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It’s Here and It’s Locked On! October 1, 2010

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The Jailbird is here, on, locked, and oh man, is it a thing of beauty!

It arrived yesterday and Ab ramped up the excitement by sending me a picture of the box in the mailbox. Thursday is one of my late nights to work and last night I was there right up to the last minute. Some evenings I might be able to leave an hour or so early but naturally, when I am excited to get home, things keep popping up at the last minute, delaying my departure. Last night was one of those nights.

Ab was waiting for me on the steps. He was, clearly, as excited as me but unlike when the Birdcage arrived, which he had opened and put on before I got home, this time he waited.

The Jailbird was packed in a little faux-suede pouch with “MM” handwritten on the front. Mature Metal is clearly a one-person business but I like that. No more mass-produced chastity devices for us! We’ve gone from a cheap, off the rack suit to a custom made bespoke tuxedo. My husband deserves the best. 😉

When we took the Jailbird out my first thought was, “This thing is small.” It’s very small. I mean, scarily small. I know my husband’s cock isn’t porn-star size, but I never thought it was particularly petite, either. I had ordered small because I wanted snug but looking at the cage, I had a moment of panic. Had I gone overboard in the sizing down department? I had used the measurements of the CB-6000s and Mr. MM’s advice on what size to select. Here’s a refresher for what we chose:

CB: Length: 2 1/2″; inside diameter: 1 3/8″; ring: 1 3/4″; gap: 1/4″ (smallest spacer)

Jailbird: Length: 2″; inside diameter: 1 1/4″; ring: 1 3/4″; gap: 1/4″

Well, no going back. This is what we had and if it was too small, we’d deal with that problem later. Right now was the moment so see if we could get the damn thing on.

Ab started slow. First the ring, which is a solid metal ring. It’s supposedly oval but as others have noted, it’s the roundest oval I’ve seen in a while. Ab was used to a solid ring like this as it was the same on the Birdcage (the CB doesn’t have a solid ring, as most people here probably know). He tugged and pulled, getting his balls in first, then poking his cock through. Success! The ring seemed to fit properly.

Now the cage. He started to fiddle but realized quickly he needed some lubricant—body lotion is his moisturizer of choice. He rubbed some on then started to slide the cage on again.

Observant readers will realize, of course, that all this manipulating and fiddling was causing his cock to have a natural reaction which wasn’t helping the size issue. LOL. As Lucy Fairbourne pointed out in her keyholder book, if a man gets off on the idea of being locked up, then the actual act of being locked up is going to be stimulating. Makes sense, right? Ab is no exception.

We paused, waited a minute, then slid and wiggled some more. Eventually, he got the cage on completely on and started to work to close the gap, getting the pin from the ring through the tube on the cage. Gentle push, gentle push—I didn’t want to pinch his skin. Finally, we had the holes lined up. Now to put in the lock.

At this moment, we realized we were at a really bad angle relative to each other, plus I was having a hard time seeing anything. I needed to sit to be at eye level to his cock, plus I needed a better light. We moved to the table, took a deep breath and got back to work.

The Masterlock (from the CB-6000s) is a very tight fit. We wiggled it in and snapped it shut, but Ab was worried that there wasn’t enough play. So we took that off and went with the other lock we have, the fairly cheap looking WolfDog. The shackle on that one is a bit thinner (probably a millimeter). Now I learn from the Chastity Forums that the lock is what keeps the device from rotating around. Ah, okay. We may be switching back to the Masterlock this evening.

Finally, it’s on, it’s locked, and I stepped back to admire my well-dressed husband—or should I say, my well-dressed cock? Either way, it looked great. His balls were sort of pillowing up on the side and the Jailbird was nestled in the middle, looking like a piece of fine jewelry on display just for me. Gorgeous!

And I am so glad he’s back in metal. It sends a very Zen message: “I wear metal and I’m man enough to let my wife lock me up.” It really contradicts that sissy-femmy stuff you hear so much about.

