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Snow Day! January 12, 2011

Posted by Dev in Musings.
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The forecast calls for at least two feet of snow!

We’re having a snowstorm here in Devoted Lover land. They are not really predicting two feet—more like twelve inches—but it’s enough to keep me home. Ab too.

For those of us who grew up in climates where we had snow days, remember the excitement? An unexpected day off from school was clearly a gift from the gods and Mother Nature. We never knew in advance—it was always a last minute decision. We’d wake up at the crack of dawn, look out the window and wonder, “Is it enough?” Then we’d turn the radio on, twirl the dial and try to find the school closing announcements which were broadcast on an obscure AM station that we didn’t listen to. Finally, we’d hear the DJ droning through a list of schools. I lived in town that started with ‘B’ and if we tuned in during the ‘D’ schools, we knew we were in for a long haul of boring listening. Then—at last—yes! Day off!

It’s different now. Text messages beep at 4:30 am with the news that schools, the mall, and the city have closed. I look at the screen through bleary eyes then turn over and go back to sleep. With a computer and an Internet connection I can work virtually anywhere, including home, so in that sense, it’s not really a day off. I’ve saved myself some white-knuckle driving on miserable roads but I don’t have the luxury of kicking back and spending the day reading a trashy novel.

Well, maybe I do. Ab is home. 🙂

Ab believes in the motto, “Neither snow nor sleet…” No matter what is coming out of the sky, he heads off to work—usually. Last night, though, he told me he had brought some paperwork home and planned to stay put for this storm. He has meals planned (he has already cooked me a nice breakfast) and has informed me that the afternoon will be devoted to kinky fun. Whoo-boy! This is better than making snow angels!

More later, my friends. Enjoy the day and if you are somewhere stormy, stay safe!




1. chas - January 12, 2011

Ok enough is enough i can’t be silent no more. i have been enjoying yours and a few other blogs in your blogroll and other cross referencer for the past year. After opening the page to “two feet of snow” and laughing for five minutes i realize i am amongst friends who strangely have the same sense of humor.

Yes also from the climate of “is it enough snow” and “highly connected house”.

Has not been enough yet for us to stay home but like Ab Neither snow or sleet’ the show must go on.

I think it’s time for Tarrna and chas to add to the conversation.

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[…] was a snow day and we did end up having lots of fun, as I had predicted. Ab put on some of his favorite sexy […]

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