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Give Ab the PlAin Facts! January 28, 2011

Posted by Dev in Opinions.

Tallestrina's fairly recent PA

I have mentioned to Ab, off and on over the years, the idea of getting a PA (Prince Albert) piercing. At first his response was always, “No! NO! Absolutely not!” but in recent months he has moved more towards of look of anxiety with less vehement protestations. Last night I brought it up again (yes, I am persistent). He paused for a minute and then said, “Is that it, then? You never want me to have an erection again? You never want to have intercourse?” I was surprised at his mis-perception. “A PA doesn’t affect either of those things,” I replied. “In fact, I’ve heard that for a lot of women, it can improve intercourse. A new sensation…”

“And peeing?” he asked. “Doesn’t it affect that?”

“In what way?” I replied.

“I’d have to sit down, I’ve heard.”

“Well, aren’t you sitting down now?”

mikecb's PA -- slightly deeper than many

He still looked dubious so I suggested that I’d throw the question out here to my readers since all of my knowledge is second- and third hand. Pierced guys, what are your experiences, both pro and con? Would you do it again? If not, why not? If yes, why? If you are inclined to add your age and how long you’ve had your piercing, that would be helpful, too.

I should note that Ab hasn’t had entirely successful experiences with piercings. He got his left nipple pierced on my 50th birthday. Then he got a second piercing in that same nipple. The guy did it crooked and it never healed properly, so in between looking lousy and being painful, Ab took it out. Then he got his right nipple done—which also never healed properly. After a painful year, he took that one out, too. As he’s 2 for 3 in negative piercing experiences, I can understand why he might be a little gun shy on the idea of a PA.

My one concern is how it would fit with his Watchful Mistress. That’s already a snug fit so the idea of trying to fit one more thing in there—is that realistic? If folks recall, we don’t have the JailBird anymore which was 1/4″ longer.

So…have at it, guys. Ab reads the blog so I know he’ll be looking forward to your comments.

NB: I borrowed the pictures from Tallestrina’s blog, A Different Flavour and mikecb’s Chastity Journey. Thanks, guys, for these real-life illustrations!



1. Tom Allen - January 28, 2011

“Well, aren’t you sitting down now?”

Well, I don’t. And I fail to see why a device can’t be modified to allow men to stand.

But even so, I can’t see how you could aim while wearing such a device.

devotedlvr - January 28, 2011

He is mostly sitting, he tells me. Except when he kneels. 😉

2. b2ounce - January 28, 2011

Hi Dev,
Interesting post and one where I will be following the responses with interest.
The thought of a PA used to fill me with abject terror and not a small amount of revulsion. Genital and other erotic piercings on women however have always been hot! Yes, hypocritical of me but there you go…
These days however, as the MC bug gets more and more of a grip on me, I am beginning to think “Hey, maybe it’d be quite cool” especially if it allowed you to be caged REALLY securely!

3. mikecb - January 28, 2011

Well, as one of the pee-pees in question, I can comment on mine. Like AB, I’ve had a lot of bad piercing experiences. I will note, however, that nipples are EXCEPTIONALLY difficult to get healed properly, so he shouldn’t take that as a gauge for a genital piercing.

Still, this is my second PA. The first migrated, as did my frenum piercing. So, I’m one for three on genital piercings as well. If you guys decide to go for it, hit me up for advice from one over-active-immune system to another!

I’ve had my PA for, golly, several years now. I LOVE it. I’m now stretched to 4ga – much larger than is seen in that picture.

It >can< cause some difficulty peeing. However, since you plan to keep AB in a CB for the rest of time, I don't see that as a problem. However, during the few weeks between his piercing, and when he can wear his device again, he may PREFER to sit. The metal in the urethra can cause your stream to spread out a bit. Also, I often get a drip off the bottom of the jewelry as I'm urinating. I have to be very careful not to dribble on the floor, or down my leg, if I pee standing.

I can give you lots more information about what to expect from the piercing and healing process, if you decide to go for it. I, of course, fully endorse the idea! 🙂

4. Grey - January 28, 2011

This was a subject that I’ve wondered about for years. I’ve read many an experience and the usual comment is ‘this was the easiest and least painful piercing’, followed usually be ‘yes, I would absolutely do it again’. As for adding pleasure to lovemaking, the results seem to be fairly mixed, with little added sensation. But where you already would like the ‘look’, I wouldn’t hesitate for my lady.
Then add the ‘extra security’ component… oh yeah.

5. michael - January 28, 2011

Well I did it myself almost 20yrs ago,and my wife and both love it.She loves to play with it, and it
does add to the sensation, but my wife loves best of
all it allows locking,to the front of the “CB” device.
I use a 6ga captive ball ring looped around the front of the unit, and my wife locks the tool with the keys.It prevents any type of temptation.

