhere along the line it hit me that his chest hair—the few little whiffs that he had—wasn’t very alluring. I suggested he shave it off and frankly, on his chest he does look better smooth. He got the idea for shaving his pubes when we started going to naturist resorts and he saw other guys sporting the smooth look. Again—if he had a fabulous dark treasure trail leading to unknown mysteries beneath his fly, I might have been sad about the razor. But he didn’t and being smooth adds to his twink look—which both of us like. It’s been so many years that he’s been a smoothie, I’ve actually forgotten what his pubic hair looks like.

As for me, I’m mostly smooth, too, but it’s not because I hate the smell, look, feel, or texture of pubic hair. I think it’s mostly that every time he shaves me, it brings back the memory of that night when we were very, very young and very, very naughty. 🙂



1. Paul - February 5, 2011

I have some strong feelings about pubic hair, I guess =)
My (male) pubes are naturally long and I have trimmed it periodically since I was a teen. I don’t like the feeling of having long pubic hairs, especially in the pool with the ensuing shrinkage 😦
I laughed when you mentioned the itching, ’cause boy does it itch! I don’t keep them shaved for that reason, but I do keep it short (~#1 with clippers!). The tree looks bigger with the hedges trimmed!

I really don’t like “natural” pubic hair on my wife, since it gets in the way of cunnilingus and I don’t think it looks as good. I could go either way with totally shaved vs. a partial shave + landing strip. I think both are very sexy, as long as her lips are shaved and it doesn’t interfere with my business! LOL!

2. Wilson - February 7, 2011

I remember reading dom/sub stories in (and from) the late 70s and early 80s (oh, Penthouse Variations of old, how I miss you…), and one of the techniques that doms used then to make subs feel less ‘in control’ was make them shave off their pubic hair. (Actually, in the case of male subs, all their body hair.)

A couple of years ago I read a story online with a dom/sub theme. However, in this case, the dominant (male, in this case) got the same effect by forbidding the (female) sub to shave (pubes and pits, at least – not sure about legs).

And I have to admit, I have something of a double standard: I’ve been shaving my own pubes off since the early 90s. At the time it was an expression of submission. Now it’s just habit and preference. 🙂

My complaint with shaved pubes is not so much for their own sake but because of the very thing you described, Dev. I’m willing to bet that the first time you shaved your armpits or your legs, there was no reaction of, “Ooo, that was so naughty” that made you so hot you cherish the memory decades later.

And now that shaved pubes are de rigueur, they’re no longer interesting. As evidenced by pieces like that article, now it’s having a bush that is outrageous, or at least outré. And that – combined with the fact that I think the writer of the article is probably correct in that it’s about making things childish – makes me a little sad.

Dev, I’m curious to know: if you stay mostly smooth now, how do you keep it from itching like it did that first time?

devotedlvr - February 9, 2011

Regarding the itching–I think it is partly that I am used to it and also that the skin is not so sensitive. Remember that the first time was the very first time so it was tender, virgin pussy skin. LOL. When it’s freshly done, I put lots of baby powder on it. That seems to work better than lotion or oil.

And you are right, I never had any sexy reaction to shaving my underarms and legs.

We bought a home spa waxing kit. Ab is learning to use that on my legs and I’ve been waxing his back. It’s fun and something sexy to do together. Haven’t tried the wax on the pubes yet, though.


Wilson - February 9, 2011

And I guess it doesn’t itch growing back in if you don’t let it grow back in. 🙂

I waxed my pubes once. OWw! But it didn’t grow back for a long time, so it was almost worth it. (I can tell that it wasn’t actually worth it because I haven’t done it again.) Of course, if you’re able to bear it on backs and legs, doing pubes might be okay for you, too.

Someday, I’d like to see if the pain is more bearable (or even enjoyable!) if the procedure is done to me while bound, rather than having to do it myself.

devotedlvr - February 9, 2011

I had my pussy professionally waxed x2. I actually liked the way it felt and it was really smooth afterwards. Unfortunately, the second time, I had lots of problems with ingrown hairs which turned into painful, red bumps that took more than a year to clear up. So that was the end of waxing and back to the razor for me.


3. John - February 9, 2011

Both Jan and I trim our pubes and have done for some years. We both prefer things that way and use a little electric trimmer to do the job.

I often used to shave Jan smooth with a razor, but she did complain about the itching as it started to grow again. I suggested I could shave her every day so that it never got to the itchy stage, but she wasn’t too keen on that for some reason. What a great job for a fella! And how wonderful to explore her lovely shaved pussy with my tongue

Being shaved by Jan is also very, very hot for me, and having the newly-shaved skin kissed and licked while being teased afterwards is something special.

Pussies are beautiful, though, shaved or not.

4. SGH - February 9, 2011

It would be completely dishonest of me as the writer of that post on Sasha Grey and the pubes not to admit that I do groom myself quite regularly. The spark to write the thing was not based on the “Bush is Better” argument, but rather my shock at how many folks out there were in fact repulsed by the site of pubic hair.
Thank you for connecting, for linking, and for your blog. It is quite interesting.

devotedlvr - February 9, 2011

Thank you for your comment, SGH, and welcome. I am glad you enjoy the blog. I hope you’ll come back to visit again!


5. Wilson - February 10, 2011
6. Wilson - March 2, 2011

On the topic of pubic hair.

I found out today that a (possibly outdated) slang term for a woman’s pubic area – particularly the pubic bush is “Map of Tasmania” (you can get a sense of why that is here).

The other thing I found out today – not coincidentally – is of the existence of a comedy singer by the name of Amanda Palmer.

The connection is that she has written a song called “Map of Tasmania”. It’s quite funny.

The video (NSFW!) is here and the lyrics – which are a little hard to make out in the song – are here. Enjoy!

Dev - March 2, 2011

Hahahah, that video is great! Thanks for the link. Did you notice that the singer also has hairy underarms? LOL.


Wilson - March 2, 2011

Yep, that was the icing on the cake, all right.

7. Wilson - June 14, 2011

Another hair-related (hair-raising?) and hopefully amusing post today, this one from I Can Has Cheezburger? However, this post isn’t about a cat (some of their posts aren’t), it’s this:

If that doesn’t show up properly for some reason, the original is at http://icanhascheezburger.com/2011/06/13/funny-pictures-penguin-waxing-emergency/ .

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