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Greetings, SLOG and Savage Love Friends November 5, 2010

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As I noted in my previous post, Dan Savage had a letter in this week’s column about chastity. His answer wasn’t the best but I gave him credit for bringing up the topic and providing a few useful resources. I am sure Dan has zillions of readers of which I am only one. I figure if a few zillion pairs of eyes learn a little bit more about chastity, that’s a good thing.

I left a comment and a link to the blog. I had about six unique visitors who arrived from the Savage Love site shortly after I posted my comment.

Then yesterday, Dan published a letter in SLOG (his daily blog) from another reader, LOADED, who took him to task for his less than stellar answer. LOADED said:

A husband who tells his wife he wants to be locked in a chastity cage isn’t asking in code for more orgasms, or even just for greater intimacy, he’s asking to be sexually dominated in a specific way. Considering that this is a very difficult thing for a man to request, I’ll bet money that WIFE’s husband really does have this kink.

And he continued:

Like lots of other kinks, this one is surprising to lots of folks, but is real and specific.

Dan admitted that he blew it with his answer. And then, in his corrected answer he included this comment:

Several of the folks who jumped into the comments thread to slap me around just so happen to be married men whose wives just so happen to be keeping their cocks under lock and key—and they are all, of course, blogging about their experiences. If you’re wondering what it’s like to have your cock locked up—and “your cock” here can means the cock you were born with (because you’re a guy with a cock) or the cock you’ve locked up (because you’re a keyholder who has taken complete ownership of your partner’s cock), check out these informative, compelling, and well-written blogs:


Yay, Dan and wow! Two of my favorite blogs and ME! I almost fell over in a heap. Actually, I did fall over and am now just picking myself up to say something more gracious beyond “thank you.”

Looking at the site stats, I had 99 visitors from SLOG yesterday and 103 so far today…and today is barely nine hours old. Wowza! Welcome, new friends.

Please feel free to poke around. And as a bit of introduction…I started this blog back in August when my husband and I began our exploration of male chastity. Our case is a little bit different from many in that I suggested it to him and I suggested it, not because of a long-held fantasy or desire, but because of a hot story that I read that included chastity play. I couldn’t get the story out of my mind and before I knew it, I was surfing websites and looking at various chastity devices to buy. I locked my husband up on August 16th and we’ve been having a blast since then. We’re a little bit older—in our fifties—and have been married for 32 years. Chastity has been great in that it has definitely spiced up our sex life and got us talking about lots of things—not just sex. Improved communication and improved sex? What’s not to love? And, through this blog and my participation at The Chastity Forum, I’ve made several new friends, which is also great.

So, SLOG and Savage Love visitors, welcome. I’m glad you’re here. Please feel free to leave a comment—they are always welcome.



1. femsup - November 5, 2010

Being the chastity evangelist that you are there is nothing like a concrete evidence that other people like reading about their favourite pastime.

And what a treat they will have in store for them. Your writing is not only well written interesting but full of human warmth. So many times you haev been so gracious and accomodating and never argumentative. Always reasoned.

I wonder if its like ex smokers or in your case, ex partners of a cock bearing man who are now partners and key holders of cock bearing men who no longer own their cock. I bet as converts they are more zealous than their sisters who have been fantasising about it for much longer.

Gee if you can aclimatise and come up with so much wonderful musings after such a short period then what will you be like in a years time?

2. devotedlvr - November 6, 2010

Thanks for that nice comment, femsup. I do hope that people find this blog as enjoyable next November as they do now! I certainly enjoy writing it and comments like yours make all the time and effort worth it. Thanks!

Big hugs,


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