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Baby, It’s Cold Outside November 22, 2010

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This may seem like a silly question but it came up in the Devoted Lover household so I thought I would throw it out there for advice and opinions.

Ab got up early to walk the dog yesterday and it was quite chilly—about 20° F. He was wearing his Watchful Mistress, one of his silk thongs, and jeans. He told me afterwards that he had an interesting reaction. The metal device got nice and cold, nice and fast. He said normally when a man is out in the cold his balls would contract up against his body. But because of the ring of the device, they were prevented from doing so. So he had the combination of very cold nuts and very cold device which wasn’t particularly comfortable.

I laughed and said we’d have to get him some fur-lined underpants. I actually searched online and found a fleece thong, but that looked more like a novelty item as opposed to something designed to keep you warm.

Have any other metal device wearing men faced this problem? What is your solution? It’s not cold enough yet to pull out the flannel-lined jeans and except for this one specific portion of his anatomy, he was warm and comfortable. He just didn’t like having a freezing cold cock.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

* * * * *

Earlier Prototypes, not so successful

Update from the Humbler research lab: We continue to do prototype testing on the custom “from the woods of Maine” Humbler. Ab brought the first prototype home which didn’t work—the opening was too big and the device was the wrong shape. A gracious reader sent me some measurements for the opening so we went through two more prototype models which didn’t work at all. Just look at the picture. Was was the woodworker thinking? LOL. But he brought home the latest version yesterday, pictured below. I have a terrible cold and have been feeling lousy so I went to bed early last night, thus we were not able to do any testing for fit or comfort. Hopefully tonight we’ll have a few minutes to play with it. I’ll report back. I do like the look of it, however. And now that I have discovered spanking, my mind reels with possibilities. <evil grin>

Current version, number 4

* * * * *

This is my one hundredth post on the blog and tomorrow is one hundred days of chastity for Ab and me. Two milestones! Who knew back in August when we started that this is where we’d be in November. Some immediate thoughts that come to mind:

  • The benefits that many ascribe to chastity, ie, being more helpful around the house and so on—that hasn’t really changed. Ab was doing all that stuff to begin with so what more could he take on?
  • What has changed is the way I think about sex. I think Ab would agree with this, too. Chastity has helped us to become much more inventive and creative. Face it, when you take intercourse off the table, you’ve got to find other things to do. We’ve been having lots of fun with the other things.
  • Communication has definitely improved. I’ve talked about this a lot in this blog and related how we have a very challenging time earlier this year. I think chastity has been important to help us find some closure related to the problems we were having, as well as grow and move forward as a couple.
  • I’ve spent a bunch of money on devices, toys, clothing, and so on. More than I expected but I am not complaining. As they say in the MasterCard ad, the value to our relationship? Priceless!
  • I’ve made new friends, people I enjoy conversing with here in the blog, on the Chastity Forum, and in email. Thanks to all who take the time to write and talk to me. I enjoy our interactions.

I had envisioned doing a big celebratory post for the 100/100 milestone but nothing is really coming to mind. Which is probably the way it should be, right? Chastity is just part of our lives. We are a chaste couple, as I like to say. That’s it, pure and simple.

And that’s very good.


1. Tom Allen - November 22, 2010

There really is not solution, except that you eventually get used to it. Although I found that wearing snugger jeans and better underwear kept me warmer, once you sit on a cold car seat, nothing will help. Things want to shrink up, and it can get uncomfortable. I’ve managed, but then, you’re in a colder area.

Congrats on the milestone. And you’re right – once it becomes a lifestyle change, then why make a huge fuss?

2. devotedlvr - November 22, 2010

I wondered about getting him a pair of silk briefs to wear over his thong. They say silk is supposed to keep you warm, right? So just another layer.

Thanks on the congrats. I can’t believe how fast these months have gone by…


3. Michael - November 22, 2010


I grew up in New England; down around Boston. Now I live in the South. I can’t say I miss the cold all that much.

I’ve been wondering about the opposite problem: can it get too hot? Like for instance in a hot tub or lying in the sun at the beach. Has anyone experienced a bad result from that?


4. devotedlvr - November 22, 2010

Good question, Michael. We had plenty of really warm days when we began this, back in August, but we didn’t go to the beach or anything. Anyone have a comment on this?

5. Tom Allen - November 23, 2010

No worries about the heat. I’ve been in a heated pool, a hot tub, at the beach, and outside doing landscaping in the summer. Yes, you’ll get sweaty, but some soap and a hot shower manages to keep things hygienic. I’ve had more issues dealing with the cold because everything is trying to shrink up.

A couple of hours snowblowing and shoveling is helped by some lotion around the cuff ring beforehand, and a hot shower afterward.

6. b2ounce - November 24, 2010

Ah! You’ve helped me answer a question Dev.
It has just started getting a bit cold in the UK and after I left the hotel in the morning and was walking to the railway station my balls felt really uncomfortable, as if the sack was being stretched. Until now this hasn’t been a problem and I wasnt really sure what was causing it. This morning, however, I was at home and just walked from the front door and got into the car with no problems. I guess it must have been stepping out into the cold air and staying there that was causing my balls to ‘pull up’ against the ring on my CB6000S.
Much obliged!

7. mancipium - November 24, 2010

I live in the mountains in the western US where it gets cold and stays cold. I’ve been using a plush cotton sock made for babies to keep their feet warm. Just slip in on over the CB and scrotum and it stays right where it should, works like a charm.

8. Celtic Queen - November 25, 2010

Thermal underwear all the time!! If you still fancy him in a pair of deeply unsexy granny pants then you have an unshakeable relationship! lol. My hub is from Australia originally and he finds the Welsh winters really challenging, bless him. Minus 8 degrees C due later this week so it’s wooly knickers all round.

9. Happy Thanksgiving from the Devoted Lover Household « The Key is on my Nipple Ring - November 25, 2010

[…] morning’s dog walk he put a sock over his cage, per the suggestion of several commenters on this post. Worked great, he said. No cold nuts. Thanks, everyone, for the good […]

10. Shane - November 29, 2010


I’ve thought about using these, http://www.amazon.com/HeatMax-Hand-Body-Warmer-Count/dp/B0007ZF4Q8/ref=pd_bxgy_sg_text_c. It does get cold up here…


11. devotedlvr - December 1, 2010

Those are cool looking, Shane. Thanks for the link!


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