6. Dale - January 28, 2011

I’ve been pierced for about 10 yrs, my wife and I both loved it for many years. I have removed it now for about a year. She loved the way it felt during intercourse and it does add to the sensations, especially the first several times. Probably TMI but, pre-piercing I could last anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour, with the healing wait period and new sensations during penetration, it took a while to get out of the single digit minutes! Some times with my wife on top and some other positions, I would have a pinching sensation, but was bearable. The reason I removed the PA was due to my wife’s complaining about chipped teeth. Looking at the (WM) Watchful Mistress a PA would not fit or work with that device unless a hole was drilled through the bottom solid circular section. The hole would need to be of a size a bit larger than the jewelry. A reverse PA may work if offset adequately to miss the upper (WM) bar. Your best action would be to visit a reputable body piercer to offer advice for the PA to fit the CB device.
I had an 8ga captive ball ring but have also worn a Master Lock about 6ga for a short time.
My initial PA and Frenum piercing experience was not real painful, not what I expected, endorphins I guess, almost a pleasurable experience, almost, just a Whew, not an OUCH. My piercing hole is still open but smaller. At first I sat to pee, after it healed I stood but twisted my penis to where the pierced hole was on top, which kept the urine from broadcasting everywhere, especially kept it from soaking my pants! With the now open hole, the pee flows straight down or sometimes I may place a finger over it to prevent leakage.

7. kinkyplay - January 29, 2011

I had a PA many years ago, and lately thinking about going back to it. The woman get way more out of it than the man.

8. John - February 1, 2011

I have had a PA for about 6 years and my wife and I still love it. The only time it has caused problems was when I tried to stretch it to the present 5mm ring. I advise you always go to an experienced piercer when you want to go up a size in thickness. Just do NOT do it yourself.

It caused no problems when standing to pee – I just take extra care by turning my penis over so that the ring is at the top and then my aim is usually spot on!! I don’t mind sitting, anyway – it’s no big macho deal!

Healing for the PA was a little slow, but that’s just the way I am. PAs look more dramatic than other male genital piercings, but in fact it is the safest and quickest to heal. It is also the least likely to migrate.

One of the reasons for having it done was to enhance my wife’s experience during intercourse. However, she says she cannot feel the ring when I am inside her – that was something of a disappointment for me – and her. It has increased the feeling and intensity of my orgasms tremendously – when I am allowed to orgasm, that is.
I have selection of rings from colourful acrylic horseshoes to titanium CBRs. We like them all and ‘ring’ the changes.

Likes: hot appearance, extra sensual feeling, increased orgasm sensation for me, ability to use the PA to increase security when locked into chastity devices, just knowing it’s there.

Dislikes: Rattles on my wife’s teeth when she is good enough to give me oral. Not having the PA done much earlier in life – it’s great

So – if in doubt, go to the best piercer in town (ask around) and get yourself a PA piercing. You can always take it out if you don’t like it and can’t live with it.

9. J Random reader - February 2, 2011

Poor Ab! No wonder he went white when you talked about piercing! If he thought no erections and no intercourse ever again. Where did that idea come from? Seriously. Do ask. Do tell. Bad information from an unreliable source? Or a preconceived misconception?

I always thought it was a fear of needles. Good thing you guys talk about it.

devotedlvr - February 2, 2011

I asked him today at lunch and Ab realized he mis-spoke the other night when he said this. He knows that a PA won’t stifle an erection.

He did say that he thinks the whole idea of a PA is very painful which is a big drawback for him. Plus, he doesn’t find them particularly hot or sexy, even though I do. I have a feeling I am not going to be able to get him to budge on this one. 😦


10. mikecb - February 2, 2011

OK. Plan B. A whole lot of tequila at the bar that, “Oh, look at that!” happens to be right next to the body piercing studio. ;-p

devotedlvr - February 2, 2011

Right…LOL. But a good piercer won’t pierce a client who appears to be intoxicated, right? And I certainly want to go to a good piercer to get this done! I am consoling myself with the fact that if he had a PA, he’d be out of his WM for a few weeks–and I like him locked up. So, passing on the piercing means I get to keep his cock under lock and key, which is my preference. 🙂


11. femsup - February 11, 2011

Ah but its tantalising isn’t it.Just imagine the greater control you will have over his chastity fi he were to get a Prince Albert.

There is one blogger who wanted to exercise her power and influence over her husband and his penis so much that she convinced him to get a circumcision. But he was and is on an honour system.

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