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Contest: Win a Humbler! December 7, 2010

Posted by Dev in Musings.
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Slimline Humbler--the Prize!

Our testing is done here at the Devoted Lover Research Labs and we have come up with the final version of the Slimline Humbler. Custom crafted in Maine, it’s made of mahogany, 11 ½” long and 1″ wide. Lightweight—just 4 ounces with a bolt and thumbscrew at each end. It is very discreet. Maybe it’s not as big as some of the other Humblers for sale out there, but let me assure you, it does the job it is designed to do. 😉

After we finished testing prototype version 5, Ab went off to the factory and manufactured a limited number of the custom crafted Slimline Humblers. I gave a few to close friends and kept one out for a giveaway. Yes, you may be the lucky reader who has a chance to win this limited edition (only six were made) kinky sex toy.

Entering the contest is simple: write a limerick about Humblers, or chastity in general, and post it in the comments. You know limericks, those funny little five line poems. Here’s an example, written by Yours Truly.

There once was a Humbler from Maine
Its use was simply profane
On the balls it would screw
And give such a view
For administering a big dose of pain!

Limericks may be posted until 6 am EST on Saturday, December 11, 2010. Using a completely unscientific process, Ab and I will select a winner from our favorite limericks and make the announcement sometime on Saturday. Since I want to encourage creativity, please feel free to post more than one limerick, but please post as separate comments.

Okay, boys and girls and lurkers—here’s your chance to let your kinky, poetic minds have full rein and maybe win a prize. I look forward to reading your contest entries. Good luck!



1. david - December 7, 2010

Dev, Ab, in the spirit of the contest, here is my submission:

There once was an addict of Tumblr
Whose wife recommended a Humbler
His balls became hers
And she trimmed all his furs
Now the addict’s a bumbler.

Don’t forget that the winner will be posted on the Blog wearing his new prize!


devotedlvr - December 7, 2010

Thanks for that limerick, David! And please, don’t scare away potential entrants–Humbler-wearing pictures are NOT required and are entirely optional…LOL.


thumper - December 7, 2010

“…Humbler-wearing pictures are NOT required…”


devotedlvr - December 7, 2010

Like I said, they *are* optional. Where’s your limerick, T? 😉


2. Chaste Male - December 7, 2010

She keeps her husbands fine cock
encased in plastic with a lock.
Raising the stakes of the game,
she rhymes for a humbler; for pain.
To his balls it will be quite a shock!

3. Will - December 8, 2010

Dear Dev:

Short-time lurker (my wife and I just embarked on the Chastity cruise ourselves), but a fan since I first encountered your page. Thanks for your courageous and forthright descriptions of the ups and downs of your and Ab’s journey!

I’ve been inspired (and amused) by the limericks you and your friends have shared. Here are my contributions (sorry so many; I was having fun ;-)…




The once was a woman from Maine
Who wished that her man would refrain
From touching himself
And so for his health
She decided that chaste he’d remain

Ab’s key hangs from dear Dev’s perfect chest
(She’d decided that that would be best)
It keeps him chastely inspired
When he’s in pain or tired
For what man can say no to a breast?

Ab was eager to meet Dev’s demand
Regardless of what she had planned
So he worked and designed
A Humbler so refined
That it placed his cock at her command

Dev loved her man passionately
So she kept him locked up with a key
Which she hung from her chest
And she thought ’twould be best
To deny him in perpetuity.

There once was a woman from Maine
Who liked her man locked and in pain
His balls ached and turned blue
But he was happy to do
What he knew was his loss and their gain


4. Chaste Male - December 8, 2010

Second entry!

Wearing a device made of acrylic
he worships his wife, so angelic
When the humbler is applied,
his movement further denied;
kneeling will be more than symbolic

5. Michael - December 9, 2010


Out of curiosity, do you plan on selling these in the future and, if so, how much would they go for?


devotedlvr - December 9, 2010

To be honest, Ab isn’t real interested in getting into any sort of mass production. He made a few at my request to give to friends and then made one extra for this contest. I am not sure I could persuade him to make anymore and I have no idea what he’d ask for a price. So…enter the contest. This might be your best chance to own a one-of-a-kind collector’s item!

