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Quotes from Ab: IV September 5, 2010

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“See? See what you’ve done to me?”


“Turned me into a frustrated, horny husband!”

Oh, you poor thing. 🙂

Last night, we ended up just going to bed without any fun and games. I was tired, my “friend” had come to visit (as we used to say in junior high), and I was feeling a little under the weather. So sleep it was.

I woke up this morning to Ab giving himself a little ball massage and being the nice, helpful person that I am, I decided to give him a hand. We rubbed and massaged, rubbed and massaged…

A cock trying to have an erection in a CB is an interesting sight. I am not sure I can accurately describe it, other than to say, everything got bigger, and fuller, and really engorged. His cock pushed right up against the end.

But no coming.

Once the ball massaging became too much, he started massaging me—and licking, and grabbing. I even got a little dry humping against my pussy along with some really loud groans of frustration.

I have to say, it was all lots of fun.

Eventually, he rolled away, mumbling something about winter and cold and nuns. I played with the key on my nipple ring and thought about how much I was enjoying having a chaste man at my side.

All in all, a good start to the day.



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