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Busted! September 7, 2010

Posted by Dev in Musings.

Busted! Well, maybe not exactly, but now Ab knows about this blog.

I wasn’t really keeping it a secret from him, but I didn’t want to tell him about it until I felt comfortable that it was up and running and I had some good quality content—and a few readers. But, when Sarah announced it in her newsletter on Friday, I figured I needed to ‘fess up (he’s on her subscriber list). It probably wouldn’t have been such a great idea for him to click on the link in her newsletter and suddenly say, “That’s my wife’s breast I’m looking at!” LOL.

So I told him about it while we were out for Mexican food on Friday night. He was a little amused but also noted that this is totally in character for me. I am one of those folks who when I discover something new (hobby, game, whatever) I tend to jump in with both feet. Why should chastity be any different?

Since Friday, he’s had a chance to read over the various entries and comments. He tells me he’s impressed with what I have been posting and how I have organized things. He appreciates that I have managed to keep things private (as to who we are) but at the same time be honest about what we are going through and experiencing. When I first brought up the idea of chastity a month ago, he did do some exploring on the Internet. He found, as so many do, that the signal to noise ratio is very high. He believes there is a need for good, clear, well written info and that I am filling a niche with this blog. Thanks, honey!

I doubt that Ab will drop in with any guest posts of his own but you know what they say: never say never. Even so, he is a very audio learner—he likes to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. He reads the paper and a few magazines. Writing is far down on his list of things he likes to do—he leaves that to me. So, if he has anything to say, it will probably come through me, although he did ask if there was a way he’d be able to post directly (I told him yes). We’ll see what happens.

And, to my dear, sweet husband who will probably be reading this later today: welcome!



1. Tutor - September 7, 2010

Hi Dev (and John),
First time poster… long time (well as long as you’ve been posting) reader. I almost posted the other day to ask if your husband was reading your postings. Now that your “Out of the Closet”, tell your husband to at the least post comments either to your blog or to the comments that people will be making in the future.
To John,
Thanks for letting your wife to chat about some of your personal thingys… it’s fun to read and an enjoyable past-time to another new user.

2. devotedlvr - September 7, 2010

Hi Tutor, welcome, and thanks for commenting! Just a quick correction…my husband is Ab. Sarah J. is the one married to John. Anyway…as to whether he’ll be posting or commenting, we’ll see. He’s not much for the written word, but you never know. However, he is very supportive of what I am doing, so that part is great. I am sure he’ll chime in (via me) if he has anything to say.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the blog.


3. Tutor - September 8, 2010

I wonder if thats a form of dyslexia… my apologies, I’ve read both yours and Sarahs posts enough to not of had made that mistake.
I mentioned what happened (Sarah’s posting and your confessing) to my wife and she thought about it for a little bit and said, “How would you of reacted…?” I kind of grinned as told her “it all depended…” (on what she had written) lol

4. Michael_X - September 8, 2010


It’s nice to see a new blog and particularly one from the KH perspective. I’ve been abroad and only noticed your blog when returning to the UK. I’ve had great fun reading from the start and no doubt Ab has enjoyed it just as much.

Hopefully knowing your loved one is reading won’t tempt you to censor or slant what you write too much.

Looking forward to hearing more of your explorations and fun,



devotedlvr - September 8, 2010

Hi Michael,

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment. I am glad you are enjoying the blog. As for censoring or slanting…no, I won’t be. That’s not my style.


5. MrHelpful - September 10, 2010

“the signal to noise ratio is very high”
Not to be too OCD about it, but the signal is low and the noise is high, right? Hence the S/N ratio is low.

In any case, congratulations on a very interesting blog. Nice.

devotedlvr - September 10, 2010

Hi Mr. Helpful…thanks for your comment! And thanks for living up to your name. LOL. I am glad you are enjoying the blog.


6. J Random reader - December 7, 2010

“Honey, I know that chastity is new to both of us. so I’m discussing our sex life anonymously online with strangers. Join in any time.”

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