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Quotes from Ab: XIV December 11, 2010

Posted by Dev in Quotes from Ab.
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“Since I’ve started wearing a cock cage, I’ve become a tit-loving, pussy-worshipping, collar-wearing acolyte of Dev.”

Need I say more? 🙂

Re: the collar–I haven’t mentioned that before. We’ve had one around here for years that we’ve used for playtime and it has spent time on both our necks. But it’s been making a more frequent appearance in recent weeks, and Ab is always the one who is wearing it…


1. foxy - December 11, 2010

How fun! I admit a little jealousy…….

devotedlvr - December 11, 2010

Hi Foxy, welcome! Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading my blog…


2. c-belted - December 13, 2010

we have a stainless steel collar, it goes on
before the chastity device comes off, and
don’t come off until the chasity device is back on…
My wife won’t have it any other way, she says
I can wear a turtle neck to work if I won’t put it
back on….she means 24-7!

3. Fantasy vs. Reality vs. Real Reality « the key is on my nipple ring - January 14, 2011

[…] A few weeks ago I mentioned that Ab and I have a collar that we like to play with—it’s usually been our signal for “Let’s have some fun with Top/bottom games” (or D/s). Lately, it’s been making a more regular appearance on Ab’s neck which has been fun for both of us. The fantasy—bleeding to the edge of reality—is that in the bedroom, we do have fun with power exchange and lately, the power has been more often in my hands. I guess that’s what happens when a woman locks up her husband’s cock. As a friend has said to me more than once, handing over the key is, in and of itself, a submissive act. If you accept that, and I do, then we just take it a little further for playtime. […]

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