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It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day September 19, 2010

Posted by Dev in Musings.

Ahoy me mateys! It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day, a well known and much loved holiday here in the US…well, for some people, anyway. LOL.

I ran this blog through the Pirate Translator (you can find it here) and found out the name of the site, for today is:

th’ key be on me nipple ring

A couple’s explorations wi’ male chastity, from th’ buxom beauty’s point o’ view.

Ahoy! That’s cute. Some other key translations…

In a wee days, ‘t be five tides that Ab be locked in a chastity device, more or less continuously. He’s had a wee brief vacations, his interludes in th’ shower fer clistin’, an’ his rebellious tide when he didn’t wear ‘t at work. But he tells me, an’ I b’lieve th’ lad’s, that he hasn’t had an orgasm since Augst 15th, despite havin’ a wee times when he had th’ opportunity.

In my post to Thumper:

A wee key hangin’ off a wee dubloon chain on a well-healed nipple rin’ sounds uncomfortable? Arrr, Thumper. As ye say, “Whatevs…”

On my naturism post:

Bilge water.

Think about ‘t fer a minute. Do ye really think livin’, breathin’, red-blooded adults can spend a tide, evenin’, or tides nekked wi’ other livin’, breathin’, red-blooded adults an’ nay think about sex? Seriously?

And now I know that “fucking” in Pirate is “horkin’.” I am sure that will come in handy some day.

Have a great tide, sea dogs an’ land lubbers, an’ until th’ next time, keep yer swords in the’r scabbards an’ keep yer buccanneers chaste!

Yours in sea dog chastity…Dev



1. atone - September 19, 2010

I saw `Talk like a seafarin’ hearty tide` preprinted on th’ calendar that hangs in our hade when I flipped ‘t t’ Septembree. I thought ‘t be odd an’ who ereheard o’ such a thin’, an’ who would actually do that. Now I know.


2. devotedlvr - September 19, 2010

There are worse things t’be doin’ on a lovely Sunday than horkin’ and talkin’ like Pirates!

Ahoy and avast ye mateys!


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