Twelve hours later, he tells me he’s a little sore in a few new places but overall, it’s comfortable and feels good. It’s about 3 oz heavier than the CB, but because it’s snug and tight, that seems to balance out the weight.

I can’t wait to get home and see it again!

* * * * *

Last night, Ab confessed to me that he broke the no touching rule while he was out of the device yesterday. He told me that he looked at some porn and masturbated a little during his lunch break, but no orgasm.

“How was your erection?” I asked.

“Not great,” he admitted. I wondered if that was his baby boomer guilt kicking in. Like all of us who grew up learning how to “play well with others,” Ab has one of those consciences that makes him atone for his sins, even when he hasn’t done anything wrong! I can sympathize. I am the same way.

This was a useful learning experience. I told him I trusted him, I expected a certain type of behavior and I got…a human response. I mean, this was the man who prior to August 16th was masturbating daily. I really expected him to stop completely—this soon? I think that will take a while. His various devices have been adequate deterrents but clearly the temptation to play when he had the opportunity overruled his mental honor system. Now I know that I need to be vigilant and keep him locked, 24/7.

He has 173 hours until his scheduled release on October 8th. My plan is to keep him locked from now ’til then. The JB will only come off if something needs adjustment or fixing related to the new device. That’s it.

Have I mentioned lately how much fun this all is? More later…


1. Billus - October 1, 2010

As I said in the forum, welcome to the JB club! I just took mine off after three days straight. It does take time to get used to a new device, and my problem was just some soreness radiating up from the groin into the abdomen. I’m going to rest up over the weekend and try again.

devotedlvr - October 1, 2010

Thank you, Billus! It’s a great club to be in and Ab and I are thrilled to be members. I hope Bill at Mature Metal knows how happy he is making lots of people. It’s a fabulous looking device and beautifully made. I know I balked (at first) at the $260 price tag but in the days since I’ve ordered it, I’ve had a chance to price some of the other devices out there (mostly from links at the Forum) and really—the JB is a bargain. Plus, for those of us here in the US, free shipping, too which is even better.

Looking at the clock it’s after 5—I think it is time to call it a day and get back home to Ab and the JB. 😉


2. Mykey - October 1, 2010

Well gosh, your enthusiasm and strictness made this a very ‘exciting’ post to read!


devotedlvr - October 2, 2010

Thank you, Mykey!

3. Michael_X - October 2, 2010


I hope breaking in the new device goes smoothly. I’ve found that it takes a little while to adjust to a new device but providing one keeps things well lubed with moisturising cream it’s not long before most of the time one forgets it is there.


devotedlvr - October 2, 2010

This morning he said it was a little sore on the left side, but he is putting on moisturizer and keeping the area soft.


4. Lockedhubby - October 2, 2010

Congrats on the new device! The Jailbird is the ONLY item on my Christmas list this year. Hopefully Mrs Claus will come through!

My wife and I recently discovered your blog. She read your excellent post on Getting the Ladies on Board. Hearing a woman’s POV on the subject of male chastity was very comforting and informative to her.

Thanks for the great blog!

devotedlvr - October 2, 2010

Thanks for your comment, Lockedhubby! I am thrilled your wife found my post comforting and informative. I have a bit of a passion on speaking to the ladies out there because I think chastity can be a win-win situation for couples who are open to the idea. I am go glad the blog is helpful.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and welcome to the club! And a Jailbird for Christmas sounds like the perfect present to me…. 😉


5. femsup - October 4, 2010

You have professed your love for steel and so having him in this must be very attractive to you and erotic.He must feel like a nihgt in tight shining armour ready to do the bidding of his Lady.At least as far as orgasm control is concerned.I am reading increasingly of couples who confine the males submission to just or primarily too chastity.

devotedlvr - October 4, 2010

That’s a good way to put it. A knight in shining armor…I like that. Thanks for your comment!


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