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X-Ray Vision November 3, 2010

Posted by Dev in Musings.
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I’ve always been in inveterate crotch-watcher but now it is even more fascinating. “Is that guy packing some plastic?” I think to myself. “Is there a Jailbird tucked among those folds of denim?” Even with all my years of experience as an eye-baller, I have yet to see a man sporting a chastity device—at least that I am aware of. So comments like this, from The Glow Inside blog, make me chuckle:

No matter what you do, your balls are always going to be a target for squishing and your pants are always going to have a large, strange and basically immovable bulge somewhere inside them.

Okay, maybe a guy’s balls will be getting squished and that’s uncomfortable but I have yet to notice “a large, strange and basically immovable bulge” in someone’s pants. And I do look! Who knows how many chastity devices have been sold? I found this comment from Tom Allen posted on a fairly stupid article (but of course, the always eloquent Tom had a good comment and brightened the discourse):

That said, it’s difficult to get solid numbers for the sales of modern chastity devices, but based on various reports form several online adult toy distributors, AL Enterprises, the makers of the CB2000, CB3000, and the CB6000 have probably sold several hundred thousand devices since they started manufacturing them about 10 years ago.

So if they’ve sold several hundred thousand, you’d think that I’d at least notice one chastity device out there in the wild, wouldn’t you? Well, so far nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. Which translates into, guys, stop worrying how much your device shows in your pants. It doesn’t. At least when your fly is zipped.

This point was further reinforced to me last night. I have been feeling a little unsettled about our rule modification wherein Ab has more access to the key and screwdriver. I realized that I gave him back a little of the control he gave me and that was bothering me. Yes, he told me I could trust him and he would only take off the device to bathe, change it, or take a break because it was painful. Even so, part of me wants reassurance that this is in fact, true. During the day yesterday I didn’t have that reassurance (I suppose I could have asked me to send a picture) so I was feeling a little bit stressed about this. Needless to say, when I got home, my eyes went straight to his crotch.

Not Rudolf Nureyev and no comfort clothes!

Ab was in the kitchen wearing a rather unusual “casual comfort at home” outfit. Let’s just say he looked a little like Rudolf Nureyev in a baggy t-shirt. LOL. Although the t-shirt hung down, the pants should have been revealing enough that if something was going to show, I would have seen it but still, nothing. Verification that the device was in place required a quick hand rub and of course, I had to camouflage that maneuver with a kiss and few sweet nothings of the “I’m so happy to be home and see you, I’ve missed you today,” variety. He responded to that with a little crotch grind which really gave me a chance to verify that yup, the Watchful Mistress was still in place and locked on. That, of course made us even a little more friskier so I had to ask for some visual verification. Ab happily complied.

Whoever would have though a couple could have so much fun with five ounces of metal screwed onto a guy’s genitals? If you told me this back in July, I am not sure I would have believed it. But I am a believer now! 😉

I will say, the Watchful Mistress is incredibly small. Tiny, even. It is only ¼” shorter than the Jailbird, but qualitatively, it looks like we’ve switched from “regular” to “petite.” The cock fills it right up to the end with no room for wiggling or expansion at all. Any arousal goes backwards as I was easily able to demonstrate during my visual verification check. And that backward arousal seems to be hardwired to Ab’s brain as it didn’t take much to get him moaning and groaning. “C’mon, c’mon,” he mumbled, “I’ve gotta cook dinner. We can play afterwards.”

And we did.

As long as I keep working on the reassurance and visual verification, I suspect the Watchful Mistress will stay firmly screwed on. Which is a good thing, all around.


1. PortSide - November 3, 2010

“When you gaze into the crotch, the crotch gazes into you.” I’m sure someone famous said that…

devotedlvr - November 3, 2010

Even if it wasn’t someone famous it sounds like it should be! LOL.


Tom Allen - November 3, 2010

Yes, it was Richard “Dick” Kant.

Oh, I crack myself up!

2. lockingandnursing - November 3, 2010

Hi Dev,

I’ve worn my CB3000 off and on for quite a while. No one has ever commented on my crotch hardware, or even insinuated that there seemed to be something strange going on there. You might think it strange that anyone WOULD mention it, and rightly so. However, I work with a bunch of men, in a somewhat close-knit group. There is NOTHING, no subject of discussion, considered taboo. Maybe the closest to a mention is from one guy to others that I “…have a hog….”. This was not said to me, but rather about me, with news of the comment being repeated for my information. Now I don’t consider

3. lockingandnursing - November 3, 2010

Oops….sorry about that. I accidently hit the “Publish” button.

Now I don’t consider myself huge, but maybe a slight bit bigger than “normal”, whatever that means, ha. Seems though, that possibly he noticed my “size” when wearing the CB. With the anatomical shape of the plastic, I see how the mistake could easily be made. Since he has a tendency to speak of subjects of the more “off-color” sort, I now have the supposed benefit of having the reputation of being quite well endowed. Being locked all the time when not in K’s presence, I’m not about to attempt to prove them wrong, am I (wink)?


4. Tom Allen - November 3, 2010

About the numbers:
Assume that ALE has sold 250,000 devices in the last 10 years. We know that many people end up buying more than one device, e.g., they buy the next “upgrade.” You & Ab now own 3. Soem people started with the CB2k, went to a 3k, and now use the 6k. I can’t even guess at the number of repeat buyers, but it’s possible that many of those sales went to the same person who replaced a broken device after the warranty date. Plus, consider, too, that some men probably wear their device rarely.

Point being that there are probably not 250,000 men who are locked up right now.

Just for a WAG (wild-assed guess), let’s use the 80/20 rule and say that 50,000 men are locked up at any one time. Knowing where you live gives me the percentage of potential wearers (not factoring in that you’d find more wearers in major urban centers, etc.), I come up with an eligible (i.e., adult males between 20 and 60) population of less than 250 men in your geographic region.

When you consider that many men are trying to hide wearing the devices, it means that you’re gonna have to do a lot of crotch watching to spot another one.

5. devotedlvr - November 3, 2010

You & Ab now own 3.

Four, actually, and a cock ring, although I’d say only 3 of the devices are truly functional.

…it means that you’re gonna have to do a lot of crotch watching to spot another one.

It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it. 😉


lockingandnursing - November 3, 2010

You can have the duty Dev. You won’t catch me trying to help you with it.

6. femsup - November 3, 2010

I have a freind who always on meeting will look down at my crotch.Its only for a second but she can’t help it.I suppose its the same withme and cleavage.I like that she does that and is enjoying the “Female Gaze”.

7. Twisted Mister - September 28, 2011

The odds of a chance meeting aren’t particularly good. I’m pretty sure that I live in your area but you’ve probably never even seen me, let alone been able to check for a bulge- and there most definitely *is* one, but I usually keep it covered up with an untucked shirt (especially at work) unless my wife wants it on display. It’s not so visible in the Winter, when I’m wearing double-layer long-johns and insulated jeans, but in the Summer it certainly is visible, more so if the particular jeans are tighter, and/or older ones where the material has grown a little thin.

We’re out there…

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