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Happy Thanksgiving from the Devoted Lover Household November 25, 2010

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and readers—even those outside the US. A day to give thanks is a good thing.

For a long time, I was very ambivalent about Thanksgiving. I wasn’t really crazy about the food and I felt like it was the final “throwing open the gates” of the holiday hoopla that ensues in December. Eating dinner in the middle of the day always makes me feel weird and face it—I’ve experienced enough angst at the holiday table over the years to make me want to wash my hands of the whole damn thing, forever.

But a few years ago, I realized that Thanksgiving, like July 4th and Labor Day, is one of our “pure” holidays. It’s celebrated on its real day (although it was on a moving Thursday back during World War II). It’s not hooked to a religious event that is now being toned down or multi-culturized. It is a day that exists for one reason only: to pause and give thanks. To reflect on things that we are grateful for and to acknowledge those we love. In a world that has gotten far too busy and complex, it is good to have a day that forces us to slow down and take a break.

Today, this is how I’ll be taking a break and giving thanks: writing a blog post; watching the Macy’s Parade; making creamed onions for dinner; eating some waffles with the family; glancing at the Detroit Lions vs. Patriots game; heading over to Mom’s for the family get-together; spending lots of time with my children; maybe watching a movie or something in the evening and last but not least, having some quality naked playtime with my chaste husband. Could anyone ask for a nicer day?

To everyone out there: have a wonderful day!

* * * * *

Update from Ab: for this morning’s dog walk he put a sock over his cage, per the suggestion of several commenters on this post. Worked great, he said. No cold nuts. Thanks, everyone, for the good advice!

* * * * *

My son, L, and his girlfriend, J, arrived home for the holiday last evening. Imagine my surprise when I saw, hanging around J’s neck, a great big skeleton key on a chain! I finally asked her what it was for. “Everyone asks me that,” she said. “It’s a great conversation piece.” Turns out she got it at the Salvation Army. “I tell people it’s the key to L’s heart.” Or cock! If only she knew…LOL

* * * * *

Tom Allen is taking the lead to create Keyheld: Chastity Resources for Lovers. This is an aggregate of blogs that focus on male chastity and orgasm denial as well as other resources. Think of it as a “go to” place to link to lots of useful stuff. That’s the plan, at least. LOL. If you are a blogger with a focus on chastity and would like to be included head on over to the Chastity Forum and leave a message in this thread. Tom will sign you right up.


1. Atone - November 25, 2010

My Thanksgiving dinner will most likely be salmon other I haven’t decided for sure what I will be ordering. Going out for Thanksgiving dinner was the best tradition I ever started in our family. My mom pretty much hates it though, she is coming around a bit now.

Funny about the key necklace. Of course, she might “only know”. If that is the case I am sure she will find this blog soon enough. That should spice up conversation around the dinner table.

Happy Thanksgiving,


2. Tom Allen - November 25, 2010

We tried dining out a few times. Hated it. My wife and I are both decent cooks, and since we entertain a lot, it’s not really any trouble.

Today we’re headed to my mum’s early to help cook. Turkey, narch. We had salmon last night.

3. devotedlvr - November 25, 2010

We ate out once and it wasn’t big success. My mother kept complaining about the cost of the meal! LOL. However, we have discovered the joy of eating out on Christmas Eve…

Creamed onions are done and I have to say, they came out perfectly this year. Yum!


4. q - November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Enjoy the day and each other. Turkey, potatoes, pie and wine are the menu for the day. Give thanks that we have friends and family to share these with.

Best regards,

5. keyhldr - November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ab as well! We’re headed out to a favorite restaurant for an amazing T-day buffet they put on. I love turkey, L2BL doesn’t eat it, so this works for us both.

Re: the skeleton key – – a mother can hope!!! 🙂

Love and hugs to you all,

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