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Another Day, Another Orgasm… October 4, 2010

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Five a.m. is becoming the magic hour in the Devoted Lover household.

Ab and I tend to wake up at the same time, although I don’t have to get up as early as he does. As I have mentioned, in the old days (ie, pre-chastity), I’d pretend to be asleep while he’d do whatever he was doing over there next to me.

Now, that has changed. I hear him awaken and I roll over and reach for his cock—my cock, actually—for a little bit of morning fun.

It’s in these early morning hours that I can actually think of it as my cock. During the day, it sounds a little silly to me, to say, “I own my husband’s cock.” But in the morning, when the light is diffuse and we’re feeling the langour of sleep, it’s easy to claim ownership. I feel the cage, I feel the lock, I feel the key pressing into my breast and I know that I am the one in charge.

And so this morning I began with my usual massage, wanting to make my cock feel good for the day. I love the velvety skin on his sac, feeling his balls, contrasting that with the smooth metal of the Jailbird.

Ab responds well to these ministrations of mine. He vocalizes little whimpering noises, his hips buck—I know I am giving him a wonderful tease. A little nipple tweak is all that is needed to elicit a bigger groan and get him to turn on his side towards me.

The benefit of this change in position is that I can get my hand around the cage more effectively and I know that his hand will soon be finding my pussy and clit. And as usual, I am right. My sounds and movements begin to mimic his.

We rock together in pleasure. The emotions are building between us. I move into him and let my body and mind relax. I actually hadn’t slept very well. I have a stressful week coming up and I had a bunch of weird dreams that anticipated the week. You know the kind—it looks like work but all the people are acting strange and everything is going wrong and I am helpless to stop it. Not too restful.

Anyway, as the whatever-they-are chemicals started flowing through my body in earnest (mostly likely endorphins), the dreams were banished and I gave myself over to the pleasure of the moment. We were both in that mindless place.

Then, this morning, something a little different happened. Ab rocked, he bucked, and then a squirt. Of what? I’m not sure. Pre-come, semen? Probably the former (it felt more watery too me than semen usually feels) but there was more of the liquid than I’ve come to expect with pre-come. Ab made a nice little puddle in the bed between us. We laughed.

Whatever the exact nature of the release, it seemed to be enough to satisfy Ab. He ramped up the finger action but I said, “Grab the Magic Wand.”  Sometimes a girl needs to be practical and this morning, I wanted the job done all the way to the grand finale big O finish. It didn’t take long.

Ah, bliss! On the Dev Orgasm-O-Meter, I’d give this one a definite six.

We cuddled for a few minutes and then Ab slipped out of bed to walk the dog and get ready for work. I went back to sleep for an hour or so and probably had better quality sleep in that one hour than I had in the preceding eight.

Doctors like to throw pills at people to solve a variety of problems and people love to take them. I, however, resist. I know I could go to my provider and say, “I have trouble sleeping” and get a prescription for Ambien or whatever. Or…I could just let my own natural healing chemicals come out and do the job and feel much better afterwards, in so many ways.

It’s a little after 5 pm. I am nine hours into a twelve hour day and I don’t feel tired. In fact, just thinking of the perfect start to the morning has been wonderfully therapeutic for me all day.

Like I said, 5 am is becoming the magic hour in our bed and our lives. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to that old way of living—and I certainly don’t want to. I am sure Ab would agree. Some people, when they are questioning chastity, focus on what is being “given up.” That’s such a glass half-empty viewpoint. Instead, focus on what is being gained and from that perspective, my glass is overflowing.



1. womenwanterotictalk - October 4, 2010

I have spoken to a lady who let him “out” ONLY once every three months…They both really got into it!

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