6. It’s Christmas Here In Nipple Ring Land! « The Key is on my Nipple Ring - December 9, 2010

[…] is still time to enter my limerick contest to win a Humbler! Details can be found in this post. Just write a five line limerick about the Humbler or chastity in general and you will entered to […]

7. lockingandnursing - December 9, 2010

AB was a middle-aged man from Maine
Who hadn’t known the use of a cane
But when his humbler was on
And Dev’s rice paddle was done
His ass was well reddened just the same

8. lockingandnursing - December 9, 2010

Dev humbled AB one morning in Maine
Denied since July, ABs rarely came
Putting dildo in ass as such
Tenga egg on dick in much
Keeping cum in AB was in vain

9. lockingandnursing - December 9, 2010

I just read back in your blog and saw where AB was initially in chastity since August. I guess I need to revise that one limerick:

Dev humbled AB one morning in Maine
Denied since August, ABs rarely came
Putting dildo in ass as such
Tenga egg on dick in much
Keeping cum in AB was in vain

10. lockingandnursing - December 9, 2010

Dev, you got my creative juices going!

Humbler installed, Ab couldn’t hardly move
For Dev, this would surely soon well prove
Up his ass a dildo, ACK
A rice paddle applied, wack
Ab was stuck and Dev found her groove!

11. Boater38 - December 9, 2010

Hickory dickory dock
There’s a humbler around AB’s cock
The clock struck 10
Dev. struck 50
AB’s ass is the color of a fire truck…..

That was fun.

12. endymion - December 9, 2010

Kinky limericks? How can I resist?

Her man he often did hump her
But chastity made him humbler
Since she likes to tease
And he aches for release
She fancies him in the humbler


13. Tom Allen - December 10, 2010

There once was a wanton named Dev
Who lived in the woods of New England.
When asked about sex,
Replied “Sometimes we do,
But mostly we just like the spanking.”

I used to write bad limericks, but I got bored. Now I just write anti-limericks.

14. Wilson - December 10, 2010

A Lover so very Devoted
To her Abstinent husband once quoted:
“You think I should unlock
The device on your cock?
Oh, so sorry, dear: you’ve been outvoted.”

15. Wilson - December 10, 2010

Now that all your resistance has crumbled,
I bet that you’re sorry you grumbled.
So just feel the smacks land,
For I won’t let you stand
Until you’re sufficiently humbled.

16. Wilson - December 10, 2010

In the metal embrace of its cage
Ab’s poor penis now cannot engage
In a blowjob, nor sex
Yet he never objects
For the humbler awaits, just offstage!

17. Wilson - December 10, 2010

You’d think that a cock cage would cripple
A man’s lust, but it seems to have tripled.
You see, Dev has a trick,
And just what flick’s Ab’s bic?
It’s the key on the ring on her nipple.

Wilson - December 10, 2010

See slightly improved version @27, below.

Wilson - December 10, 2010

Oops: now the fixed one says ’28’. And after I post this it’ll be ’29’. And if anyone else replies to any of these, it’ll be different again.

You’ll just have to scroll down a few to see it, I guess. 😉

18. Wilson - December 10, 2010

Dev’s arousal will not go to waste
Even though her Ab’s cock is encased
In a prison. In bed,
She gets plenty of head,
For it’s he, and not her, who is chaste.

19. Wilson - December 10, 2010

Dang: there should not be an apostrophe in “flicks” in the 4th one.

20. Wilson - December 10, 2010

As Ab knelt there, Dev started to muse
On the ass, balls and cock she’d abuse.
Who’d have thought so much fun
Could be made by her hon
With two pieces of wood and some screws?

21. Wilson - December 10, 2010

Sorry if I’m overdoing it, but this is fun. 🙂

As Ab knelt, humbler screwed on, to sup
On his wife’s moisture-filled ‘loving cup’,
She said, “You needn’t kneel
Too long. Here is the deal:
You can stop — ‘soon as you can stand up.”

devotedlvr - December 10, 2010

Hey, they’re great. Have at it!

22. Wilson - December 10, 2010

This is a minor revision of one of the limericks I already posted. On re-reading it, I found a few things I wanted to improve.

You’d think that a cock cage would cripple
A man’s lust, but it seems to have tripled!
You see, Dev has a trick,
And just what flicks Ab’s Bic?
It’s the key on the ring in her nipple.

23. Lockingandnursing - December 10, 2010

Having a humbler for use is quite nice
Putting your sub’s balls in much like a vice
Ass up for stuffing
Cock ready for roughing
Buns can be reddened hot, wishing for ice

24. Lockingandnursing - December 10, 2010

Humbler on, he was in a predicament
For Ab’s treatment Dev wasn’t ambivalent
Giving whacks with paddle
Ignoring his prattle
When Ab came, THEN he thought it was heaven-sent

25. Lockingandnursing - December 10, 2010

Humbled and pleasured with a tenga egg
Putting a dildo up his ass, “Relax!! She said
Working on him with glee
Spank me he did plea
Ahhh she thought,so good to hear a grown man beg

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