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Sex at 10:30 in the Morning? December 5, 2010

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Custom Maine Humbler, Slimline, Version 5

In the kitchen?

Well, yes.

It was supposed to be Humbler version 5 prototype testing and I guess it was. It just turned out to be quite a testing session.

Earlier in the week, Ab had brought home the latest iteration of the custom Maine Humbler that he has been designing and refining. I had been so insanely busy all week, however, that we never had a moment to test it, or even try it on. This morning, after my shower and getting dressed, I saw it sitting on the bedside table. “Time to test this,” I thought to myself.

Ab was taking it easy in the kitchen (we have a semi-sitting room at the end of the kitchen, which includes a small couch and two comfy chairs). I came in, slapping the “Slimline Humbler” in my palm. He gave me a funny look. “What’s up?” he said.

“Strip,” I said. “We’re testing this thing.”

He was out of his clothes in a flash. I had the screwdriver for his Watchful Mistress which I handed over. Previous Humbler testing with the device on had not been successful so I knew he needed a naked cock. Ab quickly complied.

I had him kneel down on the floor (he managed to grab a pillow, first) and I started to put the Humbler on. He seems to think that all his junk needs to go through the hole, not just his balls. If that’s the way he wants to wear it, fine with me. I screwed it shut (the screw and nuts are way too small; that will be modified in the next version) and then stepped back and looked at my husband. There he was, kneeling on the floor in front of me, his genitals framed in wood and offered up like a beautiful prize.

It suddenly hit me that I needed to take advantage of this situation. No way was I just going to put the Humbler on and call that “testing.” I needed to give this thing a workout.

I realized that Ab was looking around, watching my every move. I needed to sensory deprive him. Fortunately, I always have at least one sleeping mask in my purse. I pulled that out, took off his glasses and covered up his eyes. “What?” he said, puzzled. That was his first inkling that this testing was more than just a Humbler fitting.

“Can you stand up?” I asked. He awkwardly got to his feet but couldn’t straighten his legs. “Okay,” I said. “Back on your knees. I need to get some stuff in the other room. Don’t move.”

“I really can’t move,” he replied.

“Don’t even try,” I responded, shortly. (In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I was getting off on this whole experience, too.)

Tenga Egg (inside)

In the bedroom, I gathered up the lube, the little lavender dildo, and a Tenga egg. I tiptoed back into the kitchen where Ab was dutifully waiting, still on his knees. “Okay,” I said. “Now we can see how well this Humbler really works.”

I dripped some lube into the Tenga egg and slipped it over his cock. “What’s that?” he asked, but I wouldn’t tell him. (He never did figure out what I was using and was very surprised to see it when the blindfold finally came off.)

“Just something to help with a little cock massage,” I said.

I went to work, giving him a nice, slow massage. We’ve had the Tenga eggs for a few weeks now, but this was the first time I really got the gist of just how effective they can be. It fits like a little sock on his cock and made the massaging just so pleasant—for me, too.

I worked at that for a while and I could see he was getting agitated. Time to kick it up a notch, as Emeril would say. I dripped some lube down his ass and on his crack and started poking at his hole. “You want something in there?” I asked. He groaned, which I took for a yes. I started pushing the lavender dildo in. This one is quite small and soft and it has a tendency to bend, especially when the recipient is not fully relaxed. I gave his bum a little slap. “Don’t tense those muscles,” I said. “You’ll like this better if you don’t fight me.” Another groan, a deep breath and the little guy slipped right in.

I could see I was in for an extended teasing session so I pulled up a chair and got comfy. Then I went to town. I’d alternate: a little cock massage, a little ass play, some ball rubbing. Around and around I went. Occasionally I’d ask Ab a question. His answers devolved from groans to incoherent mumbles. At one point he did manage to squeak out, “I think I’m going to come.” Hands off at that point to give him a few seconds to regain his composure, then I’d go back to work.

We kept up like this for a good twenty minutes or so. The Humbler (remember, that was the whole point of all this) remained firmly in place, keeping his cock and balls nicely secured and available for my teasing pleasure.

I was wondering what the next step was when Ab gave me the perfect suggestion. “Spank me, please,” he said, “so I’ll remember this all day.” Ha! I didn’t need to be asked twice.

Authentic Japanese Rice Paddle

My favorite spanker is a wooden rice paddle that my sister brought me from Tokyo many years ago (if she only knew what I am doing with it these days!). It is the right size and weight and has a nice curve that seems to perfectly fit the curve of Ab’s butt. I grabbed the paddle from its hook (so convenient being in the kitchen) and started in—lightly at first, swat, swat, cheek-to-cheek. I eventually picked up the pace. His ass pinked up nicely. When he squirmed, I’d give his cock a little Tenga massage, then play with the dildo. One might say it was a trifecta of sexual stimulation.

Eventually I realized that our Humbler testing was drawing to its natural conclusion. A few more ass slaps then I put the paddle away. I removed the dildo, blindfold, the Humbler, and last, the Tenga egg. When that came off, a mysterious substance, not seen lately around this household, dripped on the pillow below Ab’s knees. “What’s that?” I asked. “Lube?”

“I think I came,” Ab said sheepishly.

“Clean it up,” I said, and he did. He confirmed that yes, in fact, he had come.

I sent him off to the shower with all the toys. “Wash everything well,” I said, “and I want you locked up after your shower.” He complied without question.

Fifteen minutes later he was back, dressed, locked, freshly shaved and smelling squeaky clean. “Thank you,” he said, “that was a unique sexual experience. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything like that before.”

“Well,” I said, “now you know one of the benefits of being a chaste man.”

“I guess I do,” he said, with a kiss and a wink.

He’s been all twitchy since then. He paced around the kitchen, then tried to take a nap—not surprisingly, unsuccessfully. He finally decided to go to work for a few hours. I guess he figured that playing with heavy equipment is what he needs to take the edge off. LOL.

What he really needs is me. 🙂



1. mikecb - December 5, 2010


*fans self*

I think I’ll go take a shower now… extra cold! ;-p

Congratulations on a lovely morning’s recreation!

devotedlvr - December 5, 2010

Perv? LOL. I thought of myself as a research scientist the entire time. Seriously, I did! 😉


2. keyhldr - December 6, 2010

AWESOME!! I might have to try something like that (we don’t have a humbler -yet- so we’ll have to improvise) with L2BL!

Thanks so much for sharing!

devotedlvr - December 6, 2010

I am sure you can be very creative, keyhldr! I have no doubt about that…


3. michael - December 6, 2010

would you like to see a orginal humbler? I would
be happy to load it to you.

devotedlvr - December 6, 2010

I think we are okay but thanks for the offer!


4. key4belle - December 6, 2010

You and Ab had a much more creative weekend then we did:) Sounds like a lot of fun.

devotedlvr - December 6, 2010

It was fun. I think Ab is already thinking about next time… 😉


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