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Recreational vs. Long-Term Use September 2, 2010

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The CB arrived! Hooray! Ab is thrilled. This time, he waited until I got home from work to open it–and, he even let me help him put it on. We played around with the various spacers until we came up with a combination that seemed to work well. We got him all tucked in and he let me click the lock shut. Such a satisfying sound…

Speaking of locks—I thought the Birdcage came with a Masterlock but it turns out I was mistaken. It’s actually a “WolfDog.” The new CB did come with a Masterlock—a very pretty shiny one with two pretty gold keys. I wanted to put that one on but Ab felt there was a difference in weight, so we pulled out the scale. 25 g for the Masterlock vs. 10 g for the WolfDog. Since he has been lugging a serious amount of metal around for the past two weeks, I decided to be kind and put the lighter WoldDog on his new device.

Twenty minutes after wearing the CB, Ab told me the difference is like wearing sneakers versus stilettos. Oh my, the poor guy! He was a good sport, though, and did wear the Birdcage for two weeks, although by the end, he did tell me it was getting pretty uncomfortable (he started calling it “the Chrysler”). ( I just weighed it and found out that it weighs 165 g; with lock that would be 175 g.  For the non-metric types, that would be 6.2 ounces. Anyone have a scale handy to tell me what the CB weighs?) As I said before, this was an impulsive purchase without a lot of prior research. I liked the look of the metal and was influenced by the story I had read. He had no opinion and went along with my suggestion. And while it worked for awhile…

It makes me wonder if the Birdcage is really designed for “recreational” use—ie, chastity play for a few hours or maybe a day on the weekend. Maybe it’s not really meant to be worn for days on end. While Ab didn’t really complain, by the end of the first week, we both knew it was too big and heavy. Like I said, he managed to tough it out for another week, although he asked to have it off on the evening of Aug 27th (and kept it off all night) and then asked to have it off again on the 29th. I gave him ’til lunchtime that day before I was locking him back up. I want him to know I am serious about chastity and orgasm denial.

One advantage of the Birdcage is that it was very easy to clean, being so open and big.

Anyway, he’s in polycarbonate for the moment and happy with that. As I’ve said before, I like the metal devices—they are very sexy to me, in their shiny elemental-ness—but it may be awhile before he is persuaded to wear metal again. I know he will insist on knowing the weight of anything we consider and that will be a big factor in the final decision.



1. Tom Allen - September 2, 2010

It makes me wonder if the Birdcage is really designed for “recreational” use—ie, chastity play for a few hours or maybe a day on the weekend.

This is my opinion on most of the devices out there. A while back I wrote a post on the three conditions: Comfort, Convenience, & Security. You can have any two.

The open-cage devices are easier to clean, but not “secure” in the sense that you can stimulate enough skin in order to have a mini-release.

I really hate the cheap Wolf Dog locks. The edges on mine we so sharp that I nicked myself; I had to file the edges and corners smooth.

If Ab could be persuaded to wear a supporting belt around his waist, that would help in keeping the metal cage from dragging him down.

BTW, he might be interested to know that with proper care, you can wear the polycarb devices for weeks or even months at a time. Or maybe he doesn’t want to know that….

2. devotedlvr - September 2, 2010

I did manage to switch out the Wolf Dog lock for the Masterlock 🙂 I’ll be blogging about that in a day or two and updating my picture with the much more attractive gold-colored key.

So far, he’s loving the CB. He is taking it off to shower but it’s only because it is so very hot here right now and he comes from work as a sweaty mess. So I am trusting him with the spare key and a few minutes of freedom to get clean. Maybe when the weather cools down that will change. He tells me I can trust him—and I believe him. I think he is really getting into this and wants to see what it will be like to wait until Oct 9th for an orgasm and as a result, he isn’t going to cheat.


3. kelmag - September 2, 2010

I use a CB-6000s and it works great for me. I like to remove it once a day for a thorough cleaning of me and it. I am a little fastidious about cleanliness and I like to apply a skin moisturizer to my genital area (especially around the perimeter where the ring presses and rubs). I found a Master Lock, model 121T, which is lighter than the regular brass Master Lock(14g vs. 28 g). It also has a vinyl cover around the lock body which keeps it from scratching the polycaronate tube. It can be found on Amazon (use “Master Lock 121T Black Cover” for the search). It costs about six bucks for a pair with 2 matching keys. Another nice feature is the keys have a rubberized grip which I was able to trim down and put into a locket I gave my wife in which to carry it (suitably inscribed of course).
Another nice trick I learned after much trial and error was how to keep the lock from banging and flopping about while I moved around (I work out just about every day). I use a thick rubber band – the type used in grocery stores to hold a pair of broccoli stalks together. They have a diameter of about 1.25 inches and a 3/8 inch thickness. Placed around the lower part of the tube and over the shackle part of the lock, it holds the lock firmly against the tube. It does not move at all – even during strenuous exercise.
Finally, if Ab isn’t a pull-out artist (has the self-control that he won’t try), you might consider going with a ring that is a little larger than the smallest he could possibly wear; same with the spacer. It will be more comfortable and after several weeks of frequent wear, his scrotum will actually stretch and the skin thin out. After a month or so, you can experiment with a smaller ring and spacer.
I’ve had the CB-6000s for about five months and except for our play dates, I am in it 23.5/7 and have had no difficulty wearing it during all activities. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the device. I now have a lot of experience with it.
Love your blog.

4. Atone - September 2, 2010

My all metal jailbird with the brass lock is only 175 grams. I got used to the weight fairly quick and have no plans of going back.

For me the requirement to take a device off everyday for cleaning is unacceptable. I was able to stay in my CB-3000 for a week by using a spray bottle with a long narrow tube. It was still a little gamey when it came off but it didn’t seem to matter if it was a week or only 1 day later. Any amount of time in that tube and you nee a good cleaning.

The jailbird is much easier to clean and doesn’t require any thing special, just scrub like usual and use the shower wand.

The brass locks do have sharp edges. I used a sanding drum in a dremel tool to do a ‘melt’ job on all the edges of the lock.


5. devotedlvr - September 2, 2010

Thanks for your comments, Kelmag and A. And thanks for dropping by for a visit!

The taking it off daily to clean or whatever vs. go 24/7 is truly an individual preference. Even Sarah, guru that she is, lets her husband out of his Tollyboy for an hour everyday to go cycling. Right now, Ab is taking his CB off to shower…he knows where the key is and I trust him. He is enough into this game that I can believe what he says. Where this goes….we’ll see…


6. J Random reader - November 28, 2010

It seems like a lot of work, tweaking and tuning, a lot of trail and error, and a lot of expense just to find something you can live with.

7. devotedlvr - November 29, 2010

Hi J,

I will say, I’ve learned a lot in the past few months and have tried to share that knowledge so that others don’t have to go through the same tweaking, trial, and error. The Birdcage was the biggest mistake. The CB was useful for sizing. Now Ab is happy with his two devices from Mature Metal, but has come to prefer the Watchful Mistress.


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