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T-10 Hours and Counting? October 8, 2010

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Not quite. As they say at Mission Control, “Liftoff has been delayed.”

Regular readers will know that today was supposed to be the big unlock day. However, plans have changed.

We were hoping for a quiet, romantic weekend together. Mid-week, I could see the handwriting on the wall that this might not be the case. It started with my mom who asked if we could do some entertaining—she has a house guest and she wanted us to help with driving and so on, plus go to the movies and maybe have them both over for lunch on Sunday. Next, we got an email that our daughter was coming home from college for the weekend; somehow in the midst of everything, I forgot that it’s a 3-day weekend with Columbus Day on Monday. Then, because good things come in threes, I got my period. Sigh.

I had suggested to Ab on Wednesday night that I might consider an extra week of being locked. This idea was not received graciously or happily. I thought I was trying to push the limits a little bit—after all, I’m the keyholder and I’m in charge, right?—but I realize in retrospect, I was probably being pre-period bitchy. (Ab, honey, I’m sorry for that. I’ll try to do better next time.)

During the day Thursday I sent him a text, indicating that I would stick to the original plan: unlocked on Friday at 6 pm. We’d make do with my period and the entertaining.

Thursday evening, at our very late dinner, Ab suggested that maybe waiting a week was a good idea. He agreed that having our daughter home can put a damper on the sexual adventurousness in the house. Since we did want this to be a weekend that was all about us, let’s wait until we could be alone.

Thus we are back to T-177.5 hours and counting…

* * * * *

Morning ball massages are becoming wonderful, wonderful things that Ab and I both love and look forward to. The one the other day, when he had his little mini-orgasm (or whatever it was) is the exception, not the rule. The more usual routine is soft and quiet and very relaxing.

He sends me some sort of psychic signal that he’s ready, or it’s time, or would I consider indulging him? I am not sure how I get the message, because it’s not verbal, but I definitely pick up on it. This morning it was at 3:30 am, a little earlier than usual. He partially turns towards me to give me easy access to his package (and it really is a package, now!). The Jailbird is wonderful because I can cup everything in my hand. The metal is so much smoother than the plastic and no pokey pegs to contend with. Then I just massage. This morning, he didn’t get hard—not even a little bit. I could feel Ab relaxing and enjoying having his cock—our cock—lovingly attended to. He drifted off to sleep without any suckling, which was fine with me because I’ve got the breast tenderness-bloaty thing going on. I went back to sleep too and had a really wonderful dream about…well, let’s just say, did anyone know that Hugh Jackman is making a pirate movie? And he likes to have sex with random women who happen to be wandering on the set? 😉


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