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Attention and Focus December 3, 2010

Posted by Dev in Musings.
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I have been noticing that Ab seems a little distracted from a major point of our chaste lives for the past week or so, so I am posting graphic at left as a little reminder. Attention and focus, my dear!

He has been wearing his device daily since his brief hiatus last weekend. He did make an interesting comment the other day—I don’t recall the exact wording but it was something along the lines of, “The device isn’t particularly hot for me anymore, but since it turns you on, I’m happy to wear it.” I mused about hiding the key again and he said, “No, please don’t do that. I need my daily break and that’s a boundary I don’t want changed.” Fair enough. I’ll keep bringing it up, of course (because that’s what I do) but if access to the key/screwdriver is essential to keeping his head in the game, I’m willing to go along with that.

In terms of attention and focus, I suppose I could blame it on the fact that we’ve both been insanely busy this week. It’s nice having five days off for Thanksgiving, but then in the the week that follows, it seems that you have to work ten times as hard to catch up with the time that was missed. Certainly that’s been true this week for both of us. On top of that, I’m still dealing with the dregs of the worst cold in the world (15 days and counting). Fortunately, I’ve gotten past the “coughing so hard I pee in my pants” stage (THAT was unpleasant!) and I am just left with a lingering stuffy nose. Ab caught it, too, but fortunately, the virus seemed to have mutated enough (or he developed some natural immunity from having me cough and hack next to him every night) that he was never nearly as miserable as I was and the duration of his infection was much shorter. Still, even being sick for a few days can distract one from their needed attention and focus on chastity.

The good news is that for the first time in many weeks, Ab is taking the entire weekend off. Hooray! No tootling off to the factory to catch up on this or that. While plans for the weekend have not been cast in stone (or even set) I am hoping for a little pussy worship mixed in with lots of grown-up naked playtime. After two weeks of being off my stride I am ready to get back to normal in the “let’s have sex” department. We have two weeks left before chaos descends with young people home for the holiday and I am looking to take full advantage of our time alone. Have I mentioned before I like being empty-nesters? 🙂

We have something new arriving at the Devoted Lover household and I am hoping, hoping, HOPING that UPS brings it today (the estimated ship date was December 2nd to 7th). While not exactly a sex toy, it is something that can be used in a way to develop some erotic tension and play. It also has a practical side and if it works as planned, may also save us some money. Ab is both excited and anxious. Intrigued? Well, dear readers, you’ll just have to wait for more details. Hee hee hee…Ab is not the only one around here who gets teased. 😉



1. nuts4belle - December 3, 2010

Color me intrigued.

2. Dan - December 3, 2010

I love that graphic…something all us men should remember, whether locked or not!

3. david - December 6, 2010

“The device isn’t particularly hot for me anymore, but since it turns you on, I’m happy to wear it.”

Dev, I have been thinking about this comment for two days now. The comment just is NOT consistent with the rest of Ab’s behavior. May I suggest that there may be an unrealized message here?

You see, there are two types of “I don’t want to wear this thing”. One is what you (likely) suspect: the man feels he wants and needs to cum so badly that it is frustrating to wear. In this case, you need to remain firm as I know you have been. However, in the second case, it is a matter of the wearer just simply getting tired of the additional transactional cost of wearing the device. E.g., sitting to pee, more difficult showers, special underwear, having to bend over and tie your shoes differently, etc. etc. Just like anything else, this can be tedious and suck the fun out of chastity. I would use this analogy: Imagine having a hangnail and you were not able to cut it off. Eventually, you get REALLY tired of having a hangnail.

My suggestion: please consider letting Ab earn far more significant time out of the device. Of course, refuse his requests to cum–as that is the “type 1” type of frustration. It’s the “type 2” that you want to be flexible on. Make his relief contigent on approved behaviors, but please note that even Ab might not realize that his “not hot anymore” feeling may very well just be a signal that he needs more mental relief from that “hangnail”. We guys need a week or more of “rest” from the device every few weeks or so, at least this is true for me.

Please forgive me if I missed such commentary elsewhere, as I know you are thorough in your thought and research.


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