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Update on Mature Metal Devices October 29, 2010

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I can spill the beans now because Ab’s new devices arrived yesterday. I had been keeping it a secret and didn’t want to spoil the surprise by writing about them here until he had them in hand. I am including some pictures that might be considered not safe for work, so please continue reading, after the jump…

The Jailbird arrived at the end of September, but I like keeping my cock nicely dressed and wanted to have a few options, so a few weeks ago I ordered another device from Mature Metal: the Watchful Mistress. I realize there is no real need for another—plenty of people wear the same device for years on end it seems—but I like variety and heck, this is a game. Why not have fun?

Then, last weekend Ab wanted out of his Jailbird for a while because he was complaining about a sore spot. I agreed but realized I didn’t like to have him be completely “undressed.” I persuaded him to wear the base ring. Looking at it, and looking at the Mature Metal website, I realized I wanted him to be wearing a single locking cock ring. I emailed Mr. MM and asked if he could add the extra ring to my already existing order? The immediate reply was, “Sure. No problem.”

We started emailing back and forth about the Chastity Forum and number of people ordering Mature Metal devices and the next thing I know, Mr. MM popped up as a member! That was great—now folks had the option to ask him questions directly. One thing he said was that he had an option for a screw modification. He’d thread the hole and send a screw and driver that could be used to secure the device, in lieu of a lock. The timing of this was providential because just a few days before Ab was complaining about the key on my nipple ring. He said sometimes he felt like he had a mouthful of metal and didn’t particularly care for that. Well, a screw instead of a lock? No need for a key? Sounds good to me! I immediately emailed Mr. MM and asked if he could make this modification to my WM and the cock ring. Once again, the immediate reply, “Sure. No problem.”

Everything arrived yesterday. Ab seemed pleased although slightly overwhelmed. I will give him some slack on this…it was about 9 pm on Thursday. He had a very busy, stressful week and was exhausted. Drumming up a lot of enthusiasm for a new chastity device wasn’t necessarily number one on his priority list. Plus, he had been complaining (again) about some soreness from the Jailbird and was, in fact, device-free when I got home (he had asked me for the hiding place for the key). So trying on a couple of new devices when his cock wasn’t feeling 100% was also not the best scenario. Even so, he was a willing participant and gave me a nice “fashion show.” (As an aside, one thing I have learned during these weeks of the chastity game is that my husband is not a masochist! LOL.)

Here are a few pictures. This is our whole collection. On the left you can see the two cages: Jailbird and Watchful Mistress. Next to the cages (on the right) are the three base rings we have. One of them is threaded; the

other two are designed for a lock. Below the WM is the cock ring. And then the securing devices: banged up Wolf Dog lock, two screwdrivers and two Torx screws. Apparently they screws have a pin in the middle which makes them slightly unusual—any random Torx driver is not going to work for these screws.

Here’s another picture of the cock ring, screw, and driver and just a picture of the cock ring put together.

Ab tried the cock ring on and screwed it together. He said it felt comfortable and he liked the fit. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to snag a picture of that. Here he is wearing the Watchful Mistress and putting the screw in place:

And here is the device all secured:

Doesn’t it look nice? 🙂

He wore it all through dinner but then afterwards asked if he could take it off. Remember we are still dealing with a lingering soreness problem. He did say that the WM did feel smaller (it is 1/4″ shorter than the JB). He was wondering if perhaps the problem was in the gap, not the length. I wrote Mr. MM and asked if it would be possible to change the gap from 1/4″ to 3/8″ and his immediate response was, “Sure. No problem.” I would need to return the cage and the ring. We’re going to wait on that, though, and take a few days to work out overall sizing. Now that we have multiple rings and cages we do have a number of possibilities to work through to come up with the best, most comfortable fit.

I’ll keep you posted.

* * * * *

At about 3 am we both woke up and, as usual, our hands were all over each other. I started playing with the cock and it got nice and erect—that was a really good feeling since not so long ago I didn’t get to feel that very often. I kept stimulating him with my hand for a few minutes at which point Ab said I was being a little too vigorous. My hand’s too vigorous? Okay then, how about my vagina—he could get in me with the proviso of no coming.  He agreed (actually, he sort of moaned and grunted; I took that as a yes). He rolled onto me and little Ab got put in place. Boy, that felt good and Ab agreed. He thought it felt fantastic. We fucked nice and slow for a while and then…at the critical moment, he pulled out. He finished me off with the vibrator which didn’t take long at all and then we rolled into each other’s arms and went sound to sleep. I proceeded to have an incredibly sexy dream from which I woke up all hot and bothered and raring to go.

Thank God it’s Friday!


1. key4belle - October 30, 2010

I will be interested to see which one he like better in the long run. I really debated between the JB and the WM. Keep us updated!

devotedlvr - October 30, 2010

When I came home from work yesterday, he had screwed himself in the Watchful Mistress. So far, no complaints. I’ll keep you posted.


2. femsup - October 31, 2010

Knowing of you love of seeing a man “dressed” in hard steel I wondered if the devices sexy looks and how your man looks in them might sometimes come before their practicality and functionality.

As to the ring in your nipple.Well that is your trademark and you will have to get a new avatar.Besides I would think that knowing the key to your penis was associated with such a sexy placement that he would tolerate the metal in mouth.

devotedlvr - November 1, 2010

I am not changing my avatar nor am I not changing the name of the blog. LOL.

Yes, I do love the look of the steel but having used the Jailbird for over a month, and now the Watchful Mistress, I can assure you that they are both very functional and secure.


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