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Quotes from Ab: IX September 24, 2010

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“I love you.” “I missed you today.”

I love you is not so unusual—Ab says that to me quite a bit and I do too. But “I missed you today”? That was a surprise. I don’t hear that very often.

As I have mentioned, I work late on Mondays. Ab always waits to have dinner with me, even if it is around 9 pm. Anyway, this past Monday, as we were eating, “I missed you today” just popped out of his mouth. I was very surprised, and touched. “You missed me?” I said.

He nodded. “Yes…we had had a nice weekend together, went  out to lunch, talked a lot…I realized today, I missed you.”

That feeling has gone on through the week, for both of us. It hit me that we are both in a very good emotional place, very loving and affectionate. It is clear that Ab has reached a certain level of sexual frustration and pent-up energy and he is turning all that energy on me. What a powerful and empowering feeling that is! I feel like a bright, hot light is being shined directly on me—sort of like being in the spotlight on stage. He misses me, he wants me, he desires me. I am loving that and because it feels so good, I will do just about anything to keep the feeling going. Little kindnesses, gifts, sexual teasing—it’s all good.

* * * * *

We’ve gotten into a different routine in the morning. Ab has always gotten up before me to go to work (he’s much more of a morning person than I am). Generally he’d wake up at 5 am, masturbate, then get up. I knew what he was up to but I usually pretended to be asleep since his wanking didn’t involve me. And why didn’t it involve me? There’s a question I never asked.

Now, I let him know I am awake. We cuddle, we kiss. I have discovered I really love giving him an early morning ball massage, complete with groans of frustration. If the vibrator makes an appearance, that’s a bonus for me, but it doesn’t have to. I fantasize about unlocking him but I don’t actually do it because we have a goal. 🙂 Then, after 15 or 20 minutes, he gets up and I stay in bed, enjoying the tingly afterglow. I think this is a very good way to start the day, much better than having an alarm blaring in your ear and waking you from a deep, sound sleep. A gradual rise to consciousness with affectionate loving is much better for our nervous systems and emotional health, in my opinion.

And then, I am ready to start my day, too.

* * * * *

The key is off my nipple ring, at least for the moment.

It started off on the right side, then a few weeks ago, I switched it to the left. My left nipple has always been the more tender and temperamental one so after a week or ten days, it was feeling a little sore, thus the key got switched back to the right. Now the right one is feeling sore—but not in the same way. It’s sort of like I feel a bruise in my breast. That was alarming and not particularly comfortable so I decided to just take break for today and see if the feeling subsides.

For the moment, the key is on the bedside table and it’s not hidden. It doesn’t need to be. Another realization of this week has been that the game, for us, is not about him begging for the key (in other words, begging for release and having an orgasm). It’s much more about working together towards this mutual goal that we have identified. It’s a different spin than what’s “traditional” or “typical” and it seems to be working well for us.

Of course, if I come home and find out he’s unlocked himself and rubbed one out in the shower, then I’ll be eating my words. LOL. I’ll keep everyone posted.



1. atone44 - September 24, 2010

I would put the key away. It doesn’t have to be hidden so well he couldn’t find it, just not out in the clear. I wouldn’t want him to get the message that this isn’t important to you. He will follow your cues.

Sorry to hear about the pain in your, well you know where. Hope it gets better.


atone44 - September 24, 2010

I’ll also add that I would be crushed if my wife all of a sudden just left the key out somewhere. But I know you and Ab are coming (or not coming) at this from a different direction.


devotedlvr - September 24, 2010

Good points, A. He had actually asked if he could remove his CB for cleaning this afternoon (we’ve gone from daily to twice weekly, on Tuesday and Friday). So if he reads this, he’ll know where the key is. When I get home, I’ll put it away, either back on my nipple ring or somewhere else, for the time being, til the bruising goes away.


2. Tutor - September 24, 2010

I totally agree with atone about putting the key away, currently my key is sitting in the bathroom (after my morning shower), my wife is out and about.
It’s always a nice thrill to come home after work and noticing the key is gone from where I left it. Yesterday it had been placed on a hook on the fridge, when I came home she made it a point to ask if I had noticed that it wasn’t there anymore… *g*

3. devotedlvr - September 24, 2010

You guys have convinced me. I’ll definitely be moving it when I get home.

My breast is still sore but I am wondering if it is where I am in my monthly cycle.


4. Michael_X - September 24, 2010

Just to repeat what has already been said 🙂 I’m another one for whom leaving the key lying around doesn’t work. It feels like a sign of disinterest.

What we have is a small mechanical combination keysafe. She can still leave it conveniently lying by her bedside with little greater effort but from my perspective it is out of sight and out of reach, and less likely to get lost.

A key can be a great prop for psychological teasing. Just get it out, play with it, and then put it away again without saying a word.


5. mikecb - September 24, 2010

Sorry to hear your nips are sore. I have both pierced. It took more than 3 years before they could handle play or rough handling without getting flared up. I love ’em now, though!


devotedlvr - September 25, 2010

It’s been four years since I had mine pierced. I have decided that the problem is hormonal (monthly cycle) not physical. The key will be back on my nipple ring in a day or two, I’m sure.


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