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I Don’t Think So… September 20, 2010

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While surfing the web, I came across the chastity device pictured at the left. It is custom manufactured by a small machine shop in the Pacific Northwest. While I am sure they are very carefully made, the thought of having a wand (or sound) in my husband’s urethra full-time gives me the heebie-jeebies. The uretha is a fairly delicate structure and I don’t think having a metal bar in there long-term is a very good idea. Chastity is supposed to be a game and fun, not something that lands you in the urologist’s office.

The very open design is also something that I wonder about. It seems that for many men, not having any access to their cocks is a consideration in which device they choose. The polycarbonate CBs cover the penis completely, as does the Steelworxx tube that Thumper wears. For me, I like having a little touch of velvety cock skin; that was one of the things I liked about the Birdcage and what I am looking forward to with the Jailbird. I’ll be able to touch but Ab won’t be able to grow. Sounds delish!

Of course, if we want to talk about total coverage there is the Latowski belt, but for me, this is another “I don’t think so” device. LOL. Despite its high-tech shiny look (all that gleaming steel is quite nice), the overall effect is just too medieval for me! Plus, I am not sure I want to be bumping up against all that metal in the night. And cost is a factor. At 1210 euros ($1578 USD) this thing is not cheap. For US customers, you also have to factor in the cost of a trip to Germany to be custom-fitted for the device. I wonder how many of these are actually sold. In fact, I wonder about sales of chastity devices in general. Are there a few hundred of us kinksters out there? A few thousand? Millions?



1. atone44 - September 20, 2010

There is one that has both a hollow urethra plug and a full cage, I think it is on the steelworxx site. Interesting idea but it doesn’t seem having something in there for long term is a good idea. Plus it kind of weirds me out.


devotedlvr - September 20, 2010

It weirds me out to. Plus, I think having something up your urethra, whether for a few millimeters or an inch or two, is just asking for trouble.


2. Tom Allen - September 20, 2010


The urethra is not a mucous secreting orifice (please, no jokes) and I think that one would run the risk of having bodily fluids build up on the tube surface, making it very sticky when trying to remove it. I could well imagine trying to pull the tube out after a week and tearing some of the wall.

But the Latowski? The idea of it makes me totally aroused. That is one freakin’ hawt belt.

3. Billus - September 20, 2010

Scott Kelly (in the excellent blog he and his wife have, ‘Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse’) wrote about a year ago about accidentally nicking his urethra, and the trip to the hospital that it entailed. I’ve had a probe up there to view the inside of my bladder for any nastiness (none found, thank you). That was bad enough for me.

I’d prefer a device that covers the penis completely, but with hygiene a concern, the Jailbird is an acceptable compromise. My gut feeling about belts like the Latowski is that they are ultimately too restrictive around the waist. Imagine wearing a plain old leather belt that you couldn’t take off. Maybe I’m just being claustrophobic, but it doesn’t appeal to me, now matter how hawt the total enclosure factor is.

4. likes2blocked - September 20, 2010

Looks to me like the Latowski would also be a bit hard to really clean without taking it off. They have these squirt holes in it, but not enough to seriously rinse, I don’t think. It is probably best for taking someone to a kinky party to show off.

OTOH, it also looks like you’re not able to touch anything at all, which would be a rush.

5. devotedlvr - September 21, 2010

A guy has to be in really good shape for the Latowski to look hawt, I think—pudge pushing around the edge of all that metal isn’t going to drive me.

I like the idea of it being a kinky party costume but someone needs a lot of disposable income to pull that off. LOL


6. J Random reader - December 20, 2010

Doesn’t Sarah Jameson talk about John wearing the Latowski? Funny that we lot are talking about being how much extra work that one is. How uncomfortable it must be. You have to give to get, that’s our motto, eh?

devotedlvr - December 20, 2010

Actually, John has a Tollyboy belt. But they also have a Lori’s tube on order–maybe it has arrived by now. I know Sarah was waiting impatiently for it to make its way across the Atlantic.


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