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I’m Flattered! September 3, 2010

Posted by Dev in Opinions.
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I got a great big shout-out in Sarah Jameson’s newsletter this week!

Sarah, as I am sure everyone who is reading this knows, is the author of Be Careful What You Wish For (reviewed here) and the hostess of the Male Chastity Blog. She also has a free newsletter, Something for the Weekend, which, if you are a subscriber, will land in your emailbox on Friday.

One week of blogging and I rated a whole column this week’s issue: “It’s Not Just About the Men.” I definitely am flattered. Thanks, Sarah!

Seriously, she understands what I am trying to do here: present my thoughts, feelings, impressions, and experiences with male chastity from a woman’s point of view. I hope this information is useful for men and women who read this blog.

Sarah likes the title I selected—she says it is delightful—and notes that I write with humor and intelligence (well, she says humour). Phew! My cheeks are red!

Okay, enough mutual admiration for today. But I do appreciate the publicity and the sincere acknowledgement and understanding of what I am working to accomplish—that is, safe, sane, and useful information about male chastity—both for my own personal journey and also to help others with theirs.

Thanks Sarah, and thanks to all who read and comment. Newcomers who are here because of the newsletter, welcome. I hope this site is useful to you.


1. kevin - September 3, 2010

wonderful to find your blog!
it is so refreshing to read level headed experiences of the male chastity lifestyle especially through the eyes of the female…well done!!
i have been wearing my cb6000 for 107 days 24/7 no ill effects lol
something that may make AB a little more comfortable is using a bit of baby oil gel applied with a q tip into the cage to keep every =thing able to slide a bit as well as a dab on the bottom of the A ring.this helps when wanting to pull everything back towards the body.. he he.. minimizing skin irritation .
the other thing i do when in hot weather is use baby powder inside underwear around where the “twins” are to help with moisture .. works for me …
all the best to you both !!
Miss Ainjlles lockedobi kevin

devotedlvr - September 3, 2010

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your comment and welcome to the site. Glad to have you here.

Ab has been telling me that baby powder is his friend. He has also been dabbing on skin lotion.

This weekend, I am going to stand firm and not let him remove his device for any reason—no matter how much he wheedles and whines about cleaning and fit. He seems to be quite happy with the spacers and ring combo he has right now, so no need to do more adjusting on those at this moment. And cleaning? We have good water pressure in our shower. He’ll make it work. All this is to say, he may be experimenting a bit more with powder and lotion for comfort. We’ll see.


2. Tom Allen - September 3, 2010

I go from an office to a machine shop all day long, so I’ve put a lot of time into making it work for me under various conditions. Ab will find his own way, but if you’ll allow a veteran to make a few suggestions…

Do NOT use oil, or any petroleum (or silicone) based lubes. When they get inside the cage, they are difficult to clean. The oil traps sweat, dirt, urine, and bacteria, which will lead to some rank odors if Ab spends a hot, sweaty day at work.

I put a few dabs of light hand lotion inside the tube. This allows me more easily reposition things to use a urinal, so I’m not spraying all over the inside of the tube (I’ve also modded my tube with a larger hole, to make lining up easier).

Around the cuff ring, I smear a good dollop of a heavy cream, like Gold Bond. This lasts longer, and will allow me to reposition the cage, since it will twist a bit during the course of the day.

3. kevin - September 3, 2010

whatever works man !! my point was just s you say to be able to reposition etc good on ya … well done

4. devotedlvr - September 3, 2010

Thanks for the suggestions, Tom. I’ll pass them along. I know Ab has only been using lotion and baby powder. I don’t think we even have any baby oil in the house. And the lube? That sits next to the bed, ready for another use. 😉


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