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Quotes from Ab: V September 9, 2010

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“My balls look like they are doing chin ups.” This is Ab’s description of what goes on when his cock wants to be erect while he’s wearing the CB. “Sneaky tries to poke his head out: ‘Hi guys! Can I come out and play?’ No such luck, I tell him.”

* * * * *

My period is finally over so we decided to have a little fun last night. I told Ab there’s a new club forming here in nipple-ring land: men who have a fetish for their wives’ climaxes. He eagerly signed up and proved himself well last night as a charter member. 🙂

After a nice sleep, we both woke up at 3:45 am feeling a little rowdy, so more fun for us. Of course, when it’s early in the morning and we’re half-asleep, it turns into nice, leisurely caressing and touching, which I like very much. I told Ab I wanted to feel him inside me—not wearing plastic—I asked him if he could do that without coming and he said yes, he thought so. So I turned on the light and pulled out the key and we got to work, nice and slow—and he pulled out before he came. Since I just like the feel of him inside me and I know that orgasm is not going to happen (to me), I don’t mind when he stops. This has taken me a long time to fully understand and appreciate, but now that I do, it’s really quite lovely.

He laid back, mumbling something about thinking about shoveling snow, and I watched his erection recede. We lay like that for a few minutes but I was still feeling desirous (and now I was more awake) and before long, my hand was creeping back over to his cock, ready to give him some more stimulation. Back and forth we played (yes, I was getting my good feelings too—it wasn’t all about him) and eventually his hips started bucking. Then, he said, “You better stop—I’m getting really close.” I did stop, for about two minutes, then a few more minutes of stimulation, another groan, and I stopped for good. Ab suckled for a few minutes then fell asleep; it took me longer to go back to sleep and I used the quiet moments to think about what had gone on.

I am still trying to sort out this “tease and denial” business. Clearly, this was teasing and denial, no doubt about it. But the teasing was from me and the denial was definitely Ab—first when he pulled out and second when he told me to stop. When he was in me, I am not sure I could tell where he was in his build-up to orgasm cycle; when I was stimulating him by hand I had a much better sense since I could assess his breathing and the movement of his hips. Even so, he was the one who asked me to stop—I did try to push him to the edge a little bit more but we didn’t go over the top.

We didn’t have a chance to talk before he left for work this morning but this is a better conversation for the evening, anyway, after he’s had a day to process the experience. I am curious what he is going to say about how it felt and what he was thinking. Is it true that he “wants to come but craves denial”? He seems to be very accepting of the “no orgasms” rule and not fighting me about it, if that makes sense. I expected more resistance and pushback but am not getting that at all. He likes my teasing, but he also maintains his vigilance about denying himself an orgasm.

So—we are still on track for no orgasms until October 9th, given that we/he didn’t slip up this morning. He has some business in a neighboring state that is famous for its fall foliage, so he’s talking about making it a fun weekend for us: a romantic inn, leaf peeping, a gourmet meal or two. Sounds good to me, especially since we haven’t gone away together in ages. Can I chalk this up to a chastity lifestyle?



1. J Random reader - December 16, 2010

Yes. No. Maybe.

He wants you with him on business to a neighboring state where Fall is beautiful. Business and pleasure travel. You’re having more sex since buying the hardware. Either because of more sex or more unrequited desire, he wants you. He wants you with him. He wants to show you a good time. Not just in bed. In every day life.

You’re also empty nesters. No reason to stay home. But that also gave you the space to play the game. Which came first? The desire? Or making time for desire?

It’s all tangled up in there together.

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