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Quotes from Ab: VIII September 19, 2010

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Not really a quote, but he sent this to me yesterday:

My poll: I had about 500 views at the site yesterday and so far, 26 people have voted in the poll, which is a 5.2% response rate. The poll is still open so please feel free to add your 2 cents. :-). A short release (less than 6 hours) has garnered the most votes so far (n = 9; 35%). My current thinking is that Ab will have a short-ish release, probably no more than 24 hours. But I am going to let him orgasm as many times as he wants in that period. I am very curious about how this all works out.



1. Jonathan - September 19, 2010

Where in the world did you find that picture, priceless!

devotedlvr - September 19, 2010

I don’t know where he found it…he just emailed it to me. I had a good laugh.


2. atone - September 19, 2010

That is a great cartoon. Well thought out. I love the calendar on the wall. And to top it off he is passing the time in my favorite way.


devotedlvr - September 19, 2010

Yes, well thought out and yes, a wonderful way to pass the time. 🙂

3. Jonathan - September 19, 2010

Found it here, there are some others also… http://www.chastity-uk.co.uk/art.htm

4. Tom Allen - September 19, 2010

Jon beat me too it. The artist is k.d. pierre, and was a regular on a few of the chastity and OD groups that were extant about 10 years ago. He used to have a website, but I can’t find it now.

5. devotedlvr - September 19, 2010

Thanks for the link, Jon, and thanks for the info, Tom. I appreciate it!


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