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An Apple a Day… December 18, 2010

Posted by Dev in Musings.
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…keeps the doctor away. And an orgasm in the morning can do wonders to put me in the right frame of mind to face the world head-on.

I love early morning sex. After a good night’s sleep I’m relaxed, warm and cuddly in my bed. What better time to have my husband devour me—worship me—with his hands and his tongue?

In the old days, ie, pre-chastity, Ab would often wake up in the morning and masturbate next to me while I pretended to be asleep. Those days are long gone, thank God, and if I have anything to say about it, they will never return. Now the scenario is that he gets up to use the toilet, then comes back to bed. He spoons against me, rubbing his caged cock against my ass. Yes, I like the feel of metal rubbing up against me. What can I say? I pretend he’s my knight in shining armor. Hey, I admitted the other day that I am the Queen. Every Queen deserves a knight, don’t you think?

After a few minutes of spooning, I wake up enough to turn over and snuggle in. My hand drifts down to his balls for a nice massage. I really love doing this. I feel his balls fill and become heavy and engorged in my hand. It’s such a hot feeling that I never noticed or paid attention to before. Meanwhile, Ab gets to feast on the part of me he loves best—my breasts—and we just go from there.

Having sex—making love—in our “new world order” is definitely not one-sided or non-reciprocal as it seems to be for some chaste couples, at least from what I have read. We are very much about pleasuring each other: Our pleasure is our shared mutual pleasure as I like to say over and over again.

We don’t get to do this every morning, of course. Some mornings Ab sneaks off before the crack of dawn and I don’t get a chance for a quick ball massage. On those mornings I feel cheated. I have really tried to attune myself to his earliest stirrings and even at my sleepiest, try to sneak my hand out for a quick rub-rub-rub, at a minimum. It’s all about paying attention to my chaste male, after all, and keeping him happy to be locked and not deprived. Well, deprived of orgasm, I suppose, but not denied heaping doses of love, affection, and stimulation of his entire body, not just his cock.

Back to the orgasmic mornings. We move in close, caressing, touching. I’ve noticed that with his cock denied, Ab seems to be more sensitive in his other erogenous zones, especially his nipples and perineum. So, while I’m thinking about it (we usually get to a point where not much thinking is going on!) I try to focus my attention on those areas.

Eventually, he seems to crest (as opposed to orgasm) and I become the center of the action. I’ve learned to become selfish and just drink it all in because, oh my God, it’s all about me and it’s fabulous. I have my O (yesterday an 8, today a 9) and then we enjoy the post-coital glow.

For a couple of old kinksters, we really do have great sex.

Snuggling generally gets cut short by the dog who, at this point, is usually demanding some attention. I suppose that is one drawback to early morning sex. But really, it’s a small price to pay for such intimacy and closeness which truly, sets me on the right path to cope with whatever the day may throw at me.

* * * * *

Speaking of throwing, I asked Ab this morning what it feels like when I massage his cock in his Watchful Mistress. He thought for a second and then said, “Like making out with a catcher’s mask on.” Then he said, “I am sure I’ll be reading that in print later today.” Here you go, darling. I am never one to disappoint you!


1. atone44 - December 18, 2010

It is funny to hear how much you like morning sex. I’ve been married over 20 years and I can probably count how many times we’ve done that on one hand. And that includes before kids. Neither of us are in to it. Back when I used to masturbate I would occasionally be so horny in the morning that I would do so then, it almost always resulted in an unsatisfactory orgasm. I guess I was conditioned early on that sex was something I did at night. I am sure this goes back to puberty, just always been that way.


2. devotedlvr - December 18, 2010

We’ve always enjoyed early morning sex. I think at the end of the day, I’m always so tired, I just want to sleep. When I am rested, I can just really get into it and enjoy myself. We take our time, too–that is, until the dog starts farting. LOL!


Atone - December 18, 2010

We tend to be more late night people than early morning people. We get tired at night too but the advantage for us is time. There is no real limit so we are in no rush. Sometimes we only spend a little time, others we are up until 2 in the morning.

The funny thing about morning sex for me is the feeling is good, it is just the orgasm that is unsatisfying. I would love it if my wife would wake me up in the morning and want oral sex but that just doesn’t happen. She says she just doesn’t feel clean until she has had a shower. I don’t really care and have never felt she was not clean but I understand her concern. Luckily we are both pretty much the same in this regard so there isn’t really any tension.


p.s. that isn’t the dog, he is get blamed for something.

devotedlvr - December 18, 2010

Hahaha, believe me, the dog farts!

3. Asian Dyna - December 20, 2010

Early morning sex…so true! Good read.
Dyna 🙂

4. femsup - December 27, 2010

Many people use orgasm as a way of geting to sleep as a sedative so to speak.I really like sex to have a lot of meaning and with chastity it really does have added significance.I agree chastity does make my erogenous zones more erogeonous and ones that wern’t previously become so.

I really agree with you that little rituals that focus both of you on the chastity and make it special can only lead to happiness.I think an ignoring of the chastity can only lead to tears.

Which reminds me has Ab ever been so frustrated and longing in his chastity that he has cried and di you indulge in a little lachrymose loving.Sorry I have forgotten the word for the love of seeing someone cry.

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